Friday, February 26, 2010

Mercury Retrograde ?

In the words of a  cartoon I used to have above my desk- "I try to take one day at a time but lately several days have attacked me at once".

That pretty much sums up the week really.

Everyone I talk to this week is  telling me how bad their week has been. It seems the universe is conspiring to make many feel they have received a cosmic  arse whooping.
Universe 87  People 0 . Touche Universe. You're the winner.

(Miss Pyjamas sent me a text once with the message  "Tooshay Mother, Tooshay"- I laughed so hard . That probably makes me a bad mother for laughing at her spelling. If it makes a difference I didn't laugh in front of her )

I too have unfortunately fallen victim to the arse whooping universe malady. This week has officially been a total shocker.   My house looks like a bomb hit it , I still have no laundry, I can't get my sewing  machine in for a service until March 9th,  I think there is a pac man living inside our bank account, and aspects of work have been very challenging culminating in all sorts of nasty today that I will have to address Monday and will no doubt spend much of the weekend thinking about.

Is all this feeling out of sorts of everyone I know  because we only officially have two days of summer left and Autumn will be here Monday? Are planets aligned somewhere over Mercury? Have I completely lost the plot in some sort of group downer? What the heck  is going on?

Let's hope the weekend presents some pleasantness. Or I might have to pick up my bat and ball and go home.  

The highlight of my week was the rather large glass of wine I poured myself 30 seconds after I got home tonight.
And I really must check to see if I last felt like this four weeks ago ...maybe a pattern is developing ...maybe I have EOMS (End of month Syndrome)


vawriter said...

Would you like to feel immediately better? Here goes:

Things could be worse. You could live here. Not only is it snowing AGAIN, but with the snow we have wind gusts up to 50 mph. Drifting snow. 26 degrees.

There you are--glad to oblige.

Shay said...

Gee thanks vawriter...I do feel's 12.30 am here and I'm sitting in a tank top you're right - your weather sucks.

Shay said...

Oh wow ...I just checked how cold 26 really is ...thats like -3 in our lingo. Thats REALLY cold.

TheLab said...

"I think there is a pac man living inside our bank account" ha ha ha, kill him!

I just love your writing.

Hey, I wanted to tell you that I TOTALLY thought of you yesterday while home with my boys - we were watching one of their favorite things: The Wiggles! And I thought "I bet Mrs. Pyjamas sounds as cool as they do with that awesome accent!"

We love those Wiggles ;)

Marg said...

I think you are on to something, I have been saying all week that there was some - stick it to human thing with the universe, as everyone I know has had a crap week, including me. I wonder whether it is just a southern hemisphere thing or the whole world. Try living up here, I would kill for cooler weather, but not -3, and I think with 50mph winds, the wind chill factor would be way worse, now that's way too cold. A nice 20 to 25 C with no humidity would be perfect.

Shay said...

Totally Unrelated -The Wiggles used to be an mediocre pop band Leslie ...and my voice isnt as deep as theirs... but yes I do talk like they do. You know we all think American accents are pretty cool too?

Miss Pyjamas was too old for Wiggle-Mania. She was a Bananas in Pyjamas girl though.

I imagining if it's humid Marg you're reasonably far north . My sister lives in Darwin and when I called her last night they were in the middle of a monsoon trough. I could hear the rain pelting down on the phone.