Monday, March 15, 2010

I'm holding the sun hostage- you can have it back Friday

Autumn has gone into hibernation. Even she thought it was too rude to go from summer to autumn in the space of 24 hours.  The last three days have been around 90F and we're expecting temps of that or over for the next few days.  That must mean our northern hemipshere friends are in for more snow storms.  Don't blame me if you  have to shovel your driveways-  I don't make the weather- I just report it.

No further along on the laundry.  I keep making Mr. P.  drag the washing machine in from the verandah and reconnect it every time I need to wash. He has a very scientific system going whereby he duct tapes the hose into a big pipe that rises up from the floor because we dont have a sink in there anymore. If it blows the whole house is going  to flood.  I like to call this "Washing Day Roulette". It's certainly adding some spice and daring  to washing Mr. P's undies. I will not be sad when this laundry reno is finished.  

I wouldn't usually use a new post to comment on an old post - but since I'm a fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl I'm going to run with it-because this just has to be said - I was completely blown away by the response I received to my Blog Surfing and Desperate Insecurity post. I was truly touched by your comments and support. Thank you so much for taking the time to let me know what you thought. I love you guys! 

From the really random department- I found a chin hair at least an inch long today while at a conference. Of course I didn't have tweezers on me and it would have been entirely inappropriate to pull it out since I was sitting at the front  because my boss was presenting. Do you think I can find it now I am at home in the sancitity of my own bathroom? Getting weird random hairs in middle age  is one of the things they dont tell you about in sex education  class in high school. Sure, blather on about menopause  and pregnancy and STD's.  "Horrible things your body is going to do when you're 40-ish"  should be a compulsory subject.

I'm on day 7 of my sewing exile. I finally capitulated yesterday and got Nanna's sewing machine out. After fluffing around with the front loading bobbin setup, and threading the machine (OMG this thing has no automatic thread cutter and I dont have a manual - how do you cut threads without a thread cutter???) it grudgingly sewed three stitches and rewarded me with whining, wheezing and a birds nest of thread at the back of my fabric. So much for that brilliant plan.  Meantime I'm suffering serious withdrawal and have to have the back of a quilt done by Friday. Eeeekkkkkkk!

To counter this feeling of being completely cut off from the quilting community I decided to start cutting fabric for my next project. Can anyone see where I'm heading with this? I'm really excited about this quilt top. Mr. P. is already  talking about moving out until it's finished.




This is some of what I did yesterday in between perfecting my dying swan impersonation . Yes I am still full of a cold and have now started delightfully hacking and coughing every three minutes. Mr. P is starting to get peeved about my seemingly torrid affair with my Ventolin inhaler.  

I vowed to try something new this week...not being so wordy with my posts.....

Looks like that didn't exactly  pan out. Maybe next post.


Mistea said...

Lots of brights and circles - my favourites - can't wait to see what they become.
Sorry your Nana's machine didn't just play nice when you needed it to.
Good luck getting done for Friday.

Anonymous said...

I like your 'wordy' blogs. They make my day. As for the chin hair - I refer to them as stray eye lashes. And why is it you don't notice them until they are that long? Do they grow to an inch overnight? Hope you get your sewing machine back soon.

Brenda said...

Love the new quilt project! I can totally relate to the chin hair! My sisters and I have been 'plucking' chin hairs since we were in our thirties! That's the price you pay to have lovely thick hair on your head, I guess - it grows on your FACE too! PS I Love that since you're on the other side of the world, when I check my computer early, you've already blogged, while all of my other friends are still asleep!

Lane said...

Don't use less words. Your readers won't have it! But, I am a little concerned about this whole laundry mix up. Sounds like you could get some new floors if you wanted...I'm just saying. Lane

lw said...

Nanna's sewing machine sounds like either you missed a step threading it or the tension is way out of whack. I'd clean and oil it, and try it again using scrap muslin and dark thread till it's sorted out. I *hate* it when my bobbin barfs thread on the back of my projects. So now I never start on the good stuff till I run a muslin tester quilt or scrap muslin through it first.

Kirsten's Cooking said...

Gorgeous fabric! I so wish I were talented in that way. Just wanted to pop by and thank you again for the Beef Curry Recipe. I actually just put it in the oven for about three hours and it's sitting in our refrigerator for a delicious dinner tomorrow. Our house smelled like a very exotic restaurant the whole time it was simmering away. Can't wait to put it over some jasmine rice!
Hope your laundry woes are soon resolved.

Shay said...

Ive accepted it's not going to happen.Too tired to worry about it overly much this week.Are you going to post about the magical re-appearing quilt because I'm dying of curiosity.

I know! Whats the deal with the overnight hair growing?

I haven't managed to laugh in a few days, so thanks. Geese are vicious creatures. Sorry to hear about your brother in law and I hope the next few weeks are as easy as they can be for you and your family.

It blows me away that you're living a day I've already put to bed. Freaky!

I coulod have new floors, just have to get Mr. P to lay the tile. Right after the walls have been sanded and painted.

Maybe try it without any thread to see if she runs smoothly, and if she does I'll give re-threading another go on the assumption it was the dork threading the machine that was the problem.

Wow! Talk about being a woman of action. I'm hoping it meets your expectations in the tasting stakes as well as the aroma stakes. Let me know what you think.

Janean said...

girlie, i laughed sooooo hard i cried. you are too funny...the sun, the washing machine...!

i've always been fanatical about tweezing those long chinny-chin hairs, but a gal i knew was making fun of women with those *horrid chin hairs* so one day when i saw a loooong BLACK hair on her NECK, i didn't tell her. i let her wear that *little number* all day. laugh and belittle us chin-haired people will ya? ha!

chin haired girls unite!

Sarcastic Quilter said...

Lady, I'm not talking to you again until you give up that sun!

(except to say I gave a shout out to you on my blog today and posted homage to your earlier blog surfing post... can I please have the sun now?) ;)

Jenny said...

Your post is exactly that I needed. A smile, a chuckle and a cute visual...all rolled into one! You're awesome!

Love your laundry roulette reference. Really cute!

And your new quilt colors are spectacular!