Friday, February 12, 2010

Stuff Happens in Threes

Something you don't know about me ...I am addicted to shoes. For years people have been telling me I have a shoe problem. I was in denial. Last year at my work Christmas  function we all got awards. Mine was for "Being the Imelda Marcos of our office". Soon after that I found a picture my girlfriends took of me on a shopping trip to Melbourne. I'm standing in front of a shoe store pointing to a  massive sign which proclaims "If the shoe fits buy it in every colour" Apparently I take that literally. I did come home from that shopping trip with 5 new pairs of shoes, but heck , they were crazy bargains. And I get a lot of compliments on my shoes.

I personally don't feel owning 55 pairs of shoes constitutes an obsession. Boots, thongs, flats,  kitten heels, slides, chunky heels, sparkly shoes, work shoes, sedate shoes, high heel shoes. You name them - I have them. Can't find the perfect pair of shoes for your outfit? Call me. I can probably help you out.

Flash forward to today. My fave little op shop is having half price week. So I rip up there after work hoping they'll have a large ornate picture frame I want for a project I'm hoping to do later in the year. No luck today. But....look what I found instead.....Manna from Heaven

The red shoes on the right are brazillian leather. I loooooooooveeeee red shoes. These shoes look barely worn. Price: $7.50 total.

See ....stuff really does happen in threes.


vawriter said...

What's an op shop? Is that what we call a consignment store? I LOVE the really nice ones, like my fave "Twice As Nice" here in York, PA. I hit them a couple of weeks ago for their 60% off all winter clothes sale. Still plenty of winter here, unfortunately. I came out with a huge bag of clothes and jewelry for a little over $100!!!! Now I have to cull my old stuff to make room. Thanks for your "cacking" email! I think the crudity of the saying is lost on Americans. Sort of like us using "bloody" indiscriminately, as if it were a mild expletive. ;-)

Shay said...

An op shop is what you guys call a thrift store. Consignment stores are far less popular here.

And yes generally I think Australians are fairly casual with language. I remember when Lara Bingle did that tourism ad for Australia and it had the word "bloody " in it. It practically caused an international incident.

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! I hope the black ones and cream ones shrink when you wear them in the rain...I love them!!!!
Gonna op shop to hearts delight when I get down there.....

Liane xx

Shay said...

Back away from my shoes sis !

Can't wait to op shop with you.