Thursday, January 14, 2010

I Can't Think Of A Catchy Title For This Boring Blog Post

I pretty much live in  a zoo here. I'm not impuning the behaviour of the humans I live with ..although they can also be pretty gross. For example my daughter has a nose ring. Apparently that entitles you to pick your nose whenever you like. In addition let me just say that seeing the hilarity in farting and burping is not limited to 4 year olds. At least thats the way my house rolls.

I'm talking about the level of animal co-habitation at our place.  We have two dogs and two cats and a blue tongue lizard that lives in our yard. We also have assorted wild birds that feed at our place daily. Apparently word has got around the feathered community that there's a free smorgasbord going down at the Pyjama's house.

Given the level of animal feeding that goes on here , I buy all our animal food in bulk at the local "Buy BIG bags of cat and dog food Here" store once every couple of months. Bear in mind that I'm buying 90 pounds of dog food and 40 pounds of cat food at a time. Nobody bats an eyelash.

This week I discovered I could buy it cheaper at the local supermarket when it's on sale. And on sale it was!

Let me paint a mental picture for you. Set the scene as it were. At the local grocery store civilised people (who own pomeranians and other assorted small-ish type dogs ) buy 15 pound bags of dog food and a box of cat food and apparently it lasts them about a year. You can't get bags bigger than 15 pounds  because if you need more than that  for the lifetime of your pet  there is an unwritten law that says Thou Wilt shop at the "Buy BIG bags of cat and dog food Here" store.

Now picture me at the local grocery store tonight then with a trolley loaded with 90 pounds of dog food and 26 pounds of  cat food. ( I couldn't fit the extra 14 pounds of cat food in the trolley - I'm gonna have to go back ) EVERYONE was looking at me like I was the Crazy Cat Lady from the Simpson's. Or Cruella De Vil . Take your pick.

Smart arse checkout chick says to me with a smirk "This'll keep you going for a while then" to which I replied "Love, this is about 6 weeks worth " . I'm fairly sure she thought I was joking.

I stomped off before she had a chance to reply. Hey I saved $11.62 for the next 6 weeks. It was worth the minor embarrassment.


Lissa Jane said...

aha... so you are the crazy cat/dog lady I see at the supermarket!
My cat only likes fancy feast cat food.. refuses all others.. will go on hunger strike if I dare to feed him whiska's.. the local pet shop had fancy feast for 50c a tin.. well what do you do? you buy 100 tins! LOL lady at the pet food shop said 'you must have a lot of cats'.. I said ONE...
of course when you save $55, you have to go and spend another $50 on cat food, so I did.. I had TWO HUNDRED TINS of cat food in my cupboard.. LOL given he eats two tins a day, well thats only 100 days food..:O)

Shay said...

Aha Lissa you're the crazy cat lady I saw with 200 tins of cat food recently. I just thought you had a REALLY big cat!

And a really BIG cupboard !