Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Sniper Stole My Buffet ( I hate it when that happens)

As I have previously posted , I have a cold , and so therefore have no sense of taste or smell, which is an incredible bummer because I cooked kassler and eggs for breakfast this morning , and it was apparently divine. Mr. P bought me some Black jelly beans this afternoon . They tasted like a big fat nothing. I ate them anyway –out of spite. Ditto my T-Bone steak for dinner. I made Mr. P suffer along with me by refusing to make garlic cream sauce with parmesan because I can’t taste it anyway. Sigh. I want to go make myself an anchovy sandwich but really what would be the point?

The highlight of my day was the thought that tomorrow this gorgeous dining setting and buffet would be all mine and in residence in my kitchen. Cute huh?

I had my Sunday all planned. Pleasing visions ensued of taking all my glassware and dishes out of my old meat safe and kitchen dresser, washing it so it sparkled and lovingly putting it back in my new buffet.  Deciding which accessories would look best on top of the buffet and the table. My fishbowl full of rattan balls? My black and white porcelain filigree balls in the glass deco jar? Oh and I really must spray paint my doovalacky black and put it somewhere as well. I’ve had two doovalacky’s 18 months and never used them. And how chic will those chairs look when I've recovered them in black and white french inspired fabric.  My kitchen is  going to be the envy of all my friends. Courtesy of Ebay. I looooove Ebay. Ebay and I are like this. (please insert a mental visual image of crossed fingers denoting extreme closeness here- I was going to take one but my camera batteries are flat )

With two minutes to go the current bid is $355.00 less than my maximum. Suddenly, like great white sharks circling a school of fish, the frenzy begins. I’m not worried. I’m planning to auto snipe 5 seconds before the end of the auction. That's the smart thing to do. 11 seconds to go. High bid is still $115.00 below my maximum and looks like it’s stalled. 5 seconds to go and my bid kicks in. Whoooooooo Hoooooooooo! That dining set is MINE!

And immediately someone snipes me at the same moment my bid kicks in by a measley 10 bucks and the auction is over. A sniper sniped me and stole my buffet. And all my dining room dreams. That’s just rude.

I’m stomping off to eat some oreos to console myself. Not that I’ll be able to taste their creamy chocolatey goodness....


Deb said...

What a bummer about the buffet, looked gorgeous but so do the table and chairs. Whats kassler? It sounds very interesting.
Fancy being unable to taste things, I would be hopeless like a lost soul unable to enable the pleasure of life -food. (Maybe it should happen, I could drops a few kilos!)

Shay said...

Morning Deb,

(Although it's probably lunchtime by now in your corner of the world)

Kassler is cured , smoked pork left on the bone and looks like a chop. It tastes a lot like ham on the bone. Yummy! You don't see it here often unless you go to a speciality meat store.

And you're right -not being able to taste anything really sucks. But I'm looking forward to the dropping a few kilos thing because of it.

Marg said...

Oh what a bummer. Hope you feel better soon. I have tried Kassler a couple of times, it's not bad, but I don't love it.

vawriter said...

Doovalackeys? Do you eat them, too? I'll have two doovalackeys, over easy, and a side of kassler, please!

Shay said...

I knew you'd pick me up on that va.

Everyone in Australia knows what a doovalackey is, which is why no-one else commented on it!