Saturday, March 27, 2010

Grocery Challenge -Week 4 (and Nanaimo Bars !)

I did my grocery shop Wednesday night , and have managed to hit the shops three times since then to spend more money. So , not such a good week. Maybe since I know it’s almost the end of the month , I’m cutting loose. I’m still on target , providing I don’t race out to buy wagyu beef or a crayfish.

So, total spent for this week $172.05

Total remaining until the end of the month $143.93

In my own defence I cooked coconut rice this week and had to buy  10 kilo bags of three different kinds of dal when I only needed 4 tablespoons of each kind. And pure coconut oil is expensive you know. (And looks and tastes like suntan lotion)  I’m going blind from googling recipes that require channa dal. I’ll be making it into porridge if all else fails.

Now, down to business. I implore you to stop talking about food in your comments. I have no willpower and I’m going to end up with a backside the size of the outback if you don't.

Last week it was Nanci and her Butter Tarts . Mmmmmmm Butter tarts. This week, the gorgeous Marg planted the seeds of Moose Milk and Nanaimo Bars. I’m giving the Moose Milk a miss , because I’m not a lush …(sorry Marg –I couldn’t resist) but I decided to make the damn Nanaimo bars since I couldn’t get them out of my head.

These need custard powder. I’ve never bought custard powder before. I know you’re thinking “Does this woman live under a rock ?“. It was thrilling to buy such an exotic ingredient.

The recipe I used is here . We don’t have Graham Crackers here so I used chocolate ripple biscuits instead.

These are easy enough to do. I just like to mess up my kitchen when I cook. See?

This is what rose like a phoenix from the ashes.

Yes, that is seized milk chocolate on top …How observant of you to notice! And mine seem pretty big compared to the recipe picture. Hmnnnnn...I wonder if that's because Australia is a lot like Texas. Everything is big here. Maybe our 8 inch pans are smaller than yours. Maybe my mix fluffed up due to the sunshine, and the fact we're south of the equator.  Whatever.

But they still taste great, even if they don't look pretty. Next time, I'll halve the base or double the size of the pan! This time, I'll just shut my eyes when I'm taking one from the fridge. (and when I'm next weighing myself)
Next time any of you want to talk food …since I’m easily led , mention salad or vegetables will you?  If I don't eat something green soon,  I fear for my health.


Deb said...

OMG just reading the recipe for those bars added 6inches to the already extended gut. do they have a cut off taste where you get to the stage you start to feel sick if you keep eating..... cause without that they aren't any good.
hugs Deb

Anonymous said...

Yum. Those look great! You know what I love, though? I love some fresh spinach sauteed with a little crushed garlic and truffle oil and a squirt of lemon or dash of cider vinegar. And for protein, grilled shrimp make a lovely compliment. Hope that helps:-)

Shay said...

Well of course you're going to suggest fish...what about the other white meat?

Bless you my child for talking about food that wouldn't normally pass my lips unless I was being tube fed. That spinach actually sounds really nice. Trivia for you: Shrimp are called prawns here. I'll have you speaking Aussie yet by Crikey.

Brenda said...

I think they look great, although I'm not a 'nanimo bar' expert or anything.

Sarcastic Quilter said...

Hey! I just gave you a decent recipe for salmon with fruit with vitamin C for ya and suggested spinach as a side. I made up for my Bakerella introduction. Beyond that... well, you are on your own.

Shay said...

I got to three before I felt I was on sugar overload...

5 star recipe I'd say!

Marg said...

They look really good. The recipe I use has custard powder, icing sugar, butter and hot water in the middle layer, no cream.
I promise I will only pass on YUMMY low fat/sugar recipes for the next few weeks to make up for my sins. I have a very nice prawn lime and lemongrass risotto recipe - no fat.