Monday, August 25, 2014

What's been going on at Maison Pyjamas

There hasn't been a lot of blogworthy news going on at Maison Pyjamas of late so I've been practicing silence. But mid last week, I had a day off and spent much of it in the sewing room, and then this past weekend I gave sewing another fair crack and all this activity finally resulted in something worth sharing.  

The poor neglected Irish Chain quilt hadn't been touched in about three weeks so it was time to get off my arse and move that forward. As of Sunday morning it was officially a flimsy and by Sunday afternoon I'd basted it and started the quilting. 

And I decided to help the Mary Potter Foundation by making a lap quilt for their quilt drive. This was so easy and quick to finish that I've decided to make another one in September for the cause. Mary Potter is looking for donation quilts of 48 x 48 inches for their palliative care patients so if you have some spare time and you're in Adelaide (or even Australia) please consider helping them out. 

We are in the thick of birthday season at Maison Pyjamas. Last night the family all got together to wish Nephew of Pyjamas and Fiancee of Nephew of Pyjamas Happy Birthday(s) 

Pssstttt- these two are also getting married in a couple of months which is beyond exciting for our family. 

I've been dabbling in the kitchen of late trying to perfect the art of home made spreadable butter. I decided spending 300 bucks a year on spreadable butter was way out of my price range and worked out I can make the same amount myself for about a third of the price. Attempt 1 was pretty much a disaster as full flavoured olive oil tastes like crap when you mix it with butter. Attempt number 2 was a bit anaemic looking but edible , although Mother Of Pyjamas commented that I should drop a few drops of yellow food colouring in it. I did that with attempt number three, slipped with the colouring and am now eating toast with fluro yellow butter every morning. It's still edible but looks radioactive. I'm pretty sure Attempt No 4 will be perfect. 

And finally, Super E came for a sleepover this weekend. At present he is the master of silly faces so it's hard to get a picture of him where he doesn't look like some kind of monster or mildly crazy. 

Nailed it ! 

Enjoy your week. 

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

I'm back ...stupid freaking internet

I've spent the last couple of weeks in a place where the Internet doesn't work and it was a lot like the ninth circle of the bad place that I won't write for fear of offending people. (4 letters ,starts with H and ends in L)  We've been having these issues on and off for two months and assumed that it was the same issue as the previous three times.  It wasn't - because nothing in my life is ever that easily resolved. Not having Internet has really sucked the big one since the only way I could check my emails was through portable phone wifi to my iPad and down under that costs a freaking fortune. When I have been using it to check into Facebook or my email I've felt like a stealth ninja- in and out before anyone knew I was there.  

So, I've been absent and idle too. Lots of laying about watching television, playing games (that don't require Internet) and trying to keep warm. Going to work, and being real life social and not doing much in the sewing department either. In fact I haven't touched my machine for about two weeks.  

But that social stuff has taken up some time. It was my BIL's birthday the week before last and we went out for dinner to eat what was apparently authentic American food, although I'm not sure it was, since I always thought poutine was Canadian. (and this doesn't look like any poutine I've seen on the Internet) Feel free to weigh in here Canadians...

Last Friday was Mr. P's birthday, so as is tradition at Maison Pyjamas, we took off into town and had a mini vacation for the weekend.  Mr. P likes to shave 5 years off his actual number of advancing years and reminds me every birthday that he still feels 25. Give it up honey - you're 47. 

Instead of birthday cake we hit up San Churro on the way to the hotel for a tasting platter because birthday cake is so 5 minutes ago. 

We checked into the Crowne Plaza hotel right in the city centre which has amazing views all the way to the Adelaide Hills. And because they knew it was Mr. P's birthday we had complimentary wine, chocolates and a birthday card waiting for us on arrival. Nice touch ! 

Dinner for Mr. P's birthday was just the two of us at A Hereford Beefstouw. Aged steaks cooked to perfection.  

And Gravad Lax Salmon which I hadn't tried before. 

Saturday I indulged in a spot of shoe shopping...since my fave black boots died last week. It was necessary to honour their death by buying three new pairs because they were on sale. 

Out to House of Chow, which is one of Adelaide's iconic Chinese restaurants on Saturday night for Mr. P's family birthday dinner where I massacred a baby spatchcock and only felt a little bit guilty. 

And Sunday morning we hit up Krispy Kreme for breakfast and headed home to gorge out on donuts. I managed to sneak in a nanna nap in the afternoon. 

I woke Monday morning with a mildly sore throat and went in to work only to come home early because I felt decidedly unwell.  I've cornered the market on tissue use on the last 24 hours and have taken today off to recover and dose up on Panadol. I woke at 1.30am last night to find myself laying in a pile of dog vomit on my bed only to have to change all the bed linen around an oblivious Mr. P....apparently he doesn't hear sobbing at 1.30am. Nor did he hear me crying when I found another pile of dog chuck in our entry hall and had to clean that up...this comes on the heels of the devil cat pissing in yet another one of my black handbags and on my Ipad cover Sunday night which just happened to be on my kitchen bench so I'm not feeling the love towards any of my fur children at the moment except the Orange Cat. 

What I've learned from the last couple of weeks.

  • The world wont crumble if I don't have Internet - although it will feel a lot like it.
  • I am slightly completely dependent on the Internet for everything
  • I can go out three weekends in a row and apparently I won't turn into a pumpkin
  • All of my favourite moments involve food, and if I don't get a new hobby soon I'm going to end up the size of a house. I weighed myself yesterday and was frankly horrified.  

P.S. Im going to try and get round to see what you've all been getting up to in my sorry internetless state but seriously trying to catch up on two weeks worth of posts is going to be near impossible....