Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Waxing Nostalgic

I'm about to let go of something precious and special to me. Something that has been in my life for a long time. So I'm sitting here remembering all the special times we had and asking myself how we got to this place where I've made the decision we need to part.

We used to share everything. I can recall our first ebay purchase together, the holidays we arranged,  and the fabric, craft and home renovation projects  we discovered together. We set up internet banking together and you helped me apply for a housing loan. We've spent countless hours being with one another, laughing, sorting photographs, playing games. We even surfed together.

Somewhere in there you got tired, and you got slow. It happens to all of us when we get older. I could handle that. Eventually your memory started to fail , and you started to forget details. We'd be doing something and it would take you so long to do the simplest of tasks.  It was so frustrating to watch you struggle with things that used to come so easily to you.  

And so I made the hardest decision of all. It was just your time. No recriminations. No regrets. I just outgrew you. Nobody is to blame . It's just time to move on. To something bigger. Something faster.  Something more in tune with my needs.

I want to download at the speed of light. I want to be able to watch video without buffering and I want to input a command and not have to wait 10 seconds while you think about it. I want high resolution graphics. I just need more from this relationship.  

I'll always remember the good times. You taught me to blog, you helped me to learn how to bind a quilt, you were with me when I found crazy bargains. I'm grateful but It's just not enough for me  anymore.

So goodbye 2 GB ram, 40 Gb memory computer. Tomorrow you're being replaced with a 4 GB RAM, 500GB memory, Windows 7 ready, 1 terrabyte external hard drive whiz bang really  fast computer , but we'll always have the memories.

It's as if the computer knows this is it's last blog's even slower than usual. Maybe I should  check it's not being powered by guinea pigs running round on a wheel  or something.... 


Unknown said...

Ahhh...parting is such sweet sorrow, but I do love the intensity of a new relationship! I recently got a new laptop and can hardly keep my fingers off of it!

TheLab said...

Ha ha ha! Your post and Cynthia's comment above are hilarious!

Have fun with the new computer!!!

Shay said...

It's here ...and I have to say it's a bit like being on one of those superfats rides at the Royal Show...

It moves so fast I'm having trouble keeping my dinner down and I'm getting giddy every time I touch something.

Im in Love.

em's scrapbag said...

I am in the same boat. I just haven't been able to break it off yet. It's a money thing.