Monday, March 08, 2010

Hello Autumn and Gobble Gobble...

The weather is taking the change of seasons literally . March 1st was the start of autumn, and we have had plenty of rainy cold, and windy weather this past  weekend.  The leaves on our trees have started to change and Indy is back to his usual March to June behaviour of  waiting for a leaf to fall from a tree, chasing it and trying to get it before it hits the ground,  then going back to his standing spot and waiting for the next leaf to fall.   Eventually there will be no more falling leaves and he’ll have to stop. I console myself with this thought for every leaf he chases.

This is the view of our sky today. Grey and overcast.

My chenille quilt has made a re-appearance on the bed. Mmmmm Warm and toasty. Last night I wore flannel pyjamas!

This is the stacked coin quilt I started making prior to Christmas. Originally when I opened the scrap bag and saw these colours I wasn’t all that jazzed, but they’ve really grown on me , and now I love them. This is Gobble Gobble fabric by Sandy Gervais for Moda. I wanted something simple for the quilting because I'm still learning and experimenting and don't have the confidence to try free motion on an actual quilt yet . I'm thinking about taking a class in May. I can't quilt in weird line variations  forever.

The top is heavy weight calico and the contents of one Moda Scrap bag. The finished quilt will measure 65 x 65 inches or thereabouts All my quilts are measured in “thereabouts”. That's a recognised measurement isn't it?   If you aren't a total slacker like me , you could put this together in a long weekend. As another useless piece of information about this quilt - I didnt use my regular batting, Warm and Natural. I used Fairfield Cotton which I got on sale. It feels a lot "rougher"  before it's quilted up. I dont mind the way it quilts though. The proof will be in the washing. I usually pre-wash my warm and natural and it's not recommended  with the Fairfield batting.

I took  pictures of the quilt almost finished  rather than in 2  hours when I do finish the quilting because the light will be too bad to take pics later   and I want to prove I’ve done something with my ultra long weekend besides sit on the computer looking at quilting blogs and eating Dixie drumsticks...and shortbread creams.... and chocolate layer cake.

I'm going to be sewing machine-less from tomorrow for a week  or possibly longer because my baby is going in for a service. So  until the machine comes back, I'm hoping to bind the gobble gobble quilt, (ugh hand sewing) and start cutting pieces for my new project. I'm a bit over the half square triangle quilt and have put that away to finish some other time. I'll just keep it on my WIP's in my sidebar to mock me.

In other news despite Mr. Pyjamas valiant efforts I am still laundry-less and it looks like I'll be that way for another few weeks. It's a good thing I'm the queen of undies.


Mistea said...

I didn't realise lines didn't work on everything! Hey love the gobble quilt those colours are perfect for the season we have just entered - those the predominant colour here for our long weekend has been the one in the first photo.
Hope your sewing machine hurries home - mine hasn't had a service in a very long time because I haven't thought about checking it in while I go on holidays. That is what I did last time.

Shay said...

Slaps self on forehead..I never thought of my machine taking a holiday when I did ! I'm going to do that next time it needs a ssrvice (which going on the same schedule I have for servicing now, will be 2016)

I'm already mourning the demise of the warmer weather.

Marg said...

No sewing machine and no laundry, ouch! It is still hot and humid here. Relentless!! It is a bit cooler than two weeks ago, but it's not looking anything like autumn. I dream of having my quilt on my bed!!!!
I think you are sewing a whole lot quicker than me. I should have mine finished in 2015, I hope.

Shay said...

Not really that quick Marg. I started this in early December...although I've finished two others since I started this one , plus a mini quilt and I've done 200 half square triangles as well.

I'm looking forward to finishing the gobble quilt because I'm really excited about my next planned quilt.

I think for a change I'll just focus on one thing when I'm making the next one. (And I still have two quilt WIP's racked up behind me )

vawriter said...

It's fascinating to have a bloggy friend in another hemisphere! I'm doing my happy dance over another warm day at last. Katherine is happy cuz i promised her a trip to the off-leash Dog Park.I know Aussies don't do American style Thanksgiving turkey dinner, so why gobbling?

Brenda said...

Your chenille quilt looks absolutely yummy! Your quilting is great, and practice is fun! Your WIP is very respectably small and it looks like you've practically finished one of them. We are just hoping for spring on this side of the world.

Shay said...

va, The fabric is called Gobble Gobble. I bought it after Thanksgiving last year (on sale) from America.

Everytime I see Thanksgiving on a movie or my northern blog pals talk about it - I wish we had it here. It just looks like such a nice holiday.

I hate having anything unfinished. It really bothers me. Thanks for your compliment on my chenille quilt. That is one of my absolute favourites and it took me about two years to collect all the chenille for it. It is so warm and snuggly. A real comfort quilt for winter!

Jenny said...

Thank you for this inspiration. I never thought of making a chenille patch quilt. I love that idea. I make them from corduroy but I am intriqued. Thank you.

Lisa said...

Pretty quilts, I especially love the colors in the chenille one!! BTW, quilting in lines looks good, I'll have to give it a try sometime!

Shay said...

I went through a run with chenille quilts and made about three of them. They are lovely to put together and so warm. I have one in my WIP list right now and that will be my last one for a while (but I have enough gorgeous squares stashed to make another one in the future- and a collection of 14 chenille blankets that I really must put on ebay )

TheLab said...


That quilt with the uneven lines, and BEAUTIFUL stripes is stunning. When I learn to quilt, that is the EXACT one I want to do. I've never seen one like it - I'm in awe.

I've saved a photo of it on my computer (with credits to you, of course!) to show my mom-in-law who quilts. I want her to teach me to do THIS.

I'm totally in love with it!

Shay said...


You really are so sweet. Your MIL will tell you this is a very very easy quilt to do. Strip quilting is fast!

They are all over the internet in a wide varity of colours and styles. I did one for Miss Pyjamas for Christmas in pinks and greens and other pretty colours. Google "stacked coin quilt" and take your pick.

(But I really liked the quilting on this one too- Mr. P said it looked like twigs which is what I was aiming for )