Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ignore this post -I'm just procastinating

I am a list person. It's the Virgo in me. I crave order and predictability. The sick thing is I really like to cross things off the list as I get them done. (With coloured  highlighters if you don't mind)  I feel like a failure if I don't get everything crossed off the list by the end of the week. Sometimes I'll write a daily list of my chores and give them an actual time frame for completion. I know that borders on obsessive. Don't comment telling me it's obsessive ...I already know that ( see ? I wrote "obsessive"  back there <<<<<<<<<<<<)

Today I have a long list of things to get done. And yet I'm sitting here procrastinating. I've been up almost three hours and have managed to achieve two cups of coffee, a play with my grandson, and  feeding  the dogs. Slack as.

I really want to post my list of things to do because it'll shame me into getting off my butt and doing some of the things on it. But I like you  and don't want to bore you  to death. Plus I  don't want you to find out I don't live a totally glamorous life sipping cocktails and skydiving and that I do laundry (when I have a laundry ) and heart worm my dogs and other boring chores. 

I will tell you that shaving my legs is on that  list (I will seriously have to bring out the whipper snipper to do that ) and my toenails need cutting because they are starting to look like dinosaur toenails they're so long. (Was that TMI? Sorry if that was TMI.) And I only mentioned those things because it gave me another  30 seconds to procrastinate.

Now I'm eating my toast and vegemite and if I chew really slowly I can probably waste another 20 minutes or so.

Fine! I'm going then and I'm not coming back until everything on that list is done.

(Stomping  off to find the whipper snipper)


Coloradolady said...

Maybe if I had a list, I'd get more done!!

Shay said...

Suzanne, I really want to reply but if I do everyone will know I'm lurking and not doing the things on my list...

(Did I type this out loud)

Unknown said...

I was a secretary for many years and I learned that you just had to have a list and a day-minder in order to live properly. On the day I had my baby, the one thing that I had to make sure I had was my day minder! I have a list of weekly chores - I even typed it up and printed it out - I just can't seem to find it in all of the piles of stuff I have laying around!

Deb said...

Suzanne, how exciting. A fellow "Lister". I love lists, they keep me honest but only to myself and like you having a list I actually achieve things. Without my list I wonder around like a sad impecile at times. There is nothing more satisying than cross off things from the list but my highlighters are used to prioritise the things to do ( Before them I used to rewrite my list and make sure everything was in order of the way to be done).
Yes some people will say we are sad, I say extremely organised....... (obsessive compulsive, have no life...... need I go on??)
hugs Deb

vawriter said...

whipper snipper--I love it! It's called a weed whacker here, if you're talking about what I think you are. No lists here except grocery list. I have been known to turn the car around to go get the forgotten list, but is less of an organizational thing than it is being memory-challenged.

Shay said...

Ladies, I have achieved much today. I'm so darn organised I'm just in the process of making Tuesday night's dinner. (Insert applause here)

I de-fuzzed, clipped and moisturised all that had been neglected, went to the library, cleaned the house, did all the washing, grocery shopped, made a menu plan for this week, and bought Miss Pyjamas birthday present.

I'm just sitting here with heart palpitations , completely exhausted and feeling about as sexy as a limp dishrag.

Mistea said...

I just came by and had a look around, have to say I did have a few good laughs along the way. Hope the sewing machine gets all the attention it needs and ASAP, mine would like a service but then what would I do?? While I was thinking about what needed to be done today a friend rang to tell me that there was a fabric sale on so I got totally distracted and left all the chores at home - played find more fabric for future project that will save me from even more chores! Enjoy

Brenda said...

Practically every day, I am sorry I didn't write "take a shower" on my list, so I can cross it off - it's a big accomplishment most days!

TheLab said...

OK, waitaminute - you don't sip cocktails and skydive all day?

Whatev --

I'm outta here.


Shay said...

Of course not Leslie! Usually I'm lunching with ma girlies and having my nails done.....bah ha ha