Sunday, February 21, 2010

Alert the Media

I’m creeping in here early to make an announcement. (OK maybe not so early but you get the idea)  All of this is typed in whispers so Mr. Pyjamas can have a bit of a sleep in.

We’re having a "family" breakfast for 10 here this morning, so I have a lot to organise before people get here. But when everyone leaves, which will hopefully be around 1.00 p.m I’m going to spend the rest of the day quilting because this is supposed to be a quilting blog you know….

See you later this week hopefully with some goodies to show.

P.S I hate it when my sewing mojo returns and I'm already committed to doing something else.


Crafty Girls Workshop said...

You are hilarious! Your blog is so funny, I'm laughing and almost falling out of my chair (I guess I'm easily amused.) Love the idea for the filing cabinets. We just put an old one out on our driveway for FREE after trying to sell it at our yardsale for $5 (american) No takers! If you had a follower link I'd follow you but since you don't...I guess I'll just add you to my favorites. Such a fun blog to read!

P.S. I like to quilt barefooted because then I feel the pedal better. And in pyjamas is cool too.

Shay said...

Hi Anna,

Thanks for dropping in! I'm totally with you on the barefoot quilting thing.

Glad you had a giggle while having a look around. I don't think you're easily amused - I'm hoping that I'm riotously hilarious. Or maybe not. I just call it like I see it at the Pyjamas mad-house.

Pop the kettle on ,and break out the double stuffed oreo's, I'm coming over to your blog for a sticky beak.

vawriter said...

Sticky beak? Translation, please?

Shay said...

Hey vawriter,

It's not till I'm "talking" to non Aussies that I realise we speak two completely different languages sometimes.

A "sticky beak " is slang for having a look around or poking your nose into someone else's business.

TheLab said...

I LOVE IT! STICKY BEAK! That is the absolute BEST! I'm going to find a way to use it EVERY day!

Shay said...

Leslie, I'll trade you.

What's a completely American phrase I can use to impress my friends with my uber-coolness?