Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Blog of the Week - An Inch of Gray

Ok, this is a shabby, economy  version of Blogs of sue me.  I never professed to be an innovator of new blog concepts.

One of my Fabulous February goals was to write about one blog a week that inspires me.  I'm sitting here with a large pack of Monte Carlo biscuits so you can bet your bippy Blog of the Week isn't going to be a weight loss blog. Maybe next week...

I follow so many blogs and the contents are really diverse. I like to think that's because I have many interests. In reality it's probably because I have major issues with staying focussed on one thing and have to be juggling ten things at once, including my blog interests. The people who write the blogs I follow are geographically scattered. Some use humour and profanity in order to make social statements. Some people talk about their daily lives. There are home decorating blogs, before and after renovation blogs, cooking blogs, thrifty blogs, sewing, giveaway  and quilting blogs. All this diversity makes it hard to choose a blog to blog about....or so I thought, until tonight.

In the space of a week , Anna, from An Inch of Gray has taken me on a journey which has included inspiring me to recognise and  to be grateful for my strengths and to suck it up when life throws me crappy stuff, completely cracked me up with her tear provoking post about getting her eyebrows threaded and gave me a wet-your-pants-funny look at her family weekend away and her  own perception of her parenting.  

(I dare you to tell me you haven't been right there with her if you're a Mum)

I work with stressed out, harrassed, on-the-edge parents every day Anna, and I want to reassure you, you're completely normal.

On top of all this Anna writes about her hilariously funny sex ed talk with her son, her criteria for car buying, and the guts this woman has in posting a picture of herself first thing in the morning defies belief.  ( I dont even like photos of myself  that have photo shopped out all my wrinkles, bags and saggy bits )  

An Inch of Gray -Q.I.M.P. salutes your fabulous-ness. Thankyou!

 P.S. 5 Monte Carlo's and half a bag of spearmint leaves were canibalized during the making of this blog post.


anna see said...

Yay! I am so so honored to be your blog of the week! Thanks for making me feel better about myself on a day when the only thing I accomplished was 4 loads of laundry.
xo, Anna

TheLab said...

You two are so cute! Love both of your blogs!

Christy said...

Anna's blog is one of my favorites and it's so great to see her get recognized here! She's thoughtful, funny and crafty - and I don't even know her in real life *yet*!

Kate Coveny Hood said...

I've been reading Anna's blog for almost two years - and I think I was one of her first frequent commenters. She's a fantastic writer and a good friend. Great pick for this week!