Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Practically Oreo-less Country

It started like this....

I've been over at Infarrantly Creative a couple of times lately and have had occasion to comment about Oreo's, firstly in response to her Awesome Snack Mom post and then in response to her Peas in a Pod Baby Shower post . (Have you seen those darling little oreo pops in her post ? I so wanna make some!)

You might not think Oreo's are very exciting. But to me Oreo's are darn exciting because they've only been available for sale here in Australia  for around 4-5 years. Until 2004 I really felt something was missing from my life ya know? Bingo- Oreo's go on sale here and suddenly angels were singing , the sun was shining and I felt completely at peace.

I fully confess I'm Oreo obsessed. As far as I'm concerned they're right up there with Tim Tams. If there was only one food left on earth I'd probably want it to be Tim Tams or Oreo's. Or maybe salt and vinegar chips. Anyway, I guess you get the picture.

So last night I did some internet surfing and found out just how many oreo varieties are out there. I say "out there" with an emphasis on NOT HERE.
I feel completely ripped off !

I gotta tell you ...I took my life in my hands trying to get this hard hitting investigative picture for you today at my local supermarket. One of the store employees looked at me like I was a spy for the rival grocery store while I was taking my photo's. I wondered for one small moment whether I was going to end up in the same place as Jimmy Hoffa.  Maybe it's illegal to take pictures in supermarkets here or something. Whatever.  I escaped with my pictures ...and my weekly grocery shop intact.

This is the entire Oreo section of my local supermarket.

Plain Oreo's and Oreo Wafer Snacks....That's it. I bet you guys have whole freaking aisles of Oreo's. Whole Oreo Stores even! I get 3 square feet of Oreo's. It doesn't seem right.

Where, I ask you  are the double stuffed,  double stuffed golden, or chocolate oreo's, or oreo chocolate fudge, fudge rings, double delights, banana split creme, or cakesters  that I read about ? And thats not even the whole list of what I'm missing out on! Where are my Christmas and Halloween Oreo's Mr. Kraft ? It's just not fair...

So while I'm on the subject of food, I have some questions about other stuff I'm missing out on since I'm geographically deprived of all the cool stuff in the world.

Are Lucky Charms as awesome as they sound? And why do they cost $14.00 a box? Are there real charms in there?
Should I start a movement to get Marshmallow Fluff to Australia? When it gets here what do I do with it?
Is Cool whip really that cool?
And does anyone really eat cheese whiz in  a can?


Coloradolady said...

$14.00 a box for Lucky Charms??? Are you kidding??? Yes, we love cheese whiz in a can...on good!!! If you'd like a goodie box sent, just send me your list....minus the cool whip of's really not that cool.....homemade is better!!

Shay said...

I'm not kidding about the Lucky Charms. USA foods in Melbourne sells them for 14 bucks a box! You can't get them in the supermarket here.

You're so sweet to offer to send a goodie package but I'm seriously thinking about starting a facebook group "Mr. Kraft send ALL the Oreo's to Australia" as an alternative way of getting my Oreo fix.

If you ever want anything Australian just let me know! Tim Tams are awesome, and I hear you don't have chicken chips there either!

Lissa Jane said...

Hmmm I can't see how anyone can compare tim tams to oreo's??? its like comparing a lambourgini to vw beetle in my books! LOL There is a lolly shop in Newcastle that sells a few US candys and stuffs.. they had peanut butter m&m's and didn't live up to what I thought they'd be like..

give me tim tams, cadburys top deck anyday...

Shay said...

Double chocolate oreo's are pretty good though ! Nice for when you're taking a break from the Tim am I kidding, I've never taken a break from the Tim Tams.