Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Good Vibrations

After last week, where the universe appeared to be kicking me in the pants... a lot.... as hard as it could.... I've decided that if the universe pulls that stunt again, I'm going to punch it in the face.

I had a lovely weekend away, I have the rest of this week off,  and  I avoided Meatless Monday because my Mum doesn't do Meatless Mondays and so the "good week" gods appear to be smiling on me once again. Meatless Monday will be back next week unless I can arrange to be 250 kilometres away at my Mum's again, which is unlikely.  It's almost worth the drive to avoid it in my opinion.

I am getting an ever increasing list of quilts I want to try.  I feel like I’m on inspiration overload. Everywhere I look something else by someone clever catches my eye.

The latest piece of eye candy to float my boat is this Roundabout Quilt made by Amy at “A Commonplace Life”. I think this has to be one of the cutest and most striking quilts I’ve ever seen.  Mr. Pyjamas took one look at the photo and said “Let me know when you’re going to do that one so I can move out for a couple of months”….so even he knows it requires a degree of skill (and patience!) to finish.

Break out the streamers and lets party! I found backing for the Gobble Gobble Quilt- and ordered it online from the US, because we didnt have ANYTHING I liked in the whole of Australia (well at least the places I looked, which was about half a dozen stores) I’m hoping to have that quilt finished soon after the fabric arrives at my house.   I don't know about you but I feel discombobulated when the only thing stopping me from finishing a project is not being able to find the exact right fabric.

Gobble Gobble Dots in Squash

I had a productive quilting weekend amongst the relaxing  – I have managed to get 202 of the 256 Half Square Triangles for my latest quilt finished. Not having worked with triangles before, I’m flying by the seat of my pants here and I’m hoping random luck will bring it all together. I bought an extra fat quarter bundle of this fabric collection online on the weekend and saved almost 40% off. That’s a Crazy Bargain! I’ll have enough left over to make another quilt down the track. How could I resist this luscious gorgeousness…Again, I’ll get to a certain point with this quilt and have to stop and wait for the rest of the fabric to arrive. Paisley and pastels are  not usually my thing but this just spoke to me somehow.

Just in case I get to the point where I’m waiting for fabric to arrive and have no quilting on the go, I have the next project all sorted out in my mind.  Yes,  I'm well aware I have some kind of crafting disease...I don't think it's catching.

I’m in love with the Hungry Caterpillar Fat Quarter Bundle at the moment and just need one teensy weensy bit of justification for buying it. I’m also  dreaming about California Dreamin’ Fabric by Jeanean Morrison (still!) and the Oz by Sanae collection for Moda.

With my two half finished quilts, another one in the planning stages, and Ethan's UFO, I figure I'm pretty much committed until about April....and somewhere in there my boss expects me to show up to work regularly.  


Lisa said...

Ooooooh, I would LOVE to buy a lovely FQ bundle, but since I've sworn off spending- maybe next year? Or maybe in trade for a quilt like Anne's you liked...... he he...
I'm not sure why you do those meatless mondays, but it sounds like it might be time to give it up and be happy???! ;)

Shay said...

I promised myself I wouldn't be buying any more fabric after this as well Lisa, until I finish a few projects (In the quilting world backing doesn't count as fabric in my mind)

I might be able to help you with your fabric fix in a week or so. Winning is not buying. I'm doing a giveaway for Valentines Day. Stay tuned.