Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Devil Soup

I was going to do a  pretty photo montage of some of my cooking from  last week, but , since I'm a technological dunce , and haven't worked out how to make a montage yet (Hey ! I downloaded Picasa and that was as far as I got, and I even played with it a little bit,  but my screen went blank and I couldn't make any pictures appear in the proper box and I don't have a lot of patience this week if you know what I  mean and wow was that the longest run on sentence EVER and imagine if I was saying it without drawing breath-but I bet I could because that's one of my talents  ) I  decided to do a  post about devil soup.

I found the recipe for devil soup  here. (aka Baked Potato Soup)  As you can see it's not made from dried or crushed devils or anything else that is hard to obtain. No probably have everything you need right in your kitchen already.  Easy!

This is the Australian version of Velveeta. It says it's made from real cheese right there on the pack, but I'm pretty sure that's bullshit. No "real" cheese I've ever seen is capable of living in your pantry for months.  I suspended my thoughts about  the idea that this is a block of chemicals in fancy packaging (I mean after all I eat McDonald s and who knows what that really is. And I can't say what I really want to here because Macca's have a nasty habit of suing people that don't say nice things about their food  ) and got to work.

Ta da! This is the end result.

This was freaking delicious. I am in LOVE with Kirsten for posting the recipe.

A few things . You will notice this soup is not really called Devil Soup. That's just what we're calling it here because it's so sinfully delicious. Personally, I think this is fondue masquerading as soup.

This recipe calls for a small pack of Velveeta. I had to google to find out what sizes Velveeta comes in, work out which one was small, and then convert from oz to grams. That's dedication. You guys are aware that your small cheese is the size of a large Australian block aren't you? I watched some video of a woman explaining what velveeta was and she held a block up the size of her kitchen counter. Actually I think she lifted it with the aid of a winch. I guess that's the large size.

Also as I was finishing up this post , our power went out ...I'm scared it's because I wrote devil in this post. You guys know I'm only joking about this being devil soup right?

One day when I have time, I'll teach myself to do photo montages. or maybe one of you will take pity on me and send me instructions. Thankyou. Curtsey . Bow out.


Kirsten's Cooking said...

Yea, I'm glad that you figured out all of the conversions! Isn't Velveeta the most amazing, yet scary product? We never eat things like that, either, but sometimes you just have to be devilish!
Is it difficult to convert US recipes (for you)? I did horrendously in conversions in school, but I do know the internet has some handy tools. Do you have measuring cups/spoons with both systems?
Did the rest of the family enjoy it?

Shay said...

Oh My Kirsten!..Mr. P loved it. He took the leftovers to work and taunted everyone with them. (Let's just say the P in Mr. P. doesnt stand for "popular")

Because we only use metric measurements here , you don't get imperial measuring cups/spoons unless you buy stuff from prior to 1970 ish. We dont measure butter in cups either. Sometimes that throws me with recipes from the US. There is a heap of online converters out there so it's all good.

Thanks again for posting the recipe. It's so yummy!

Sarcastic Quilter said...

Hmm, where do I start first? The compliment... you are further than I on the montage. I didn't even know I had to download something!

This must be called devil soup and is SO freakin delicious because of the amount of "cheese" and bacon! I can feel the blood slowing in my veins... hehe. I'll have to try it right away but will have to buy Velveeta as I don't keep it in the pantry! :D

A Garden of Threads said...

You never fail to give me a chuckle, thank you. The Devil soup looks heavenly, must have enough calories for a week. But boy does it look good:)

Janean said...

Girlie, if it's any consolation my honey used to work at Kraft Foods when he went to college (eons ago). He said Velveeta is real cheese...just 70% water added. He'd never buy it because he said, "you're just buying water!" lol.

however, if you want to feel like you're *living on the edge*, disregard the info and go for it! LOL!!! you're a hoot!!!!

big hugs!

Brenda said...

Very dedicated and hilarious! I agree with you about the Velveeta - it is frightening - but so delicious!

vawriter said...

Hey, forget the "chuckle", Miz P--I went for full-out laughter when I read this post. You are so freakin funny! Love the run-on para--I am totally guilty on that count, but do usually spot it and fix it before I post.

Are those enormous cheese-covered dumplings? It's so interesting to see how your food is packaged. Velveeta (yellow "cheese", not white)does come boxed, but you wouldn't want to keep it anywhere but the refrigerator. And the much chunkier, almost like our Canadian bacon. Thin bacon, crisply fried and crumbled on top of the soup is how we'd see it.I do think this looks yummy, though!

I keep Velveeta around for when I crave grits and cheese. What? you don't know about grits? Poor girl!

Shirley said...

Oh my gosh you're funny. We in Canada have to convert now too and I don't have metric measures. On the other hand most of my cookbooks are written in American so not a problem. I didn't have to buy 1970's imperial measures cause I was in 1970 and still have them. They're bright orange with a matching set of measuring spoons. Tupperware never wears out - I've tried. I can't eat salty foods, or potatoes, so that recipe is out but it looks delicious!

Unknown said...

Okay, you have tempted me with a recipe that will send my cholesterol to new heights. I will have to wait until The Baby comes home to try it though. Big says soup is not a meal.

Here is something I would like to know. When do you work? Do you work mornings? If so when do you get up? You often end your blog with the comment that you have to get to work. Are you up at 3 a.m. blogging? Can you not sleep for thinking of blogs to write and therefore get up and blog? What is up Ms. P??

Also, sort of unrelated, what the heck is a vegamite sandwich. (Oh God, now I have that song in my head - I come from the land down under...).

Shay said...

Morning Cynthia, when I finish this comment I'm getting in the shower to go to work.

So this is the deal. I think the time difference thingy confuses people. It's almost 4.30 pm Wednesday at your place. It's almost 7 am Thursday here . I get up and check my email and I'm often up between 6 and 6.30am. I respond to comments when I'm checking my emails before work. I NEVER write blog posts before work, because I'm barely awake. Then I toddle off to work for the day. (8ish to 5 ish depending on what I have on) We are lucky enough to be able to set our own hours at work. Our boss and organisation is fantastic like that.

And Oh my goodness...vegemite is an australian icon. I've never met an American who likes it. It's like black road tar that we spread on bread and toast. Want me to send you some? It'll put hairs on your chest. We're all brought up with it so we're immune.

Marg said...

OMG that soup looks amazing. I haven't bought a block of Kraft cheese like that since about 1980, and thanks for researching as I always thought Velveeta was like cream cheese on hormone treatment. I love your description of Vegemite, I would say it is pretty accurate. My mum is English, so we grew up on Marmite. I think Vegemite tastes gross, although I do like the new version, unlike every other person who grew up on Vegemite. However, to save my daughter from embarrassment in the school yard, she grew up on Vegemite. She has it on everything. Eeeewww.

Unknown said...

Okay, black tar, yumm... Marmite?!?! Can't you guys just eat meat and potatoes?? I am trying to think of what we crazy Americans eat that sounds like Vegemite or Marmite. So far can't think of anything.

Also, I am not sure if I believe Janean's husband's explanation of Velveeta. If it is cheese and water, why is it that it lives forever? It seems to have a life of its own. Sort of like a Twinkie. Seriously though, I love it mixed with Rotel and scooped up on a tortilla chip. My mother used to make me a Velveeta sandwich everyday for lunch.

Shay said...

I think I confused people with my "cheese lives in the pantry "comment. You buy this cheese off the shelf, store it in your pantry and when you cut it , it has to go in the fridge.

Vut jeanean, if it's just 70% water added how does it live out of the fridge? Please ask Mr. Janean for me? Seriously this stuff must be FULL of salt.

The cheese covered dumplings are in fact hunks of potato. But dumplings sound good too!

I am now googling a recipe for grits.Thanks...They sound really healthy.

Marg your comment was practically Un-Australian...go sit in the corner. That new vegemite is DISGUSTING.

Cynthia , trust me you dont have anything like vegemite. I'm serious. I'll send you some if you email me your address. It will be one of life's experiences for you I promise.

Marg said...

Thanks a lot, Shay!!!!

Cynthia, what ever you do, don't eat it!!!!!!!

Shay said... tastes like meadows of flowers, and angels singing. Don't listen to Marg. It's delicious. 21 million Australians minus Marg and my English friend SAJ can't be wrong.

Marg said...

OK I give up, how can I say anything after the - meadows of flowers and angels singing, you are right Shay!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, potatoes, cheese and bacon. All my favorite stuff. Add a glass of chardonnay and I may never eat anything else!

AnnieO said...

I'm so glad you posted this low calorie soup on your blog. It will go perfectly with my low cal cream cheese pie dessert :) (YOU must be the devil in this titled post, LOL !)

Shay said...


I figured if I can beat em , I may as well join 'em.

Cynthia L. said...

Ms. P, I will e-mail my address to you. I will sit by the mailbox and wait for the vegemite! My father always said that when you visit a new country you should try their food. I don't think I will be in Australia any time soon, so if you send me some vegemite, I will speak in my best Australian accent, watch some Crocidile Dundee and pretend I am visiting with you. Please tell me if there is anything else I should be doing to act like I am visiting your homeland.

(Marg - I am lying to Ms. P - I believe you! Don't let her know I said this)

Shay said...


You typed this out loud...

"(Marg - I am lying to Ms. P - I believe you! Don't let her know I said this)"

Steve Irwin is rolling over in his grave.