Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pity Party- Table for One Thanks!

Gloria Gaynor sang a great song in the late 1970's about surviving a relationship breakup called "I Will Survive". I'm applying it to surviving this week.  Minor annoyances have felt like major dramas.

So essentially this post is bitching about my week and then I'm going to let it all go. But I'm not just whining-I'm going to come up with solutions to the problems so I can move on. I can't stand grizzling for grizzlings sake!

The devil quilt - what sane person considers taking their quilt and using it as bonfire fuel  -in the middle of fire ban season -on our tinder dry block ? I didnt really think about it seriously - I was more blogging for laughs - but I was pretty peeved about the quilt all the same. And since that quilt is finished why the hell am I still blogging about it?

Solution: Start something new , exciting , gorgeous and get immersed in it's wonderfulness. Not everything I do has to be perfect. (although I'm a Virgo- so it kinda does actually)

The car went in to get fixed yesterday and 24 hours later the powertrain light is back on and the computer is whoop whoop whooping like an aircraft about to crash everytime we turn it on.  This is the third time it's been in and checked out (and we've been charged for it being "fixed".) You can understand my reluctance to go back to get ripped off a fourth time. Just diagnose the problem guys - because your inability to do so  seems to be the actual  problem. Our mechanics are about as sharp as a bucket of nerf darts and as far as I'm concerned they couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery.

Solution: Buy a skateboard to get to and from work. I'm pretty sure that now the devil quilt is finished the car has been possessed.

SA Water- I dont need you reminding me on my bill that my water usage has increased since this time last year. I'm still using about 1/3rd less a day than you consider average. Where was my thankyou when I was using only 1/2 the amount of water you consider to be average for my home? Oh and by the way - my household size has doubled since this time last year - that would be why my water usage has increased 30%. And if my crispy brown front lawn isn't enough of a tip off for you about how serious I am about doing my bit to save water, please feel free to come and suss out my two minute showers (I dare you) where I dart through the shower with a cake of soap and catch all the water in a bucket at my feet so I can use it in my washing machine, then catch it in another bucket and use it to water my plants outside.  

Solution : Turn on all my sprinklers out of spite  and water the lawn while running through the sprinklers having fun like a three year old while holding a cake of soap. The sprinkler run can double as today's shower. Since it's illegal to use sprinklers here I'll probably be arrested. I wont be getting water bills in jail and they'll probably still time my showers.

I feel a lot better now...Thanks for "listening"  if you made it this far.

It's Australia Day next Tuesday, which is like American Independence Day - but with much less fanfare. We tend not to do parades. Actually we throw snags on the barbecue and have the day off work.  Mr. Pyjamas and I have decided to take the opportunity to go away for a few days. While we are away I'll  have an  attitude adjustment, and come back as little Miss Sunshine, instead of the wicked queen from Snow White.

See you all mid next week!


Coloradolady said...

Well I am glad you are getting a chance to get away....hope you have a restful and wonderful time...don't worry too much over the quilt...I know you don't like it...but is is me!! Have a great weekend...

Shay said...

What quilt Suzanne?! I'm better already.

Sarcastic Quilter said...

"First I was afraid, I was petrified... oh, I will survive."

I know it well and frankly, you will survive. (But for the record, I like moody and perky both. If you were always perky, it would just be annoying. :D)

Lisa said...

Seems like almost everyone has this problem lately, and I thought it was the winter blah's up here- but guess not since you are having warm days! =)