Sunday, January 03, 2010

The Week Ahead

Mr. Pyjamas goes back to work tomorrow. I have another week off work, and I'm going to try to use it creatively. I'm doing a happy dance here at the thought of another week off.

I'm hoping to finish the Gobble Gobble stacked coin quilt this week, (I still have to find the perfect backing) have lunch with a friend, and start another DIY project for the house from an idea I got in July of last year that involves broken mirrors but hopefully no bad luck.   I want to make some beaded tie backs for our bedroom curtains and have to start hunting down some old filing cabinets for another makeover project.

I've given up on one of my quilts from 2009. It's currently in my WIP's list on my sidebar. It's time to be realistic and take it off. I hate the vintage sheet quilt top as it is and to continue quilting it is a waste of time, creative energy , batting and backing. So it's off to find a seam ripper and recycle the batting.  Maybe I'll use pieces of the quilt to practice free motion quilting or use some of the squares in a scrap quilt later. I am "emotional quilter. " I have to love what I'm doing and believe in the project for it to work. Am I crazy or what?

The doomed vintage sheet quilt top

I'm a third of the way through sewing half square triangles for my next quilt, using oh-so -cute Moda Kashmir IV fabric. I love the paisleys in this line and this is the first time I've worked with triangles. Let's hope all my points line up when I'm done!

I was over at Teaginny Designs  yesterday where she was showcasing her stacked coin quilt. How sweet is this mini quilt! I really have to start making some mini quilts for my sewing room wall. Darn you internet quilters for being so inspiring!

I'm going to try and squeeze in some genealogy this week.My great great grandfather, the elusive William Wates is driving me nuts and I have to do something about him. And I keep having this insane thought about making some pyjamas from my sheet stash so I'll see if that happens this week....

Have a sensational Sunday!


Coloradolady said...

What a delightful blog, I found you from a comment you left on Lane's blog (QuiltFool) I am adding you to my blog roll, I have a feeling I will really enjoy what you have to say this next your quilt inspirations. I was really interested in your quilt made out of vintage sheets....I have been looking at estate sales for such sheets to make a quilt out of.....what about cutting the squares and making a coin quilt out of the blocks? I really love the idea of a quilt made from these sheets, and have it on my list this year...a coin quilt, with white or pink sashing might really do it up good!!! Just a suggestion.....Happy New Year...and I am really looking forward to getting to know you this year..enjoy your week off.

Karen said...

It doesn't get any better then quilting in ones pyjamas!

Vivian said...

I found your blog from a comment that you left. (I know from experience that's a great way to get visitors to your blog.)

What if you took the top apart and left the squares as 4-patches? Then sash them with white? or maybe pink, which is in many of the squares? or some other favorite solid? I've seen that done here and there, especially by "Crazy Mom Quilts" (who has ended her blog--I'll miss her).

There are a lot of options for your lovely group of squares.

Shay said...

What a great idea Vivian! Sometimes I get really stuck on one idea and can't see the forest for the trees if it doesn't work out exactly the way I planned first up.

Thanks for stopping by and for the idea. I'm a follower of Crazy Mom's blog too and her recent announcement made me feel like I was losing a friend!