Saturday, February 06, 2010

Lost: My Sewing Mojo

I'm in  a sewing slump. I haven't sewn diddly squat for about 12 days.

I'm hoping to rectify that today and get cracking on pairing up some HST's. I'm posting this because hopefully it will make me get off my butt and actually do it! Theoretically this quilt top and the pieced backing need to be finished by about the beginning of March. I'm still waiting for fat quarters to arrive which are needed to complete it, so I have a feeling it's going to be mad dash at the end of February to get it done.

My backing for the Gobble Gobble quilt hasn't arrived yet.  So that's still on hold. AAAAARGHHH!!!!!  Thankfully I'm not working on a specific time frame for this quilt. Although I'm not going to have a finish for the end of February if it doesn't arrive soon!

I had a quilting party at home yesterday afternoon with Debbie and Lucy, two of ma' posse from work.   We ate good food and talked about all things quilting. Then we helped Debbie with ideas for a quilt she wants to make. I love the planning process, and visualising the finished product even when it isn't my quilt! We're planning to make this a regular get together. It was fun and a way to be inspired by each others creative processes and thoughts.

My giveaway is still going until late Monday. Leave a comment on this post to be in the draw for 2 scrap bags of Moda Vine Creek fabric.

And if you have time to help out someone in need pop over to Bluebird Quilts. Lyn is doing a giveaway but more importantly she's looking for people to contribute to a quilt she is coordinating for a friend of hers who is having a bad run at the moment. I always worry my work won't be up to scratch for other people, but since 9 patch blocks are pretty easy I'm  going to have a go. It won't take long to run up a couple of blocks. You can click on the link below for all the details.

And on that note , I'm off to start doing something with my weekend.

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