Sunday, February 28, 2010

Adelaide Northern Lights

I just had to share this with you. It's Fringe and Adelaide festival time here . As part of the Festival many of the old  buildings on North Terrace , in the heart of the city are lit up with an amazing light show. It's completely awe inspiring. The lights on the face of each building change , and this is what it looks like. It really is amazing and thousands of people flock to the city each night to have a look. (Best viewed as a full screen)

If you don't want to run the video you can go here  to see still pictures of the buildings in all their glory.


Marg said...

Wow that is amazing, thanks for posting the video. Almost makes me want to visit Adelaide now.

Janean said...

oh man, that was sooooo beautiful! thank you for sharing it!

TheLab said...

Oh wow, I just looked up the festival on wikepedia and learned all about it! I love learning new things! This sounds so wonderful. Do you go see the sights often during the festival? It's 24 days, right? Do you ever show your quilts?

Shay said...

Marg, we have lots of cool stuff here . Poor little old Adelaide really gets a bad rap.

Leslie, we've been to two shows so far this season and have tickets to two others. Mainly comedy shows. Adelaide Festival and Fringe have combined into one long awesome-fest of culture and fun stuff. Saturday night we saw the Northern Lights display. There is stuff going on all over the city, and there is such a buzz going on. This weekend is also the Clipsal 500 which is a huge touring and V8 car race around the city with after race concerts and fireworks. They also had fireworks last weekend.

I've never shown my quilts - I'm afraid of the quilting police. The big quilts shows are here in November and at the Royal Show in September.