Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Slow Going-Thrifty Christmas Tuesday -Week 6

It's officially 24 days until Christmas and panic is starting to set in. Im really going to have to pull my finger out to get some handmade/thrifty gifts finished! Arghhhhhhhhhh!

Not much to report this week. I did some more work on the devil quilt which you can see here ...and that was the sum total of my week.

Move along people -nothing to see here...

What Does Your Wardrobe Say About You?

Apparently clothes maketh the man ...or woman as the case may be. I hope that’s not actually true because if it is , I am slob who likes pants with no actual waist bands, and I think we’ve already established my underwear collection is seriously not something that should be seen in public even on my washing line-mainly because I’m concerned about it disintegrating if the suns rays touch it such is the sad state of the elastic in it.

I envy the person who can chuck on Capri’s and strappy thongs and a plain tshirt and look like they just stepped out of the pages of Vogue. When I do that it looks like I just rolled out of the back of a turnip truck.
So as I sit here in my Cookie monster pyjamas wondering whether I am in fact, the worlds biggest dag, I’ve been pondering  whether I need to up my game a bit and just how much I’ve really let myself go. Some people can turf on a potato sack and look glamorous. I am not in that fortunate class. These days it takes hours and much expense to look even remotely glam.

I used to have a job where I wore suits to work. And heels. And makeup. Apparently I was the scion of style. Flash forward to this job. It’s hard to get a mother to trust and engage with you when you’re wearing a 150 dollar suit, full face makeup and minty fresh breath and they have weetbix in their hair and the last time they saw a toothbrush was last Tuesday. So I go casual. But now I’m thinking I need to make a bit more of an effort, lest I be mistaken for one of those middle aged ladies that has let herself go to pot. Maybe I’m too casual?

I admit I have a shoe fetish. I am well known for it. Last year I got the Imelda Marcos award at our office Christmas party. My girlfriends made me pose in front of a show shop sign that said “If the shoe fits – buy it in every colour”. The reason I love shoes is because my feet don’t get fat. It doesn’t matter whether I’m 150 pounds or 250 pounds my shoes still fit. And I don’t have to worry about whether my bum looks big in them either. I have the awesome-est collection of shoes in all of Australia. The rest of my wardrobe leaves a lot to be desired.

I hardly EVER wear makeup. I have a pot of mineral makeup I’ve had for about 5 years. It’s petrified in the container. I live in jeans even at work if I’m not in pyjamas at home. In fact I own about 20 pairs of jeans. I even wear camo pants to work.  And am I really hoping against hope that wearing your hair in a knotted twisty bun or a pony tail is in - because I do it about 4 times a week. And I don’t wear anything round my middle that shows off my three spare tyres. I think my style is middle aged don't give a crap Ive earned the right to be comfortable.

So what is your style ? I want pictures of what you’re wearing as you’re reading this post ...to see how I compare and to give me an indication of just how much I need to worry about this.  

Sunday, November 28, 2010

When Good Projects Turn Bad

Here's this weekend's goss...

I'm still not feeling the love with the windmill quilt.  If my house was burning down I'd take the risk and grab  this quilt as I was running from the flames  just so I could chuck in the path of the oncoming fire. I forced myself to sew it today because WIP's hurt my feelings and I have three I'd like to get finished before the year ends. It would be so nice to start the new year with a clean quilting slate.

This week I added the border.

I was going to add a coloured  border after that but it seemed like a lot of work for something I'm not in love with and that I'm only finishing so I can cross it off my list. So I cut my losses...

 I'm about half way through piecing the back ...

I made the  binding ..

 My theory is that things are UFO's in the first place  because your inner self knows you don't like them. We should all listen to our inner voices. Unless they're telling you to kill people.

Miss P and I went op shopping Friday afternoon . Aside from some bargains for future crafty pursuits and a new pair of Eeyore pyjamas  I picked up this little gem...it had a twin that I resisted. It needs a decent clean which I'll get to... eventually. This photo really doesn't do the subtle  colours justice.

The sewing room is  finished. Creativity can start occurring again.

I found previously unseen Oreo's at the discount food store...I got so excited in the middle of the store, that people were ushering their small children away from me like I was  a crazy lady. I've finally found an oreo I dont like- Blueberry Icecream flavour. Blerk. Seriously disgusting. I think they got sent to Australia because nobody north of the equator likes them either.

And  you know when you get a great idea, and you plot and plan, and you research? You do the work and when it's time for the unveiling ...sometimes good craft projects and wickedly fabulous ideas just turn to shit. Such was the case with my window painted blackboard above the pantry door. The paint scratches off everytime I touch it with chalk which is a rather unfortunate thing for a chalkboard to do really....back to the drawing board for this project. I'm sure I can make it work.

And they were my weekend highlights. How was your weekend ?

P.S.  Mr. P picked up some work for next week. I'm doing the happy dance.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Favourite Things Friday

Welcome to Favourite Things Friday. You know the drill. If you'd like to link up and show your Favourite Thing for Friday feel free to do so at the bottom of this post. Then everyone who participates will troop round to have a snoop at your Favourite Thing and leave you a  comment. The whole idea behind FTF is to share something that you love , that  makes you happy  or something you want to share with the rest of Blogland.  

I guess lots of you are full of Thanksgiving turkey and cheer as I post this on what is my Friday morning. Yes while you're all eating turkey with all the trimmings I'm eating vegemite on toast. That makes this post relevant and au courant because it's sort of about cooking. Marg posted a couple of weeks ago about her entire recipe book collection, which would probably rival the local library. I want to share a few of my favourites with you this week.

The big blue book is about 50 years old. My Mum had one when I was a kid. I loved looking at that book and seeing all the yummy things in glorious colour. When I moved out of home , I bought this copy  at an op shop because it reminded me of home and my childhood.  And then one day a few years ago, I bought Miss P a copy for when she moved out of home. Just so three generations of us Pyjama girls could have the same cookbook. Many of the recipes seemed so exotic to me when I was younger.  I doubt you'd cook much out of it now, everything is cooked in lard and the main ingredient in everything is butter.  No wonder that generation of people are dying of heart disease.

The other three books belonged to my Nan, who passed away two years ago. Last week would have been her 90th birthday. When she moved into the nursing home, and I  sorted out her unit  I kept them because they have her writing in them. It makes me feel closer to her and I like to think that somewhere she knows I'm cooking things she cooked.  And every house in Australia has one of those green and gold cookbooks. It was first published in 1923. Amongst my Nanna's  things  I found one my mother used for her home economics class in high school, with Mum's writing in it. My Mum will kill me if I tell you what year that was. Let's just say microwaves hadn't been invented. Nanna had added to the book  and kept it all those years. I passed that one along to my Mum.

I use these all the time. The best cakes in the universe come out of these cookbooks. Since I'm baking challenged, some of my biggest disasters have occurred because of them too.  But they're my favourite thing this week because they remind me of my Nanna. I've been feeling a bit nostalgic all week and thinking about her a lot.

What's your Favourite thing this week?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Slack Tea Thursday -Thanksgiving Edition

I thought about STT for tonight and realised that half of my readers are going to be running round with their hand up a  turkey and making pecan/pumpkin pies, which kind of makes a post about Vegemite on toast or chocolate sultanas for my tea ridiculously redundant.  I can't compete with turkey and snow and all sorts of other yummy-ness. I'm not even going to try.  

So instead of grossing you out with my truly slack meal tonight I'm going to take the opportunity to wish each and every one of you a Happy Thanksgiving. I hope your turkeys are delectable , your potatoes are exactly the way you like them, and that whatever else you decide to whip up it all  goes according to plan. Most of all I hope you enjoy time with the special people in your life.  

And you can just think of me sitting here eating a hunk of cheese while you do something special with cranberries and jello. (You're making Jello aren't you Annie?)

P.S. I actually dropped into the local chinese takeaway for dinner. Crispy skin chicken, fried rice and prawn cutlets aren't very Thanksgiving like....

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thrifty Christmas Tuesday -Week 5

Welcome to this week's Thrifty Christmas Tuesday post.

There's only 32 days until Christmas. It's getting scary. And I didn't get that much done this week so Im feeling like I'm really up against it. Some people in my extended family really wouldnt appreciate handmade or thifted gifts so I'm running out of ideas and will have to hit the shops soon.

This week I went online shopping for one gift...Miss P is getting her favourite perfume at 60% off. 

I managed to put together this quilt top for my mother in law. At this point a Christmas finish does seem a little unlikely...but you never know what you can achieve until you push yourself right?

Thankfully her birthday is in January so I have a back up plan.

I'm op shopping with Miss P on Friday so hopefully I'll have some finds to post next week. I have a list!  

So what have you been up to with your thrifty Christmas plans this week?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Funky Town

Sometimes things just don't go as planned...you either roll with the punches or get pissy. Guess which road I took this weekend?

After my big effort with Friday Night Sew In I had high hopes of a  productive crafty type weekend but alas it was not to be.

I wrote an entire post about my various crafting mishaps and realised when I read it back I sounded kinda pathetic and whiny. Nobody really wants to go to a pity party right?

So lets basically say my weekend was not very successful or productive and call it a draw shall we? And that among other things, my car deciding to develop what I suspect is a major problem ,  set me off on a path to funky town and I have yet to return to my happy place.

I made these Christmas countdown blocks from the white igloo blocks and decided I was not destined to be  a famous Christmas Countdown Block maker.  You can see really pretty ones here.

In happier news, the pantry door is finished and in place. All that sanding was worth the effort. (This is specifically for you Patty -I know you've been dying to see it )

I inventoried my freezers today (when it became apparent I had contracted crafty crap-itis )and I have so much chicken I'm amazed I'm not clucking. So if you have any fabulous recipes that use whole chook or even pieces, or drumsticks please let me know. On the up side it's highly unlikely we'll be needing to go meatless any time soon because my freezers currently rival the local butcher shop. I did a decent cleanout and worked out what will go in this week's dog food. (it's Ok to feed my dogs meat with an expiry date of 1962 right?) And look what else I found...

Please tell me I am not the only person in the known universe who still has Hot Cross Buns from 8 months ago stashed in her freezer?

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Friday Night Sew In

Last night was Friday Night Sew In hosted by Heidi and Bobbi. Thanks for hosting ladies. This is my third official sew in and I love the concept  for the sheer motivation factor.

Mr. P was instructed that between 7 pm and 11 pm, I was absolutely positively not to be disturbed unless the house was on fire. Not even if he had an arterial bleed. Sometimes those chats work and sometimes they don't. Last night was a winner. He helped by doing a run to the shop for snacks to keep me motivated. Mmmmmmmm Tim Tams and Salt and Vinegar Chips. How I love you so.

Between 7 and 9 pm, I squared all the blocks, laid them all out and had a look at whether I liked it or not. I didn't stress too much about layout  because random is good and I'm  lazy. Then I sewed all the blocks into vertical rows.

Then I had to stop for a break  to eat an entire bag of chips...because it's important to keep your strength up. And I fluffed around on the internet for an hour because I am very easily distracted and have the attention span of a goldfish.

Finally I remembered I was supposed to be sewing and broke out the iron to press seams, which is a job I hate. When I get rich and famous I'm going to hire someone to be my personal seam presser.

My iron is a piece of crap (that's not a swear word in Australia )  even though it cost about the same as the national debt of Guatemala.  A good iron is hard to find and usually breaks one day after the warranty expires. The iron I had before this one was completely rockin', aside from the little matter of it trying to electrocute me when it finally died in some bizarre murder/suicide bid.

Then all the vertical rows got pinned together

I pushed through the "I'm-really-tired-and-want-to-eat-all-the-Tim-Tams-and- play-on-the-internet-again" phase and by about 11.00pm the quilt top looked like this.

I gotta say I'm not feeling the love with this quilt top because it's not really my usual colour palette (which also explains why it's been a WIP/UFO since about March )  but that's OK because this isn't for me it's for someone else who will like muted. Now I have to fix the  1,321 mistakes I noticed while I was pressing it and add a couple of borders and piece the back. Or I could shove it in a box and ignore it until the next Sew In....

Hope your FNSI was productive and fun! I can't wait to see what other crafty people managed to get done. No sewing for me today. Those igloo blocks need some attention.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Favourite Things Friday

Welcome to another edition of FTF. So glad you could drop by and share it with us. Did you know you can join in? That's right! By writing your own post and adding a link at the bottom of this post you can share your favourite thing for this week with all the people who drop by here.

I had a guest room once for about a week. In between people moving out and other people moving in. Seriously. It was beautiful. It was coordinated. It was accessorised. The drawers had little hand soaps for guests and matching towels, and complimentary little shampoo and conditioner sachets and  it looked like a Parisian bed  and breakfast  suite. And I was happy dreaming of all the wonderful people who would come and stay in my guestroom and all the fun I would have making them feel like they were in a little B and B somewhere when in fact they would be staying at my home.

Then Miss P moved in, and the sewing room became her room and the guest room became a sewing room , because anyone who is anyone knows us sewing type people have to have a creative space so we don't drive other people mad with all our sewing type stuff spread all over the rest of the house.

And so for a  long long time my sachets of shampoo , and my fabulous guest linen and bedding and all my little Parisian touches were packed away just waiting for their time to shine. And for visitors to come and bask in the wonderfulness that would be  my guest bedroom.  Eventually.

And yesterday "eventually" finally arrived. I'm doing the happy dance. I have a grown up guest room!

My Favourite Thing this week is that all my planning and dreaming is finally starting to come together.  The sewing room is next. And I'm determined the computer room will be done by Christmas too. Along with all those nagging last kitchen reno bits!

What are your Favourite Things this week?

P.S. You're all invited to come and stay anytime you like. As long as I can see your return plane ticket first - because I know what "a few days" really means.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Slack Tea Thursday

I stumbled in the door from work at about 6.15 pm, and it looked like all hell had broken loose.  Then I remembered that the carpet cleaners had been here today and ALL the  furniture from two bedrooms,   the lounge room and my bedroom, was in the hallway and computer room. Crap Crap Crappity Crap. (I stole that saying from Little Miss Potty Mouth who literally uses it as tag on her posts )

So instead of a relaxing night in front of the computer I had to try to find some semblance of order because tomorrow night is Friday Night Sew In, tomorrow I am working and at the moment I don't technically have a sewing room,  or a freaking clue where anything is. Well actually  I know where it all is ...it's here. But it shouldn't be.

And I still don't know where specific things are. Which will make sewing hard.

So the plan was  for us to empty the rooms, have the carpet cleaners come in and do their thing  , and in the putting everything back where it belongs process,  swap the rooms back to the sewing room in what used to be Miss P's room, and guest bedroom in what has been my sewing room for the last FOREVER ....so it wasn't so much a swap back so much as a whole new Maison Pyjamas world order.

My point is - I didn't have time to even think about STT tonight and literally grabbed something that would keep fueling my body so I could make a start on restoring order so I could  get my sewing groove on  tomorrow night.

And frankly my dinner looks decidedly manky. Possibly because I didn't use a plate. Crockery can make almost anything look classier than it is.

Next stop -Favourite Things Friday. One working day to the weekend! Whooooooo Hooooo!

P.S.  My friend SAJ has given up chocolate. I keep getting emails from her telling me she wants to kill herself. Let that be a lesson for all of us.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thrifty Christmas Tuesday -Week 3 and 4

I just realised I should probably be counting down to Christmas not up...Apparently it's 38 days before the big day. That's just over 5 weeks so it's probably time to get a wriggle on with your thrifty/ homemade gifts. Still plenty of time. So this little linky party is hosted by Larri at Seams Inspired. If you want to get some craft on pop over and see what others have been getting up to !

I didn't post last week because we were busy helping Miss P move into her own place. I know it's wicked but I'm still doing the happy dance. So here's what has occured in the last two weeks.
The table runner finally has binding. Sort of. I still need to sew the back of the binding down. I'm showing it now because it may be a case of super gluing this down Christmas Eve.

I made coasters to go with the table runner. And I still need to sew them shut. But you get the idea right?  This could be a last minute jobby too the way things are looking here. I wish you could use a staple gun on all crafty pursuits. I love my staple gun.

We bought Little P this electric train from  an op shop.  The cogs in the wheels were broken so it didnt move on it's own. It still tooted and did all the other annoying train noises .  Mr. P called the manufacturer , flung off a photo of the cogs we needed via email  and  for the price of postage the cogs arrived and were inserted. It works just like a brand new one for 20% of the price. Thrifty indeed!

I made Miss P a diary cover when I whipped one up for myself on the weekend

And I finally managed to make a bag that didn't lose the handles when I turned it right side out. There is hope for me yet.

The inside is pretty too!

So that's my Mum taken care of, my sister partially done, something for Miss P , and Little P completely finished. Naturally I'm saving the biggest and hardest projects till last. How are you all  doing with your Christmas preparations?

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Kindness of Blog Buddies

I'm constantly struck by the generosity of crafty peeps.  People give of their time, creativity and effort and encourage and support one another with their projects, successes and occasional failures. Sometimes people give practical support too and such was the case this weekend.  I had a lovely day Saturday and my own private free motion quilting lesson thanks to Kris from Life at Rosemary Hill who gave up an entire afternoon to come and show me how it's done. Now I'm not saying she had to stay the whole afternoon  because I bolted the front door and told her she wasn't leaving until I  had a clue. I prefer to think it might have been because she is one fabulous lady in every sense of the word. Plus I bribed her with cake. Naturally we both had our cameras charged and present. Naturally we didn't take any pictures. Bummer, because we are both gorgeous babes in real life.

In between gossiping (no reputations were murdered or besmirched I swear ) I learned how to get the throat plate off my machine (that's right I'd never done it before- doesn't the machine service dude do that? ) , I learned how to clean out all that fluff (I filled a wheelie bin ) and I learned how to  pull up a bobbin thread to the top of the fabric. I know you're all wondering how I managed to sew for so long without knowing this basic stuff aren't you?  Me too! 

This was my first real attempt at FM quilting with a slight clue of what I was doing. It made so much more sense once someone explained it to me. I swear I've googled and  read tutorials until I almost went blind, but yesterday something just clicked. I think.  Now it's all about practice. So this week, I'm going to do 15 minutes a day and see how much improvement I've made at the end of the week.  Thank you Kris for giving up your Saturday afternoon  to stop my infernal whining about how I can't FM quilt. The rest is up to me. 

Otherwise it was a really quiet weekend aside from my squeals of excitement when Mr. P brought me fairy floss home from the hardware store. I'm still wondering which department they sell that in...

Mr. P cooked Kirsten's  Lemony Garlic  Chicken and it rocked our taste buds. Miss P's verdict was "Thats the best meal I've had since I moved out of home". She took home the leftovers. It really bothered Mr. P that his didn't look exactly like Kirsten's and I'm starting to think  that if Kirsten stopped posting recipes my family would starve to death.

I made a  cover for my new diary and did a couple of Christmas projects I cant show  here.

And these mystery objects got started. More on those next weekend.

I'm starting to wonder whether I'll ever quilt again. I am ignoring all my WIP's because I've completely lost interest but have vowed not to start anything new until the WIP's are done. See my problem?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Favourite Things Friday

It's Favourite Things Friday! I love Fridays and not just because it's often my day off. Nah ha ..it's because I get to see what your favourite things are.   So, link up at the bottom and show it off!

In April 2008 my nephew asked if he could come and stay with us for " a few weeks".  He finally moved out in July 2009,  14 months later. Mr. P and I did the happy dance because we finally had the house to ourselves.  I moved my sewing room into the large spare bedroom and planned and set up the most beautiful guest room in the history of guest bedrooms. I had guest soap, and special towels, and my sewing room rocked.  I dreamed about what my life was going to be like. For the first time ever it was just going to be Mr. P and me.  

Twelve days later (!!!) Miss P called and asked if she and 2 week old Little P could move in for "a few months".  I have come to realise that anytime anyone in our family uses the phrase "a few "  in relation to time it actually means practically forever. We accepted that the universe had other plans for us. I know that life  is a bit like nailing jelly to a tree. Unpredictable.

So for the last 14 months we've watched Little P grow, and at times Miss P struggle with parenting, financial management and participating in a household where we expected her to act like an adult. We've had drama. We've had mess. We've had to put all our breakables away as Little P got mobile. Some times we weren't quick enough and the breakables got broken. We've taught and skilled up Miss P , and chatted about all the wonderful things that she can do when she starts life in her own place. And I've watched her grow and make mistakes, and do amazing things too.  That's life. But, as much as I love both of them I've dreamed of the day when it would be just me and Mr. P . 

When Miss P and Little P take flight , I'll be able to find a sharp razor in my bathroom.  I won't have to share my hair products. My straightener will be  mine again. I won't have to go towel hunting. My house will stay clean. I wont have to pick up toys .  When I get home from a long day at work there will be no noise or distraction, I'll be able to relax. Dishes will go straight in the dishwasher. I wont have to scale a 6 foot pile of dirty laundry to get to the a washing machine. There won't be mess.  I won't have to worry about Little P eating pins or other foreign objects. I won't find juice leaking onto my carpet from an upturned cup.(why does that always happen with blackcurrant juice and when will I learn to only buy apple !)  If I want to I can eat sandwiches for dinner for a week.

And this week ,  that day finally arrived. It's just me and Mr. P . Finally. Miss P and Little P moved out to make their way in the world for the first time .  And while their road might be bumpy at  times, I have faith they can make it on their own.

It's bittersweet. I'm doing the happy dance - for the first time in 20 years my house is kid free. But man,  I miss them already.

P.S. But, I am loving my quiet, clean house. That's my favourite thing. And Other Nephew of Pyjamas you absolutely , positively cannot come to stay for a few weeks. I know what that old chestnut really means....

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Slack Tea Thursday

Slack Tea Thursday is back for another week.

I've had a busy week at work and arrived home this afternoon to meet with someone to get  a final quote on my custom made blind for the kitchen.  She was horrible.  I checked they did bonded fabric roller blinds when I made the booking four weeks ago.  When she got here she was really off handed and told me they hadn't "done those in years".   I'd decided to go with one of the other companies before she even finished her quote.   And I called the other company to order it before the horrible chick was even out of my driveway. Even though they were 25% more expensive. I hope she heard me. And by the way lady if you read my blog you looked like an aging bar bitch.

Slack Tea Thursday.

I bought Mr. P some sushi and sashimi for tea before he wandered off for boys night  then I ate some as appetisers. He didn't need it all anyway.

This was dinner...

Apologies to the vegetarian contingent.

After 4 minutes in a frypan , this is what it looked like . I think 4 minutes still qualifies as slack.

Here is dessert...and I'm planning to eat the whole damn pack. These are anti smoking jubes, so named because when I give up smoking I eat 4 packs of these a week. So instead of dying from lung cancer - diabetes is going to get me.

Please wander by and have a look at Favourite Things Friday tomorrow. I have my 2010 all time favourite thing to share.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Deep Thoughts and The Usual Weekend Round Up

I've been a bit off my game the last few weeks. There have been lots of changes and pressures at home and work and it's been hard to keep up. I've been spending some time reflecting on life's big questions, as we all do from time to time.  Where am I ? Who am I?  Where do I really want to be? What isn't working in my life and how do I change it?  Wow -I'm deep. I'm an untapped well of deep. I don't have the answers, but I'll let you know when I do. I think this deep thought has been spurred on by constant change over the last month or so , with more unfamiliar territory to be charted this week and more stressful events than usual to be faced.

So this post was going to be all about that but when I read back what I'd written it was too much. I'd rather mostly keep this blog about the fun and bizarre and mundane stuff in my life not for diatribes or too much introspection.
That being said...onto my weekend.

After the grocery shopping, washing, trip to the library for more books , the jaunt to the hardware store, cleaning out my  wardrobe and my jewellery drawer, (OMG I have too many clothes and jewellery to go with every conceivable outfit -who knew ?)  and lots of furniture re-shuffling this weekend in preparation for our annual carpet cleaning I still managed to do a few other things that were actually enjoyable. 

I baked lemon coconut cupcakes. Delicious. And some coffee kisses which were not delicious so I'm not wasting bandwidth showing them here. Blerk. 

I spray painted the wicker chair one last time. Next stop-  conquering my fear of zips so I can re-do the cushion.

The desk got it's first top coat after two coats of primer.  One or two top coats to go folks. Then a few layers of poly. I'm going to throw a party when we finally put away all those paint cans that have been cluttering up our patio since July and you're all invited.

I did some Christmas crafting/sewing/creating . More about that on Tuesday.

Since I managed to  kill all the agapanthas I planted in the filing cabinet planter in February- how many times must I confess I'm a plant murderess?- I decided to plant some new green things to kill. Including herbs. So for all of you that suggested I grow my own vegies, here is my compromise.  I've already had to re-pot the mint since Moo the cat decided it was a good place to take a dump 10 minutes after I'd finished.   The neighbours learned new swear words, and Moo spoke angrily at me in cat speak when I yelled at her.  I'm assuming she knew what "*^!# you, you *!%#*. I'm going to kill you" meant.

My hydrangeas look like they're going to have a crazy amount of blooms  this year. (See..I talk the lingo) They got fertilised and mulched. And admired. I've managed to keep these alive now for over two years and grew them from brown sticks of nothing to this.

I re-fashioned a bag I found while op shopping with Miss P...


After...Yep I bought it because it matches this shirt. The bag makeover took about 60 seconds.

Mr. P and I got up early and hit the Growers Market for some fruit, herbs  and vegies. It all looks pretty but I wish it tasted like donuts or salt and vinegar chips.

Miss P cooked tea Saturday (I had to check to make sure the sky wasn't falling). Sorry I didn't take pictures but it was too awesomely wonderful to wait to eat while pictures got taken. 

So a pretty quiet weekend. I sat on my patootie at the computer a lot surfing blogs and the internet in general ooohing and ahhhing over people's projects and general craftiness. I hope your weekend was exactly what you were hoping for.

P.S.  This is Little P's dismantled cot , in the computer room. Nothing is where it should be at the moment which is giving me flashbacks about the all too recent kitchen renovation. Ugh...