Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sometimes I'm just crazy

I'm going to try really hard not to come across like a raving lunatic with this post. It's been such a busy week. It's late. It's hot. I dont feel 100%. I'm tired...and it's that time of the month. (Sorry if that's TMI for anyone)

With all this going on, it's a miracle I'm not a sobbing heap in a corner somewhere.

If you've read my profile you'll see that I start with "sometimes a disaster" in reference to my creative projects...well this is one of those times.

Just to re-cap ...I made a quilt, I hated a quilt, I partially quilted a quilt, decided to nix the quilt, helpful people gave me suggestions about how to change it so I might be able to look at it without vomiting, I changed my mind, (unpicking the possessed devil incarnate quilt was not my favourite activity but I did it gracefully and without pitching a hissy fit once ) re-did the whole quilt top, still didn't love the quilt,  basted and quilted the quilt top. Actually started to like the quilt! Quite cute actually. Yay!

Binding was a disaster. Many many mistakes. Even the sewing machine doesn't really like this quilt. Perhaps it senses that if this quilt is given life it may breed and spawn other devil quilts.  Lots of mother-effing and assorted other sailor like language eminating from the sewing room ensued. Yeah Yeah I know I'm meant to pretend I'm a lady . Whatever... Ladylikeness is pretty over rated in my opinion.

Rationalised that  unless the quilting police are planning a raid on my house it doesn't have to be perfect. Perservered. Finished it. Breathed a sigh of relief. It's not utterly gorgeous but it's finished. Did a little happy dance. Mentally patted myself on the back. Tallied up pertinent facts relating to the making of this quilt like: I used  2 metres of sashing , 100 vintage sheet squares  and 346 cuss words during the quilt making process.

Ironing the binding...and dreaming of the impending unveiling of the quilt to the family in the loungeroom. Discover a whole 2 inch section not properly attached to the front of the quilt and it cannot be fixed  unless I unpick the ENTIRE binding front and back.(amended swear word total = 352 cuss words) 

I'm just off out the back with the quilt , a can of petrol and some matches....

Nerida , I know you check in here and I'm only kidding about the cuss know I don't use profane language. ROFL...


Coloradolady said...

Oh, man...I was expecting a picture!!! I can not wait to see it....I am sure it is lovely!!! But you may hate it forever!!

Lisa said...

I admire your perseverence.... I have some WIP's that may always be WIP's, because I just don't like them and don't want to waste another minute on them. I think what I'd do is cut out a corner for memory, and take the rest out back to burn. It might make you feel better. Personally, tho, I liked your photo of the top the first time! Good luck...

Shay said...

Girls .Girls. Girls. Thank you so much for trying to make me feel better.

I love your idea of hacking off a piece with scissors Lisa and then condemning the rest to ashes. I'm not sure I could stop at one teeny piece though.

However, I have regained a little of my sanity today and see that destroying it would be a shameful waste of fabric.

I'm going to find a way to make this work. Ok It wont be perfect. I may not use it. But I'll be darned if I'm going to let this pile of material and batting beat me. It's a fight to the death!