Friday, March 19, 2010

Sunshine in a Cloudy Week

For context for this story you’re going to have to read this post  so you can truly understand the obsession love I have for Oreo’s. (Isnt that strikethrough thing nifty? - I've been itching to use it )

Sometimes people do the most lovely unexpected things that make you all warm and gooey inside. And when you’re having a less than stellar week these things are even more special. I had two such occurrences this week. Surely that’s more than my fair share, but I’ll take it because some weeks the universe gives me nada.

A while back I did a giveaway on my blog and I duly sent off a parcel to the other side of the world, which also contained Australian junk food because I like to hype kids up as long as they aren’t mine and the lovely Lisa at Calicos in Bloom  has three of them.  I used to play a similar game with my sister annually called  "Who can give each other's child the messiest,  most parent aggravating birthday present" but thats another blog post- I won by the way with the barking seals game which was declared after 60 minutes because nobody could stand the yapping seal noises anymore.

This week, on arrival at the post office, my PO Guy handed me a parcel from Lisa and her very talented daughter Miss Calicos. I’m pretty sure my PO guy has hours of fun trying to work out what's in my parcels because he always comments like he’s asking a question "? Fabric? Food? ?Soap  ?Crack Cocaine. It‘s a game we play. It's keeping him amused and gets me preferential treatment from Australia Post . Win, Win.

Since I was on my lunch break I took the package back to work and opened it just as we were starting a team meeting. I was toast for the rest of the meeting because inside was this lovely lot. So rather than talking about SERIOUS work related topics, I just looked at these babies and sighed a lot. It was a fun way to spend team meeting because usually I talk the hind leg off a chair. I know you're all probably shocked that I talk a lot in real life. Try to suspend your disbelief for a minute or two.

Miss Calicos made me this beautiful hot pad for my kitchen. Miss Calicos  is 5 years old! Pretty clever huh? This was my favourite thing in the whole parcel.

I got socks with Moose on them. (Is there such a word as Mooses?)  I can wear these in winter with my Yeti slippers. Do Yeti's and Moose get along?

Oh My goodness. Oreo Fudge Rings . Yum! You can't get these in Australia.  I promise I'll share. Miss P is already nagging me to open them. I'll be doing that at 3 am and then hiding what 's left.

Lucky Charms. And they came on St.Patrick's Day . It probably doesn't get any luckier than that. I have wanted to try these for YEARS. We see them on American TV shows all the time.

I would like to point out , I had to fight off my co-workers several times  to keep the Oreos and Lucky Charms. And I told Lisa I’m thinking about varnishing one of those Oreos for posterity.  So a HUGE thankyou to Lisa, Miss Calicos  and the rest of the Calicos Family for thinking of me, and doing such a sweet thing.

I've posted recently about making friends in Blogland. I haven't been around for long, but there are a couple of people I feel I've really connected with and could actually be friends with in RL if that was possible.  You never quite know if those people  feel the same way and you dont want to come across like some creepy  stalker by saying how much you like them and the way they think, so I was completely tickled pink to be part of a post over at Sarcastic Quilter this week, which  is titled "Ask Yourself,  Who am I in Blogland?" which echoed and expanded on  some things that I had also been thinking and posting about.

I want you to walk no over to Beck’s post at Sarcastic Quilter to have a read because she and I have a mutual admiration thingy going that we want you to be a part of. Plus her post was honest, heartfelt, and really thought  provoking. Plus for all you quilty types- she's one of us and does lovely stuff.

I'm off to vote tomorrow morning for State Elections, which is  like  voting in a  Governor but we call him or her the Premier. It's my civic responsibility. It's also illegal not to vote in this country and you can get fined if you don't vote.   I guess they figure Australians are so apathetic they wouldn't bother turning up unless they were required to do so by law. And they could be right. We tend to take democracy for granted which is pretty ironic for a country that was founded on convicts. If they gave out a free beer, people would be there at 8am.


Anonymous said...

How can my 'big ass horn shop' story compete with that lol

Sarcastic Quilter said...

Oh, my own shout out due to our mutual admiration society! lol Thanks and I'm glad you enjoyed the post and I want it forever known that I treaded that "I"m a stalker line" first! hehe

Lisa said...

Nope, there's no such thing as mooses... just like there's no such thing as mices. So glad you liked it all, Breanna was so excited to see the photo of her hot-pad here!! The lucky thing may mean your sewing machine will be done sooner than expected?! I seriously would be going crazy without mine, how much longer??

Marg said...

Ooooh what fabulous pressies. Would never ever have guessed that you talk a lot, nope, never! Have fun voting, ha ha!!

Mistea said...

Lucky you - Ooh now beer on election day why doesn't somebody do that - I have a few more coming up this year and already had to vote once because she decided she couldn't do the last six months of the term!!

There always has to be someone who talks a lot in team meetings that is one important job.
Enjoy your goodies.

Deb said...

Loving your goodies. What a cool treat and I definitely feel that they should be hidden then bought out anytime after midnight to ease those rumblings that remind you they are there and then sit and eat the whole lot. Feel guilty for all of 3 minutes then smile and remind yourself how lovely they were and they were all yours.

Shay said...

Ok, just so everyone is clear Anonymous is not completely off her rocker, that was my sister, continuing an earlier conversation we had on the phone. She's like me - but worse and that was a comment she made in her team meeting this week.

Yep Beck stalked me first, but now I'm stalking her back. he he

Lisa, at least 4 days probably longer. Im dyingggggggg here.

And beer and voting. We finally got to the polling booth at 5 pm, and there were loads of people staggering out of the pub across the road coming over to vote. They found their own beer.