Monday, January 18, 2010

Meatless Monday -Can You Keep a Secret ?

This recipe for Roast Vegetable Frittata is easy. I decided to use my omelette maker and just popped the roast vegies in and poured beaten eggs on top. They only take about 8 minutes. A few minutes before the finish I popped some edam cheese and basil on top and closed the lid on the omelette maker again.

This is the finished result.

Mr. Pyjamas couldn't join us due to another commitment - so his is plated in the fridge for him to enjoy when he gets home later .

I'm sure these taste scrumptious but since there was no adult supervision in the house to shame us into eating vegetables on Meatless Monday Miss Pyjamas and I did a covert Maccas run for dinner.

It was delicious !

I'm just going to dispose of the evidence and wash the plates we used for our McDonalds so it will look like we actually ate the Frittata....

And honey , if you're reading this , I'm sorry. I'm pretty sure that the stuff in  McDonald's burgers isnt ACTUAL meat so we haven't really broken the sanctity of Meatless Monday. 


AnnieO said...

I was reading this late at night and had to clap my hand over my guffaw so as not to disturb the sleeping DH! Thanks for the laugh. Stumbled onto your blog recently and have been lol-ing since. Macca's...too funny!

Shay said...

Hi Annie,

Glad you stopped by and glad I made you laugh.

I'm going to pop on over and have a proper squizz at your blog in the next few days, just as soon as I stop wrestling with my devil quilt. When that quilt is finally finished I'm taking it out the back and starting a bonfire with it. I'm sooooo sick of it!

Looking forward to catching up with you at "your place" soon.

PS : I see you were in my corner of the world recently. I spent a bit of time in Cairns and Port Douglas in my younger days. It's just beautiful!

Lisa said...

Ha ha, I'm pretty sure there's not real meat in them either.... but I love a BigMac once in awhile anyway. Those Fritata's look delicious, what went wrong? Sounds like it's quite often you're not into the meatless mondays. =)

Shay said...

I think I liked the idea of cheating better than eating vegetables Lisa. Plain and simple.