Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday In Pictures

Today was a busy day. Join me on my day...via pictures.

I  was told that doing the laundry is not the same as renovating the laundry so I  left it in Mr. P's capable hands.

  I cleaned the dog kennel  out......

And  rescued  a crocodile, a whale, a bear,  a dog and one lamb being held in captivity. I'm sad to report the yellow bee didn't make it.

I discovered one of our dogs has a drinking problem.

My favourite tree...

But like the people that live in this house it doesn't pick up after itself, so I had to do it.

I took down all the lanterns from the back patio  because summer is done, and because when they swing in the wind Indy tries to catch them.  

I made brunch, and considered photoshopping out some of that butter before I showed you this picture. But I don't know how to use photoshop. Meh.

I harrassed Mordecai by taking his picture. He is telling me to bugger off in cat-ese, which I speak fluently.  

Lola took refuge in the computer room. But I stalked her down and took her picture any way.

Miss Pyjamas pretended to clean her room. Last time we saw the carpet in there was in the year 2000. Nothing changed today.

I held Little Pyjamas dummy hostage until Miss Pyjamas coughed up some payola.

I cut  fabric for my mystery quilt and ended up with this  pile. If my sewing machine doesn't come back soon, I swear I'm going to glue this freaking quilt together.

I started to sand back the old oak desk we bought a few weeks ago on eBay.

Apparently you can only use a mouse sander on flat surfaces. Who knew? I'm going to pretend that ding is adding character.

And, I shaved my legs. 

I hope you enjoyed your Sunday.

P.S. Now other leaves are stalking me ....


WandaQuilts said...

Geez, we are only 1 hr into Sunday (on this side of the pond) and you have me worn out already! The weed-eater to shave your that is funny. I'm going to bed now and see if I can giggle myself to sleep.

Marg said...

Nearly fell off my chair at the second last photo, you are too funny. Love it, can relate to that totally. It looks like you did heaps today, very impressed. I actually went for a walk today along Noosa River, and nearly died of heat exhaustion. It was cloudy, and looked like it would be cool, but we were attacked by stealth heat and humidity. Had to sit and have an iced coffee to recover.

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Oh first time visitor, how do you do. I'm in my pyjamas, how suitable. Well done wrestling that crocodile, he has serious teeth!! Love Posie

Shay said...


Thanks for dropping by. Welcome. I suppose you found me through Jodie's blog.

When we bought Mr. Crocodile in Darwin I told my husband he was cheap at $4.50 but was going to cost us a fortune in orthodontist fees...but Mr. P had to have him.

Shay said...

Wanda I hope you managed to get to sleep... but I'm glad you stopped by to say you enjoyed this post.

Marg, Mr. P thought I was mad when I asked him to go get the whipper snipper. You;d think he would be used to my antics by now!

Sarcastic Quilter said...

woah nellie! I agree with Wanda. It's 7am my time Sunday and I was gearing myself up to get motivated to seed the lawn today and quilt, quilt, quilt to make up for yesterday but after reading your post, I'm thinkin I need to go back to bed! :D

I do love Indy. Might be b/c I have my own puppies and am overly lovey to them with one being in poor health recently but your boy can keep me company any day. Even if he does take the bees out one by one.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. P, I love that your doggies love stuffed animals. Mordecai is beautiful. Thanks for sharing. No worries about the butter. Butter has no fat or cholesterol on Sundays. Maybe you were not aware. Hope that helps:-)

A Garden of Threads said...

Hi from the other side of the world, this is my first visit and I laughed thru your telling about your Sunday. I would go crazy without my sewing machine as well, almost like your third arm. Hope your Monday is quite after the eventful Sunday.

Rainey said...

That shaving pic is hysterical! Reminded me that my fuzzy legs must come out of hibernation now that the weather is taking a turn for the better here in New England. However I am woefully out of razor blades. Perhaps I need to take a page from your book?

Unknown said...

You can always make me laugh. I shaved my legs the other day - preparing for nice weather - and keept thinking "How did that mustache get in my tub?" Girl, I had a lot of hair!! We spent the day outside trying to clean up some of the mess the chickens make when they scratch. They have decided to scratch in my flower beds and it is really getting me angry! It is bad enough the deer eat most of my flowers, now the chickens are scratching at them to get a few worms. We tried to put a small fence up to divide the yard and of course - it was about a foot too short! Story of my life! Oh well, that project will wait another day (perhaps week, two weeks - whatever). Hope you have a good Monday!

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of Lola. I had a German Shorthair and you won't find a more loyal dog or friend. So what if they take up most of the bed. There could be worse things taking up that much of the bed. Enjoy her.
The Boss

Shay said...

Rainey , the trick is to use a LOT of shaving cream...

Welcome Garden!

Cynthia, if you get a dog you wont have to worry about any chickens. I speak from personal experience. (with apologies to Chicken , who I fondly hope wont get eaten by a dog)

Chicken, I was not aware. So I did three hours of rowing yesterday for nothing?
Anonymous Boss, Thanks for visiting. Arent GSP's awesome! Ours are the American kind.

And everyone saw Beck say I could send Indy to visit. (I wonder how many stamps I'd have to lick to get him there ?)

Brenda said...

Ha hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

TheLab said...

HA HA HA!!! Hey, wait, I was going to write a bunch of "ha ha"s but Brenda beat me to it!

Seriously, this was freaking awesome! Do more photo posts! They make me laugh out loud!