Saturday, February 13, 2010

Blog of The Week -Queen of Fifty Cents

As part of my Fabulous February Series, I'm highlighting some of my favourite blogs. And this post is a double celebration. Not only do I get to share an amazing blog with you , I get to say ...this is my 100th post!

If you’re into animals or thrifting  or you just like a good read you have to hightail it over to Queen of Fifty Cents . I love reading this blog and look forward to reading her  garage sale adventures for the week.

Reading about the Queen's thrifting trips is like actually being there.  It's like going Saturday morning garage snooping with a friend. None of my real life friends do garage sales so I love tagging along with the Queen. And Crazy Bargains! I can never get stuff for as cheap as she does.  And sometimes she finds quilts and quilting stuff really cheap! I never find that stuff! I have a serious case of garage sale envy.

Another thing I really enjoy about this blog is that not only do we get to hear about the garage sales (and whether what they were selling was overpriced , or whether the person was a crabby so and so ) is that each week I get to meet new dogs , without leaving my chair. Some of those dogs are so cute!

If you're not familiar with Queen of Fifty cents wander on over and spend some time looking at her bargains and living through her garage sale mornings. She is a complete hoot.

Long live the Queen of Fifty Cents.

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The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

Any time you and Audra happen to be in Oregon on a weekend, come on over and we'll go garaging!