Sunday, February 21, 2010

Blog of the Week- Better After

If you want to be completely inspired by all the crafty, handy , amazing decorating - type -peeps in Blogland you really need to wander over to see Lindsay at Better After.

I’m sure this is probably quite an obvious choice for Blog of the Week, but I love, love,  love reading this. What some people come up with is totally inspiring, and often the makeovers are jaw dropping. I’ve almost been inspired countless times to rush out and buy furniture just to make it over – only to realise that we live in a cute smaller house and I don’t have anywhere to put lots of furniture. Bummer!

The concept : Take a before picture of something , a chair, a dresser, or a whole room and then provide an after picture of your finished product.

Some of the creations Lindsay highlights are simply amazing in their transformation. That someone can take a dresser found on the roadside and turn into something useable and gorgeous just blows my mind. There are lots of $2.00 Goodwill makeovers as well! (How come my local Goodwill doesn't sell things so cheap?)

What I love  about this blog is that it shows you can give something a new life, that you can  re-use or re-purpose almost anything, and that creativity is only limited by your imagination. And there are so many creative, imaginative people out there!

Check out the Sheet Music Desk  by Miss Mustard Seed, and White Armoire by Fabric Floozie and then I dare you not to spend most of the next hour saying things like "Wow" and "Incredible" as you troll through some of the other posts  on Lindsay's blog.

Better After – you are my Blog of the week. I have a feeling I'm going to be stealing ...err copying some of those ideas very soon.


TheLab said...

Going there now, I'm excited! I LOVE before and afters!

Shay said...

Fess up Leslie , how much time did you spend there today?

Unknown said...

Just saw this! Thanks so much, I'm honored!!!!