Sunday, February 28, 2010

Goodbye February

It's the last day of February , and the last day of the Australian summer, and I know you're all DYING to know how Fabulous February  went. I'm going to give you a re-cap  since  I feel like I should be accountable because  I made such a big deal out of it and not because it's wildly interesting.

Drought like sewing conditions were experienced during all of  February , aside from the ottoman cover and 5 blocks I did for “A quilt for Illene”. I didn’t even come close to finishing anything from my WIP's. I did however have time to plan another project. Several actually.  I'm learning imagination and quilting vision are terrible things when you have two or three UFO's staring you in the face. I want to start something new but my conscience won't let me. On the up side, at least I have a conscience.

From planters , to garden cleanups, a re-purposed coffee table which metamorphisised ( is that actually a word?)   into an ottoman , and the start of our laundry renovation I feel like we made a dent in some of the projects that have been  germinating ideas for a long time.  So I'm doing a happy dance about having finished some of those things.The desk I'm going to re-finish is still sitting on the patio taunting  me. It's cool isn't it, that inanimate objects speak to me? Please tell me that's normal.

Those poor dead people are just going to have to wait a bit longer to be found. I started out with the best of intentions and did a bit of  genealogy but sputtered early in the month. It’s not like a 200 year old dead guy is going anywhere –he’ll still be right where he is in March. Deceased ancestors are reliable that way.

Damn you McDonald’s for building within easy walking distance from my office – I can practically see the Golden Arches from my desk. I’ve done multiple Macca’s runs for work lunches and have become increasingly  friendly with other junk food retailers in my local area. (Hello Vietnamese Takeaway , Local Cafe/Sandwich Shop, the place that sells those mini sache tortes, and the local Bakery  - you should probably be sponsoring my blog  )  I gotta confess I 'aint feeling very foxy. Ronald and Hamburgler are gonna have to find some new playpals in March.  I need to make water,  fruits and vegetables my alternative friends.

On the frugal front if you don’t count my slip with the fabric from last week (which I forgot to mention to Mr. Pyjamas) we've done pretty well. Grocery savings this month amounted to a couple of hundred dollars which went towards the new computer.  I know we could still do it better, so I'm particpating in a grocery game/challenge at 1 Crazy Journey in March. Flamingo Mama is posting the rules Thursday so come check it out - it looks like fun.

I’ve been a social butterfly this month. Fringe is on here  and we've been to two events so far, as well as doing something else every weekend.   All this socialising has been very challenging for me but I’ve survived. Watch me play hermit for the next month.

And dammit - I am going to finish something quilty before March 31st. I promise.


TheLab said...

"he’ll still be right where he is in March."


"On the up side, at least I have a conscience."

Favorite lines of this post!

I bet you're loving life on your new computer! And I cracked up about the fast food friends you've made... Ha ha ha!

Brenda said...

Way to rededicate yourself for March!