Thursday, February 04, 2010

Material Obsession

I went and bought myself a gift tonight after work. Miss Pyjamas and Little Pyjamas gave me a book voucher for my birthday last September, and I've been waiting for the perfect book to come along before I used it. I finally decided on this:

This book has a proliferation of quilts made from multiple colours and patterns which is probably why I liked it. You know me- I'm Random Quilting Chick! Everything I liked most in it  looked either scrappy or had circles.

I'm hoping to get some serious crafting/quilting/decorating done this weekend. I'm heading off to the Rob Thomas concert on Sunday. And did I mention I got tickets to Spandau Ballet when they went on sale this week? I think 2010 is actually the year I finally get to live my mid to late 20's....


vawriter said...

Before coffee: I read this title as "Marital Obsession". Imagine my surprise and disappointment not to find a tell-all.

Shay said...

I did threaten to do a sex post a couple of weeks ago. If it'll make you happy I could spice up my original unpublished sex post with some creative fiction to make up for my "material obsession "post.

I've been married twice. I wonder if that counts as maritally obsessed. Nah...surely not.