Thursday, March 18, 2010

Seinfeld Posting and Succumbing to Peer Pressure

Ha! I told you all I could be less wordy! No words since Monday! I am da Bomb!

I have been noticeably absent this week from blogland. The cold morphed into something else and I’ve been a total coughaluffagus. Just standing upright for longer than 10 minutes  and remaining conscious has been a challenge and if I hear one more time how tired and pale I look, I’m going to scream. Just like Veruca Salt did in the Original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

So tonight I’m playing catch up. Checking out what everyone has been up to , ( I cannot believe the world doesn’t stop when I’m not here ) reading and responding to emails,   reading and responding to comments, making comments, thanking people and wondering what the dickens to write about.  So I'm  just going to  do a Seinfeld Post . A post about nothing in particular.

I want to welcome some new readers to my blog. Thanks for visiting and deciding you liked what you saw. There really is no accounting for taste.  Someone turned my own 4 post rule around on me (Touche! )  and someone else commented at least my blog didn't sound like it was being written by a Stepford Wife. These are my kind of Peeps.    I woke up one morning this week to find my followers had increased by almost 40%. It all felt a bit Jack and the Beanstalk.  What a head rush! I don’t know where you all came from (it’s probably my Mum using several specially created blogger accounts to boost my self esteem ) but I hope you find things here to amuse, bemuse, and tickle your funny bone often enough to keep you coming back. My biggest fear at this point is that people will decide I’m not witty , talented, charming or riotously hilarious and followers will start to leave which I will also have to blog about  because I’m too darn honest for my own good. (I actually saw someone once do an abusive post because she had lost three followers overnight- seriously) I promise I won’t do that . I’ll just drag myself off somewhere and have a quiet sniffle. If it ever happens. Which I’m sure it won’t.

I’m succumbing to peer pressure. In the last fortnight 4 people have emailed to let me know they would love to follow my blog but since I don’t have a followers gadget thingy they can’t. Well yes you can ! You can go to your dashboard , scroll down to the Blogs I’m Following section, click “add” and chuck my URL in there. I’m making it easy for you because this is my url  -
Then the blogger fairy will ask you whether you want to follow publicly or privately – and that’s totally up to you.

But since I’m an equal opportunity kinda gal, ( and the way I’ve explained the process above makes it seem really hard  ) I’ve added the followers widget thingy over there on the side so you can just click to add my blog to your blogroll. Then you can get all the goss straight to your dashboard.  You know peer pressure was what started me smoking in high school don’t you? I’m highly suggestible. Please don’t peer pressure me into anything else. Like eating a pack of Monte Carlo’s or daring me to run naked through the quad with your underpants on my head.

Two things totally made my week this week,  and I’m going to tell you what they were tomorrow.

Oh and new followers, I'm heading over to your blogs in the next few days - be afraid - be very afraid. I don't get out of my cage all that often.


TheLab said...

I have absolutely NO idea, but when I read your title, I thought it said "... and Beer Pressure". HA HA HA!

I had 3 followers for about a full year. Then all of the sudden I had some more and I got all kinds of SCARED! It was like stage fright!

You should be scared, Mrs. P, because you literally represent every Australian to me, since you're the only one I "talk" to. So, uh, you better keep making Aussies look pretty cool. Otherwise, all I know is what Crocodile Dundee, Simon Baker, Nicole & Naomi, and Men At Work tell me. That's pretty sad.


Shay said...

Aussies ARE cool (except the crackers - sigh - yep we have em here too)

Steve Irwin should have been on that list cos he made all of Australia look sad ( I wonder how many people I'll upset with that comment)

I KNOW you're at work and I hope you're enjoying your el cheapo non dairy creamer. Bet it has the texture of chalk. Mmmmmm...yum.

lw said...

My husband and I were in Adelaide for a couple of weeks last year. I loved it. The Aussies we met-- Mike, Gaz and the Amandas-- were so much fun! It was a real contrast to the reserved Kiwis I met in NZ on an earlier trip. But there's nothing better than sitting at a winery in September in South Australia sipping a good cabernet and watching parrots and herds of kangaroos in the distance. Wish we could afford to do it again.

I loved Steve Irwin's enthusiasm, but what really hooked me was a comment he made about a fresh water croc having a cute little bum "like my wife." I didn't think of him as an average Aussie any more than I think of Britney Spears as an average Angeleno.

Mama Feoneafey said...

I so love your Blog Lady!Hope you feel right as rain soon!

I have an award for you here...

Ma Fey

Brenda said...

Hope you're feeling better soonly. About the mountains near my house, they ARE beautiful. We have lived here for 6 years (Utah), moved from California and we love it here- even the snow!

Sarcastic Quilter said...

First, I'm only speaking to you b/c you are ill and I can let the sun stay with you a few more days until you heal... I'm that kinda generous with things I have no control over. :)

Second, I did finally click to follow you by opening your profile and clicking the follow button. Then any new post you make shows up in my dashboard reader. The thing is, I don't know if it was public, private or in stealth mode so you couldn't see it so I'm clicking on your sidebar now and you and the world will see me.

Third, YOU went to anonymous in my blog follow... I know b/c the way I would get to your profile was to click on you in my followers space and then I could see a link to your blog even if I wasn't signed into my own account. I went to do that today but you weren't there except as an anonymous person. What's up with that? You trying to hide now? You ashamed of me or something?

gee whiz... give a shout out and they run away. Lesson learned.

Finally, I lost a follower the other day and wondered how that happened and then I realized it was me I lost! hehe I inadvertantly clicked to follow my own blog and then forgot I removed myself as a follower. Hopefully, you can rest easy now knowing that it's some stranger who might move on but you aren't ditching yourself, at least, like I did! ;)

Sarcastic Quilter said...

(and I like your longer posts better. I leave less of a comment. GEEZ!)

Shay said...

That was a test Beck, to see if you would really miss me if I left. You passed. Thanks! I'm validated.

Actually I dont know what happened. But I'm back now. And I inadvertantly started following myself yesterday,when I was mucking around with settings and was going to leave it and then thought "what if people think that's pretentious ". It's sooooo hard being me with all these random thoughts going on all the time. Sigh.

Mistea said...

I just want to say that you failed miserably in holding the sun hostage - today is Friday and it has been HOT and Sunny here all week - you were supposed to keep it over there until the weekend. Now it is just going to be Hot and Drizzly for the weekend and I can pretend I am living back in Brisbane -Yuck!!!
Glad you are feeling better - hope the sun helped in that regard.
I actually got scared when I got a whole bunch of new followers (my friend and I call them Stalkers) at the same time. I always check them to make sure they are legitimate crafty peeps as the occasional one has some other barrow to push that I do not agree with and then I just delete them, as with any comments which are blatant advertising.
Hope you have some fun stuff planned for the weekend. Enjoy

Cynthia L. said...

So sorry to hear that you were ill, but happy to hear that you are better. I wish I had something witty to say about your post, but I have been out of sorts today - so, nothing witty. Perhaps tomorrow!! There is hope!

Anonymous said...

QIMP-I arrived at your blog via Sassy Curmudgeon's blog, where your response made me laugh. Yes, as it happens, I am a Jedi Warrior, too. Very nice blog. I enjoyed the visit and will be back:-)

Deb said...

Nice to hear you're back although I do hope your dose of coughalotagous (whatever) disappears soon. I can't imagine anything worse. Loving your Stepford Wives comment, yep there are certainly a lot of those out there, where do they find the time or the inclination although I must admit I don't feel like I am missing anything.
I am concerned about your comment where you have mentioned you ended up following yourself, please don't say you're lost. If you are they there's absolutely no hope for the rest of us....
hugs Deb

Shay said...

lw, you and I might have even walked past each other and never noticed! Adelaide is really lovely, and I'm glad you enjoyed my city.

Mistea. I apologise. Sometimes the weather wont do what it's told.

Cynthia, We all have days like that. Tomorrow will likely be a whole lot better. (And as I post this I realise it might be your tomorrow already , which is really our today , which is almost over - my head hurts just thinking about the time space continuum. Trust me I'm not chipper all the time either. Read my end of month posts.

Chicken, Thanks for stopping by. I re-paid the favour and your blog is FUNNY! You won another follower.

Deb, I read your comment and then went back and re-read what I'd written about following myself and I DO sound lost! It appears my first mistake was following myself!

AnnieO said...

Hey, you lied, this post wasn't about nothing!

Thanks for putting up the widget thingie so I can do it the easy way...(and thanks for becoming a follower on my blog :P )

lw said...

I didn't realize you live in Adelaide! I made a side trip to Victor Harbor to the Quilt Basket (and saw the Dunny Quilt, masterpiece that it is.) I'm so jealous-- you can drive up to Wirra Wirra anytime you want, and I can't even find a distributor here to buy Anthem (sparkling burgundy) or 12th Man (chardonnay.) And my friends can't ship it legally to the US. Well, I'll just have to come back when I save up enough money.

Shay said...

You're welcome Annie. I did it by popular demand! And sorry for lying...he he.

lw, Not to rub salt in the wound here but Mr. P deals with Wirra Wirra professionally. We get awesome discounts. Apparently there is a retailer that buys Wirra Wirra wines in your area, (about 35 miles away) but maybe you've already checked that out?

lw said...

I have to admit, I am jealous! Do you have the name of the retailer in LA? I would love to restock.

Shay said...

lw, this is the retailer:

The Wine Shop
2110 E McFadden Avenue
Ste E, Santa Ana, CA 92705
Ph: 415.512.9086

Looks like they dont currently have the exact wines you like but they do stock Wirra Wirra and maybe when they next order they can get the ones you want sent over as well. Good Luck!

lw said...

Thanks-- I"ll give them a call!

Anonymous said...

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