Friday, February 19, 2010

I never did drugs growing up

Mum if you’re reading this – I hope you realise how easy you really had it when I was growing up. I was pretty much a saint. If I had done drugs, and then gave them up, I imagine coming off them would be a little like my self imposed “No Fabric for Frugal February “ ban. Not Pretty.

Girls ...(I’m pretty sure I don’t have any male readers) this is killing me.

Damn Hancocks of Paducah for trying to tempt me by popping in a massive catalogue of their fabrics with something I ordered last month that arrived last week. I was strong sistahs! I gave the catalogue to a friend for the month so I wouldn’t waiver, right after I turned the corner of all the pages down that I want to look at on March 1st. I told my friend I want the catalogue back at 11.59pm on February 28th.

It’s not helpful that Fat Quarter World keep sending me email updates screaming “Last Days to Save” and offering me 60% off fabric. And Kimberley from Fat Quarter Shop, I truly, truly love ya girlfriend but maybe I should have emailed to let you know I’m on a mission this month. Stop emailing me about your crazy bargains. March 1st Kim…I’ll be back March 1st.

I’ve saved 40% off our grocery bill this month by not buying a whole cow every time I shop. Mr. Pyjamas and I have a “Save the Computer “ fund that we’re stashing all those savings into and we’re finally going to treat ourselves to a new computer next month. I’m pretty much sitting here typing blog posts on an abacus. No. Really. Our computer is about 10 years old. That’s about 100 in human years.  I'm looking forward to having a computer that doesn't protest by seizing up when I open more than three blogger posts at a time. It's going to be bliss.


TheLab said...

"I’ve saved 40% off our grocery bill this month by not buying a whole cow every time I shop."

"I’m pretty much sitting here typing blog posts on an abacus."


I'm happy for you and Mr. P getting a new computer! And great restraint by not getting anything from the catalogue. (I've never been able to spell catalogue, and I'm too lazy to scroll up and look at how you spelled it.)

I hope Feb taught you wonderful lessons on how you can live while saving money, and I also hope that you do treat yourself to something in March for being such a good girl!

Shay said...

I blew it today Leslie....

Went to the catering butcher and spent 60 bucks right after I bought 2 kilos of scotch fillet at the other catering butcher across the road.

Still I managed to get enough meat for 2 weeks for 80 bucks so I'm not butt kicking myself too hard.

And we went and ordered the new computer today, which is being custom built and which we will be picking up in just over a week. That's going to be one sweet reward.

vawriter said...

Leslie--you can't count on Ms. P for spelling tips if Aussies are like Brits.

Are you, Ms. P? Spell FAVOR for us!

Shay said...

Fair dinkum, I was wondering when this was going to rear it's ugly head...

Poor "u" really gets a rough deal in American spelling. We're just trying to make "u" feel useful and less lonely by partnering it up with "o" a lot. You're obsessed with "z" there too. Blatant favouritism.

Therefore favor is really spelled - Favour In our spelling "u" feels validated in the alphabetical scheme of things.

And before we get into a debate about another difference, I just want to let you know you guys drive on the wrong side of the road...what's up with that ?