Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Lesson Learned and Random Musings

What a week!

It’s always a shock when you have to go back to work after holidays. However, this time next week I’ll be back on holidays until school goes back on February 1st. Yay! Quilting Party!

Miss Pyjamas is suffering from one of the worst cases of sunburn I've ever seen and has been completely unable to do ANYTHING for the last 48 hours. Even sitting is painful. I think she has learned a valuable lesson about applying sunscreen. A side benefit will be the Academy Award Nomination she receives for her touching and heartfelt portrayal of a dying swan.

A few highlights of this week:
~I managed to get the two filing cabinets I was after – completely free- which rocks.
~I got our household budget done for the first 6 months of this year. Wow if we want that new kitchen I’m gonna have to stop buying fabric! Shocker.
~I went to see a movie with my friend Sandra and Miss Pyjamas.  I had a near death experience while I was there when I choked on a half sucked Jaffa. (Maybe the NDE should be in the low lights section)
~I finished the devil vintage sheet quilt top. For a peek you can look here
~I got a menu plan happening for next week so the eternal “What’s for dinner” question is already answered. I'm on fire organisation wise!
~And the Fringe Guide came out for 2010 and we’ve already bought tickets to 4 shows. Fringe is a  huge 3 week art festival with lots of different shows and performances. It's wonderful!

Low Light of the week

The powertrain issue with the car still isn’t fixed and it has to go back to the dealer. That’s two mechanics that haven’t been able to locate the problem and  fix it. We’re going for third time lucky. Thank goodness this isn’t brain surgery.

Enjoy your weekend  and do something  special that makes you happy and relaxed.

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