Thursday, January 21, 2010

I am very very excited.

Ok its official .....I'm a true 80's tragic.

The excitement of my week , month , year , life came when Spandau Ballet announced their upcoming Australian tour yesterday double billing with Tears For Fears in April.

Faster than you can say "I'm soooooooooo there " I was on the phone calling all my 80's tragic friends and bullying them into coming with me .

I wonder how much other mutton will be there dressed up as lamb, because lets face it they havent had a hit since about 1989, so there wont be anyone under about 35 at the concert. I wonder if Tony Hadley will finally realise I'm the girl he's been searching for all his life....

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Marg said...

Just found this post. We never did a review of the concert. Did Tony see you?