Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Just Chillin'....

In my holidays I get to live the life I dream about ...I love who I am during that time. Creative, completely calm, not juggling too many things at once, a go with the flow kind of girl, immersing myself in a project ( or maybe two )  I can just ...be.

These are the beaded tie backs I made yesterday for the master bedroom. The pair came in at under ten bucks. Suck on that Spotlight!- who wanted 20 bucks each for theirs and they weren't half as stunning.

I found this deco looking jar yesterday in my op shop travels,  that I'm using as a vase/display for some of our eclectic decorations. It was half price and cost $1.50 . Perfect!

I spent the morning smashing old mirrors into pieces for a project I'm working on. It was cheap therapy. I got the mirrors for free, so it was actually completely costless therapy.

I managed to sneak in some quilting as well.

I headed on over (methaphorically speaking) to my local freecycle group and begged for some filing cabinets. No responses yet but I'm hopeful.

I even got some housework and washing done and planned dinner. (Prawns with garlic parmesan cream sauce, wedges and salad- You're welcome to drop by and join us- we have two extra people  tonight so what's one or two more)

Seriously nominate me for sainthood.


Michelle said...

Clicked on some of the finished projects on your blog. I love these! Are they hard to make? I'd love to learn how to do that. I have some curtains that need tie backs.

Elizabeth said...

Visiting this post from Michelle's blog (but you know I'm a regular, and I always like to leave a comment). So, those tie-backs are fabulous! And the quilting on that last quilt is really amazing. I mean, WOW!

xo -E