Friday, January 08, 2010

Blackmail, Devil Wings and a Quilt Update

I went shopping today for some backing fabric for my gobble gobble coin quilt and I still can’t find anything I love. This might be one of those projects that gets put on hold for a bit while I scout for what I want. Once I put a quilt away for about two years until I found the perfect border. Thats just the way I quilt.
I also bought some fabric to use in my resurrected vintage sheet quilt. (that thing is on at least its third incarnation ) I got friendly with the unpicker this afternoon and will move forward from there. Stay tuned. As with all my projects I’m sure there will be much riotous drama before its finished.
While I was at Spotlight- So help me- I saw some Christmas fabric that I didn’t have in my stash and bought a metre of it for only $2.50.(Crazy Bargain!) This must have been the only Christmas fabric in the universe I don't have. I smuggled it into the house but Miss Pyjamas busted me and threatened to rat me out to her Dad unless I made devil wings for dinner tonight. What a squealer…. Blackmail is rarely pretty so I crumbed her devil wings with rat poison and arsenic. And squealed on myself to my husband. I like to cover all my bases.
P.S. The devil wings were awesome, although when I was melting the butter and tabasco sauce to pour on the wings I swear my eyeballs caught fire from the hot-ness. I hear not having eyelashes is very in right now. Probably just as well.

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Infarrantly Creative said...

Good luck on becoming awesome snack grandmum :-)