Monday, January 04, 2010

Meatless Monday

I alluded to Meatless Monday on my Peking Duck post ( kind of ironic huh? since duck is meat) That’s the way I roll. Pushing boundaries all the time.

Anyway , Mr. Pyjamas tendered the idea that we go meatless one day a week after watching Oprah (he says he was channel surfing but I know the truth ) where some dude said if everyone in America went meatless one day a week, the carbon tradeoff would equal taking 20 million cars off the road a year. So we’re going meatless for America…in the name of international relations since we’re in Australia.

Confession: I am a carnivore. If it didn't moo, baa, cluck, gobble, snort  or swim in a previous life, it probably isn't worth eating.  As far as I am concerned vegetables are a garnish to make my plate look pretty. Yeah, Yeah -I get that they are healthy and all that jazz, but they just don’t taste the same as say a roast chicken  or a great fillet steak.

I’m trying to be happy and positive about this. What I actually want to do is sneak out of the house and find the nearest lamb chop.

Today’s recipe is eggplant parmigiana. You will need the following ingredients:

If you look very carefully in the left hand side of this picture you will see a pack of Samboy BBQ chips which I plan to have for dessert later because I am sure I am going to be starving from lack of meat. I also have snowballs and illicit mince pies squirrelled away somewhere...
Here is how mine turned out. I’m not sure why they call it eggplant parmigiana. It has only two eggplants and 2 kilos of potatoes, so at least I'm not carbohydrate deprived. I cheated a little. I used less potatoes but then put my body weight in cheese in there to hide the eggplant. The level of cheesiness was sublime.

It would actually be a great side dish and was pretty tasty.  I guess we need some time to get used to Meatless Mondays and to get a bigger vegetarian recipe library.
Miss Pyjamas stated "I wouldn't be tripping over myself to have that again but it wasnt too bad". I'm so glad we taught her to be tactful. She picked her way around the one offending slice of eggplant that somehow found its way onto her plate. Pretty sure she'll be hitting the Coco Pops later.
You can find the recipe here (and the mince pies in my underwear drawer, if you're interested )

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