Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Monumental Quilting Weekend

Given that I spent pretty much all weekend in my pyjamas, (a passive aggressive response to having way too much structure in my life this week due to a return to work)  I felt obligated to be productive while wearing said pyjamas and my two choices were sewing or doing housework. I chose the former.  I was primed from my Friday Night Sewing Party with Little Miss Sunshine so the sewing party just rolled into Saturday and Sunday.  Part-ayyyyyyy Weekend. It's been a long time since I've done that.

The Christmas Coin quilt top got finished. Yep. Done.

I started and finished my top for the FM Quiltalong over at A Few Scraps. Can you spot my grievous error? Thank goodness this is a practice piece.

Then I pieced a back for the Quiltalong , again not without minor incident (some unsewing was necessary)  

I made the binding for my circles quilt , and machine sewed that on. I'm hand sewing the binding to the back, and since I have never hand sewn a binding in my life you might  be waiting for a very long time to see this one finished. I'm trying a different way of binding this time in an attempt not to hate my finished binding efforts so much. Let's hope it works. I'm in love with this quilt and I think it's the best quilt  I've ever done. Just sayin'.

I felted a pink  jumper I was about to take to Goodwill  and I came up with an idea  for this crocheted shawl that I picked up from the op shop recently for the bargain price of $2.00. I also wondered when all this inspired thought I've been having lately will disappear.

On top of that I managed to have the Pyjama's clan  over for dinner tonight (and yes I do need  a bigger dining  table )

and I went  to Ikea today to get my new computer room shelves, which are now assembled and being used. Life is sweet!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

There Is No Such Thing As An Original Thought- Announcing Favourite Things Friday

When I was unpacking all the kitchen boxes last weekend  I kept finding things I own that I love.  This led to me dancing round the house on Saturday singing " My Favourite Things" ala Julie Andrews from The Sound of Music.  Badly.  Once the neighbourhood dogs had stopped howling and Little P had stopped crying,  I had an epiphany.  Inspiration. I love  the moment when you think ..."I just had a great idea. I wonder if other people will think it's a great idea too?" I raced off to make this lovely blog button, because my idea was so awesomely fabulous I wanted to announce it straight away. Darn right I'm tooting my own horn. It's not often I'm so amazingly original.

Anyway,it turns out someone else was amazingly original first and stole my epiphany because  I googled and  someone already does Favourite Things Friday. In fact there are a number of brilliant people who think they're the only ones who do FTF  out there.   Technically since it was an original thought for me does it count as plagiarism? Will I get a cease and desist letter-I think not. I just know that  if Blogland needs one thing - it's another unoriginal theme day with a linky party. You know it does. And I want to do Favourite Things Friday because I have so much cool crap around my house and a head full of favourite things that I'm just busting to share. And I wanna know what your favourite things are too.  Because I'm nosy.

Your favourite things could be things you own, things you find, a place you love, a joke you heard, something you love to eat, a thought, a song, a book, a recipe.   It can be  anything- that's up to you. And that means anyone can join in. That's means you too, lurkers...jump in.

I'll do the first link up next Friday (September 3rd)  which is the first week of Australian Spring, assuming I've learned how to use the linky widget by then. Totally off topic,   I am thrilled at the thought of Spring. It means the sun will be making an appearance in a sky near me soon!  

So here's the deal....if FTF  takes off  I'll finally be famous, and win Australian Blogger of the Year and thank you all in my acceptance speech  and if not- I'll start the bathroom renovation and regale you with daily posts about my progress. Fair enough?

A Sewing Party for Two

So it was back to work for me this week, but I was organised and decided I would sew every night for at least 30 minutes. Life Balance.  I set goals. I dreamed of my own amazingness, and I thought of the gloating type post I could write about my brilliance this weekend as I showed off photographic evidence of my glorious crafty achievements.

Sewing never happened....

Monday I was shattered from going back to work, I dont recall any of Tuesday, Wednesday I had a friend over for dinner, and Thursday I was in the house ON MY OWN, so I slid up and down the halls in my socks and undies ala Tom Cruise in Risky Business , licked the icing off a cake and talked to Marg for three hours on the phone.  

Friday night I was determined to get something done, so   I emailed Marg and suggested we do a sew in for two and email each other pictures of our progress hourly to keep ourselves motivated. And it was FUN!

So little by little, this 

became this...

and then this 

I went to town with my rotary cutter on this

And in the end it all became this...

I'm hoping to keep up the momentum today ...right after I do the housework and washing because we're out of clean underpants and I got chased by a dust bunny the size of a cat in my hallway this morning.

Have a fabulous Friday/Saturday!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Slack Tea Thursday

Being an Aussie girl , I eat meat pies. Well only this kind of meat pie. The other kinds are made out of sheep's lungs and other disgusting stuff. This is 100% lean Aussie beef. 100% yum. Add cheese and bacon and you're in heaven.

I know you're thinking it just has to come off a cow somewhere to be termed 100% beef, and that I'm probably eating cows lips or bumhole or something but Mrs. Mac wouldn't lie.   This is pure goodness and since it's lean beef it's very healthy for you too. How could pastry and gravy and cheese and bacon and beef possibly be bad ? Plus it only takes 2 minutes to heat it up in the microwave. That's faster than 2 minute noodles because you have to boil the water for them first.

I ate it out of a  paper bag. Pies don't taste the same on a plate. And despite the fact I now have Dudley the Dishwasher I don't like loading him any better than I used to like doing dishes. Eventually I'm going to get so slack that we'll be eating out every night and I'll never have to do any grocery shopping which will free up 15 more hours a week for me to quilt.

And for dessert- a 9 x 4 inch chocolate cake with fudge frosting and chocolate chips. 36 square inches of gloriousness.  By bedtime it's going to be gone. And the only way it's getting cut into smaller bits is when I take bites straight from the cake.

And if I get sick of the cake, I'm just going to lick all the icing off the top. That's the way I roll....

P.S. Mr. P is at Boys Night playing Dungeons and Dragons or another game that starts with a D.  Do you want to bet if I licked all the icing off and  put the cake into my cake display plate on the counter,  he'd come home and eat the cake? 

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Quilt-Fest 2010

As you know, Quilt-Fest 2010 officially  started at Maison Pyjamas last Sunday. The idea was to get heaps of sewing done and knock off some of the WIP's that were weighing heavily on my conscience.  Honestly though , the week  was less a festival of quilting and more of a dream-a-thon of future projects and bellybutton gazing.  I swear I have the attention span of a goldfish.

One of my goals for the week  was to finish all the  snowball blocks for the Snowball Quiltalong  and to trim up anything that didn't look square. Which turned out to be every single block I made.  I accepted my unsquare lot in life and did some canoodling with Mr. Rotary Cutter.  By the end of the week I had a box of blocks. One goal achieved. But one seems to be missing and I need it. If you have a 5 inch square of hushabye lurking round could you please send it to me or my quilt will have to be 12 x 13 squares instead of 12 x 14 squares which is probably bad luck or something.

I made a fabric choice for my Christmas coin quilt. As much as I love the ho ho ho fabric , (mainly because it sounds a little like a swear word  every time I say it)  I decided this quilt  really deserves red to make the other colours sparkle. At Spotlight,  Polka Dots  screamed "Take Me Home". So I did. I never ignore fabric when it speaks to me. 

I'm 5 String blocks closer to finishing Indy and Lola's quilt.

I got sidetracked by the thought of Christmas  and started some ornaments this week . Yep that was as far as I got. There's plenty of time until the Large Red Dude arrives.

And I made 3 sets of  pot holders, inspired by P over at The Way I Sew It. Finishing those potholders was my major achievement for the week. These were made with the flip and turn method because binding is not really my buddy.  I had visions of opening a  pot holder shop and becoming internationally famous while I sewed these.

So while I didn't set the world on fire this week, I did manage to get enough done that I didn't feel like my WIP's are taking over my life.

P.S. I taught myself this week how to make a blog button. It took hours. I didn't use one swear word. I wasn't driven to drink during the process, although I did eat some BBQ chips.   I did most of  it on my own (with finishing touches from Elizabeth because  I failed html at school  -Thanks E! ) and  I feel so techno-geeky! Check it out in my sidebar. Steal it if you want. It's not really stealing because I said you could....

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Finished for Friday ...Sort Of.

Once upon a time, in a land at the bottom of the earth , where people say Cooeee and Crikey and Freakin' in general conversation,  there lived a fair princess who had a very ugly kitchen. She and her Prince did not have the funds to make the kitchen beautiful because while she was rich in love, she was poor in coin, and there was always something else that needed doing round the palace that was more important. Upkeep on a three bedroom palace with one bathroom and a double garage is very costly and the palace was  in a state of utter disrepair stemming way back  from the Prince's wild swinging bachelor days.

The Princess found it very hard to be creative or interested in cooking  in her blue kitchen with cedar panelling, 1970's routed doors, and poorly designed layout. That's probably why her baking sucked so bad-not due to  a lack of culinary skill, but squarely because of negative kitchen mojo.  So dark and dreary was it in the kitchen, that  the princess was convinced in days past  it had been used  as the royal dungeon. The pineapple wall tiles may have been trendy and the height of fashion  in about 1963  but they certainly didn't scream style by 2001 or for the subsequent 9 years she had to live with them.  She wept every time she had to mop the gross brown tiled floors as despite her best efforts they NEVER looked clean.

Finally she spat the dummy, in a very princessly manner of course,  and demanded the kitchen see some action. The Prince got overly excited about this until she explained she was talking about a renovation, not actual action in the kitchen. Deflated, but supportive,  the Prince agreed that  she had been patient and good and loving and it was time for a payoff.  So she and the Prince set about living on two minute noodles and Vegemite sandwiches for about  a year so they could afford what became known throughout the land  as the Never Ending Kitchen Reno. Many obstacles were overcome in the Year of Eating Noodles, and after much planning, dreaming   and endless choice making  they were finally ready to start slaying dragons, metaphorically speaking.

Throughout the process the Princess complained to all of Blogdom, her family, her real life friends, the postman, the guy that runs the local deli  and random people in the street. Eventually she became known throughout the kingdom as  Princess Whiny Arse.   However the Bloggy People  were super darn awesome  about her whinging and supported her through the trauma of no ceilings, lots of dust , 300 pounds of dried leaves falling out of the roof cavity along with an unexploded fire cracker , no floors, no walls, tradies not turning up when they said they would, delays with deliveries, homelessness, delays with the install because the Princess had requested Royal benchtops and not those available as standard, angle cuts that weren't sent with the rest of the kitchen, no way to cook,  a microwave and cooktop that were inadvertently sent to Africa by mistake, petulance, and a small nervous breakdown. And just when it all seemed to be sailing along and the finish line was in sight the universe decided to mess with the electrician's van and so Slack Tea Thursday was able to return one week early but it meant the kitchen remained unfinished.

Nothing bad lasts forever, (it just feels like it does at the time)  and eventually there came a day when no tradies were tromping through the castle filthying up the royal tiles, or making sawing and hammering noises  and the Princess awoke one morning  to the realisation that she had a functional kitchen and no men in her Palace  aside from her husband.  Oh Happy Day! And while the Prince still needed to tile the splashbacks behind the cooktop and around the sink, and do some other things, and the fixit guy needed to build the pantry shelves and install the pesky angle cuts, this Princess is pulling up stumps and pretty much calling this finished.

It's kind of hard to believe this ....

could become this ...

The Princess was deliriously happy because it truly was the kitchen of her dreams. Or maybe because the medication finally kicked in. Whatever.

Oh and Dudley is whisper quiet but apparently the Princess needs to do a tutorial for the Pyjamas Clan on how to empty him and put dishes away.  A Princess's work is never done!

P.S. For all my griping, I just couldn't bring myself to throw away the vintage fruit  tiles. Look what I  found packed in one of my kitchen boxes.

P.P.S. Just a heads up. The Princess hasn't finished the dining room. This wild ride aint quite over yet.

I'm linking up to Finished for Friday  because I finally have a finish!

Friday, August 20, 2010


You can't make chocolate chip cookies without an oven...

I made these this afternoon.

And I have a beef roast cooking  for dinner,  with carrots, roast potatoes, roast pumpkin and beans and homemade gravy. I'm planning on pigging out on actual food! As soon as I stop dreaming of all the food I'm going to be cooking this weekend, IN MY AWESOME NEW KITCHEN , I'll be back to share some pictures with you. I just want to make sure the kitchen looks like a magazine layout first and get acquainted with Dudley the Dishwasher.

P.S. Is this the shortest post I've ever done?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Slack Tea Thursday - It's back

I had planned  to cook something wonderful tonight and resume Slack Tea Thursday next week, but the universe conspired against me. The electrician called this morning to say his van was off the road and he couldn't get here until tomorrow which meant the plumber couldn't do his thing either. This means I still don't have a cooktop, rangehood, dishwasher, microwave oven, regular  oven , running water in my kitchen , or lights. I feel like the pioneers of our country felt  except at least they had something that resembled fire with which to cook.

Time for Slack Tea Thursday to make a comeback.

Confession: Every tea has been slack for the last 21 nights . I defy anyone to be able to beat that record.   I  re-heated curry one night and cooked a roast in the bathroom at one point, and fried up some hash browns - that was  taste sensation with roast beef I can tell you - and Mr. P did steak on the barbie one night with hash browns but truth be told we have been surviving on sandwiches, toasted sandwiches, fried eggs on hash browns, hash browns,   hot chips and gravy, takeaway chicken and chips, Maccas, eating out and KFC.  I never thought I would be looking forward to something that resembled a vegetable.  I miss creamy smashed potato. I would like to eat a carrot. Give me peas for crying out loud. I have actually started dreaming of being taunted by vegetables.

So this is tonight's effort. Stale premium and clix crackers with amazing amounts of margarine, salt and a can of tuna thrown on top.I didn't even drain it. I whipped this up in 30 seconds, and that included dropping the can in the bin on my way past .  I've got so good at  throwing tea together I don't even have to think about it anymore.  And yeah that's a paper plate - wanna  make something of it? I'm fed up with washing dishes  in my laundry sink. Last week I was handwashing my mohair jumper and when I fished it out of the trough it had half a manky hash brown attached to it.

Actually we've been eating off of paper plates for the last 3 weeks. Someone call Guinness because I'm pretty sure  that's a world record.  I feel like my life is just one big picnic without the ants and flies.

P.S.  I ate dinner at around 5 pm. I think I'm turning into one of those old age pensioners that hits the $1.99 all you can eat buffet at 4.30 pm for the early bird special , and is in bed by 8.30 pm. Now I know why supper was invented. When you eat that early you're starving by 7.30pm and it's practically a whole day still until breakfast time.  

The Thankyou Post

I've had about 10 cracks at doing this post and Blogger keeps eating my photos and words. Arghhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! Why does Blogger hate me?

So many nice things have happened to me in the last couple of weeks. As you know it's been kind of crazy here so these sunshiny things that have  happened have really given me a lift in spirits during what has been a very busy time. So, I wanted to do some special thankyou's.

Cynthia over at Home Matters 1st did a post a while back about a gift she knitted for her cousin Helga. You can see her post here . I commented on it  and Cynthia surprised me by knitting one and sending it Down Under. I can't show it in it's glorious entirety here  because my blog isn't R rated.  (Just a tip if you go to Cynthia's blog she has a link to this project - but don't go there if you're faint hearted or easily offended )

Thanks Cynthia. This will making wiping my  benches endless fun instead of a dreary chore. I just hope Mr. P doesn't feel his manhood is being  threatened.

A while back Jenni at Baa Me Kniits, had a giveaway on her blog. I was the lucky winner. My gorgeous shawl arrived last week . It was accompanied by two pairs of crochet slippers (one for me and one for SOP- who is still freezing here in Adelaide after living in Darwin ) which I haven't taken off since they arrived. I'm getting weird looks when I wear them to work. Perhaps they would look "righter" with pyjamas? I cannot tell you how much I adore these slippers. And Jenni also sent me this cute needle case. ( I needed a needle case too, because everyone knows that a needle case makes you look like a serious sewing type person ) Thank you Jenni. It's all so beautiful.

P over at The Way I Sew It graced me with a versatile blogger award recently. Awwwwwwwww thanks P. I think you rock too. I don't think I'm in a place right now where I can commit to handing the award on and telling previously  untold stuff about moi-self so my effusive thanks will have to suffice. And for those of you who haven't made P's acquaintance she is practically royalty having had one of her quilts recently featured at Quilt Story. So hop on over to P's blog for a sticky beak at her featured quilt.

And lastly, Shruti at 13 Woodhouse Road had a giveaway for a silk sari bedspread recently and I was the lucky winner. I can't wait for it to arrive! Shruti is the coordinator of the Spread the Cheer project that I'm part of. Thanks Shruti. It looks so beautiful.

And, to everyone who emailed or left comments during my recent enforced absence -thanks - it's so great to know people actually notice when I'm not here ! I felt very cut off from this community for a while there. I think I'm addicted to you all. Do you think that's a problem?

P.S. As far as the room that must not be named thing  goes,  it's going slowly, with the inevitable delays beyond my control.  But we're getting there and I'm determined not to grizzle (too loudly)  Hopefully I'll have something to show you in the next few days. I have started unpacking around all the things that still need doing, but still don't have a functional kitchen. (insert grizzly kind of eye roll and deep sighing here )

Monday, August 16, 2010

Let The Games begin

After years of waiting, months of preparation and a fair amount of the time agonising, bitching, whining and worrying,  the kitchen arrived in many many pieces today. So did the dishwasher, flues, rangehood, cooktop, sink and taps. (They were in the appropriate number of pieces thankfully ) Apparently my microwave is on a boat near the African coast and will arrive mid September.

This is it people. Let the games begin.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

This is Not a Kitchen Post

Wow I've missed you guys. I'm studiously avoiding a kitchen renovation post. I'm bored with it , so I imagine you are too. For those of you that are hanging out wondering if I've totally lost my marbles there will be a post sometime this week because tomorrow is D-Day. If anyone is taking bets on whether I'm going to completely drop my bundle before this is done let me know. I'll take that bet.

There hasn't been a lot of sewing going on round here lately because I haven't been able to move in my sewing room  the last two weeks. It's hard to feel creatively inspired when your space is filled with kitchen boxes and crap on every available surface. However, all work and no sewing makes Mrs. P a cranky pants, so this weekend I was determined to sew something, even if I did have to fit myself into a tiny space to do it-I think the yoga class I went to once in 1989 really helped me to contort myself into the 18 x 18 square inches of  available space in my sewing room.

As much as I wanted to start something new, I have WIP's coming out my  wazoo  so it was time to get cracking on existing projects that are sitting here mocking me. It really upsets my Virgo  to have multiple unfinished things laying round.  At last count I had 8 quilting WIP's on the go, including the HST quilt I started in January !  I appear to have a bad case of start-itis.
I did some more snowball blocks for my quiltalong. I'm hoping to get all those blocks finished  off this week (12 blocks  to go...whooooooooo hoooooo)  I worked out I've cut 672 of those little 2 inch blocks and that this quilt has something like 840 individual pieces. I've enjoyed the much so that I'm contemplating doing  a Christmas quilt in snowball blocks once I've cleared some of the other UFO's  hanging round. 

I basted and quilted my Spread the Cheer Quilt. I discovered the new tile floors rock for basting. Then I made binding and stitched that on. I know I mention this every single time I finish a quilt - but I really hate binding. One quilting WIP done- 7 to go.

I did some string blocks for a quilt I'm making for Indy and Lola.  10 blocks down, 62 to go. I really like projects that you can do a little bit at a time like this one when you have 30 minutes to spare, and these go together relatively quickly and use scraps.

And I auditioned sashing choices for my Christmas coin quilt. One of these or something in red?

I have this week off from work, and I'm going to be stuck at home with contractors, installers and delivery people so I have a plan to make this week Quilt-fest 2010! Stay tuned. Maybe I'll even get a couple more WIP's knocked off.

P.S. I found my camera in my undie drawer. Nothing is where it should be at the moment. And I found a knife and some cake on my computer desk this morning. Yay! I got to have cake for breakfast. I think that's what the cake fairies had in mind.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

So long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye, Adieu....

Long post...I'm just pre-warning in case you only have 30 seconds...

I did read your posts this week,  in the spare 90 seconds I managed to find sometime about 5.20 am Saturday , but unfortunately that didn't leave me time to comment, because   aside from working this week, I was saying goodbye to our old kitchen , after packing every single knife, bowl, plate  and saucepan we own  so the installers could come in to wreck the kitchen Friday. I have come to the conclusion that we  have too much stuff. It took 18 tea chests to pack everything away. My pantry is now in my linen cupboard - ah the joy of reaching in for a towel and also being able to grab spaghetti at the same time. I might never change it back.  Unfortunately I don't know where I put the soap to make room for the food so we're all stinky. It's a bit like living in medieval times here at the moment.

It only took 45 minutes for the old kitchen to be ripped out , which doesn't seem fair since I've spent 8 years hating it, and so by Friday lunchtime, after electricians and plumbers and kitchen wreckers had  done their thing...Voila! There was nothing left. I had a  blank canvas. Sort of.

And here is my empty walk in pantry , which is usually full of stuff that is now  in my linen cupboard. Did I mention I haven't organised new shelving for the pantry yet? Or a new door? Or a new light fitting for the dining area?  So I took out my frustration and anxiety on the pantry and smashed those old shelves to bits... I felt a bit like Bob the Builder, except I have boobs. Damn straight, I hummed the theme song from the cartoon while I annihilated stuff.

The blue kitchen has found it's way to the great kitchen in the sky (aka our front lawn )  and now  we can start doing some of the "Wow" factor stuff  I've been waiting for like finishing the ceilings, and and painting the walls. Our back  patio and front yard totally look like a junkyard. I bet the neighbours are having an apoplexy. Tough.

Part of the joy of getting all these renovations done is getting the tilers in to do  the entry, hallway, computer room, kitchen and dining room, which will happen from Tuesday. (Yay! Less hard work for us !)  Double joy when it only took us about 30 minutes to rip the floorboards up this afternoon. I had visions of it taking us hours. We currently have one ton of tiles stacked on a pallet in our garage waiting to be laid. Goodbye crappy old floors.



I will have to be offline while the tilers do their thing  which means I'm likely to disappear at some point , probably tomorrow.  I can guarantee you the computer will be reconnected within 5 minutes of the tile  grout drying, which if everything goes according to schedule will be about this time next week. However, you know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men don't you?

That will give me plenty of time to paint and sand and be Mr. P's general trades assistant  before the new cabinets arrive. Maybe I'll have time to get some sewing done? I am really looking forward to being normal again and not having a house  that looks like a pigsty and the kitchen consuming every single waking moment. Unfortunately that day is still probably weeks away.

So after Friday's wreck-fest I set myself some tasks to  achieve for the rest of the weekend...

I put myself  in charge of pantry remodelling. This included lots of boring jobs like cleaning walls, scraping old paint, bogging up walls, and painting the ceiling and walls. I want  to use power tools ! I used a drill on Thursday to dismantle a shelf in the computer room and frankly it rocked. And then I lashed out and pulled off skirting boards with a pinch bar and hammer on Saturday, while Mr. P watched nervously worrying I might break a finger nail or perhaps break one of the few things that is left in our kitchen, and go completely postal.  I didn't.

This was the internal brick wall between the kitchen and the computer room. Our oversized bench top will jut out over this and I'm planning for  it to be an under bench storage area. We have had a temporary shelf  set up under here for the last four years which doesn't sound all that temporary does it ,  and we figured we might as well sort that out while we're doing the kitchen.

One of my projects this weekend was to paint the brickwork as a back to the permanent open shelves that will go in there soon. Can you say "Hello Ikea"?  Two coats of primer and a top coat of paint later it was done. I know it doesn't look like much right now but wait until I start dragging furniture and objects de art  back in here. It's going to look awesome.

My meat safe renovation continues. This weekend I put  the final coat of oil based paint on the carcass and primed and undercoated the doors, an extra shelf  and drawer.  Then my friend Mr. Staple Gun made a special guest appearance to help me attach the chicken wire for the sides. It's coming together slowly due to competing priorities, but so far so good.

Mr. P did all the hard work with the kitchen this weekend.  Lots more screeding of ceilings with boggy stuff and sanding . Patching up of walls. More sanding.  Oh Joy ! Oh Fun! And guess what? Today is Mr. P's birthday. The other part of the Pyjamas Clan took time out to celebrate at the local Italian joint for tea tonight.  Happy Birthday Mr. P!

At some point our lives will be back to normal. Well, as normal as things ever are at Maison Pyjamas. It seriously feels like forever since I wrote anything amusing and non kitchen related and I'm starting to get bored with posting about nothing being actually finished.
And also I'm so peeved it's not Thursday every day because for tea last night  we had left over coffee cake my sister brought over earlier in the day and we ate it off  paper plates and Friday we ate fish and chips straight out of the paper for dinner. All of this slackness,  and my conscience wont let me use it for future Slack Tea Thursday posts.

Oh and today just to remind me I'm alive the universe decided my car should have a compete metldown and not start. Enough already universe- I have enough on my plate without you deciding to poke cosmic fun at me. Naturally once roadside assist arrived she started perfectly. Mr. Roadside Assist was not amused. Conversely I was thrilled. (Mental Note to self: "Don't do the happy dance in your driveway until after the roadside assist dude has left next time" )

I hope your week is full of wonderful things.  I'll be back when my tilers are finished, which will mean I'll be one step closer to finished too!