Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hot Pink Toes Month

One of the things I love about the blog world is that we become involved in each other’s lives, to a degree. We might be on opposite sides of the world or just around the corner, but we support one another, we cheer each other’s successes , we laugh at each other’s experiences, we empathise when it’s needed, and we trade and swap opinions and ideas. I love sharing my “stuff “with you and hearing about what is going on in your lives. I love the idea that I’m part of something bigger than myself and my own small patch on this planet.

I’ve read many stories around the blog world, about loss and grief, about the love families have for one another, inspiring tales about family and friends and the ways people honour the memories of their loved ones.

My bloggy friend, vawriter, over at Conversion of a Blogaphobe, wrote a post yesterday that was straight from her heart about her Mom , who passed away 12 years ago this April. I have a secret affinity with Ginger Landreth because I love painted toenails, although my choice of colour is usually bright glitter red.

I want to invite you to go and read that post here. After you’ve stopped feeling all warm inside I’d like to ask you to consider doing the following:

1) Paint your toenails in the brightest hottest pink toenail polish you can find.

2)Take a picture of those gorgeous tootsies of yours and do a post on your own blog about Hot Pink Toes Month or spread the word in any other way you choose.

3) Leave a comment on vawriter’s original post so she can link up to your blog or to contact you about featuring your beautiful feet on her blog in memory of Ginger.

Pictures on blogs people – we need hot pink toenails  on blogs ...let’s see how far we can take this thing to honour the wonderful Ginger Landreth and the hot pink toenail pedicures she has inspired with her “festive” style.  Ginger would be tickled pink  to know this thing has already gone international.  
Now if I can just choose which pink polish I want to use....


Sarcastic Quilter said...

oh good God, please someone from the US pipe in and represent b/c I'm a TERRIBLE person for this (I really, really, hate feet - especially my own). I will represent with pink toenails on the dog if I have to... the post didn't specify species, right? A great, fun cause, though... good for them!

Shay said...

lol Beck, I hate feet too.Mr. P said when he read this post "Are YOU going to take a picture of your feet for the internet?" in total shock.

Well darn it. I am .

Why don't you draw round your foot, add some toenails to your picture, paint them and post that. Or paint the dog toenails. I considered both those options.

Deb said...

What a fabulous idea but I don't know if I will manage it here as I will have to rely on someone else to paint the toenails for me as at present I'm flat on my back with a herniata disc and bending down to do something like that would make me scream very loudly like a bloke in tight undies. What a fab idea though.
hugs Deb

Cynthia L. said...

I will participate! I love painted toenails - especially in the summer. I find them to be sexy and at my age, I need all the sexy I can get!! I will find polish and paint and photo my tootsies tomorrow!

Ms. Sarcastic - I will represent the US and try to do the old Red, White and Blue proud!

Shay said...

lol @ Deb..Not laughing at your herniated disc..just your description of a bloke in tight undies.

I hope you feel better soon ans get up and about Deb. Maybe Mr. Deb can paint your toenails? Or you could invite me over and I could do it. I've never been to New Zealand.

Shay said...

I knew you'd be in on it Cynthia. Can't wait to see you toes. Oh and I think you under estimate your sexy factor even without toe polish!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I'm checking in Late Mrs. P. Stuff goin on here in my corner. Bad flooding like stuff. But I'm on it...the pink toenails that is.