Sunday, January 10, 2010

Before and After .....

Since we're blog buddies and all, I wanted to show you some pictures of my house.

Our house is  a standard 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 2 car garage built in late 1979. It's old enough to need lots of work but not old enough to have true character. With a house that's the vintage of mine you kinda have to breathe personality into them.

Mr. Pyjamas lived in this house BM...(Before Me) and when I moved in 9 years ago  it was decorated in the "really bad batchelor pad" style. Ugh! I got rid of the coffee table that had been spray painted silver and had carpet nailed to the top of it, the gross recliner chairs, the copper occasional table...the list goes on. Actually I got rid of pretty much everything.

 Two years ago we did a long overdue makeover on our master bedroom- taking it from drab to fab.  We stripped the room and started again- ceiling to floor, including knocking out a wall to build a HUGE wardrobe. The revolting white queen anne wardrobe we had might have been the height of fashion in late 1979 but it had certainly seen better days.

We went from this....

To this

But lately I've been getting a bit bored with the look of our room, so I just bought two new sets of completely different bed linen .

That's Mordecai... he's a star and I'm paparazzi

I think this bed needs throws and cushions,  but my white vintage hob nail chenille is currently on Miss Pyjamas bed and I haven't decided what colour cushions this needs. I dont think it needs more black and white. I'll shelve the cushion idea  for a while and think about it.

Last year we stripped the lounge room and started again , including taking out metres of cedar wall panelling and putting in a new wall. This before picture doesn't show the cedar panelling was truly gross. I still dream about it's disgusting-ness. We had a 30 year old gas heater built into the wall at the other end of the loungeroom, and in built dark wood shelving as well.

This is what it looks like now...

Unbelievably this is the same view as the "Before" picture.

Other views:

That wall used to be cedar panelling shelving and a very ugly built in gas heater.

The other two bedrooms have been made over too. But I'm not showing them because at the moment our guest room is my sewing room because my sewing room is temporarily Miss Pyjamas roomSome pics of that another time perhaps.  

We are planning a new kitchen installation for mid this year , which I am wildly excited about. I cannot wait to have the kitchen done !


Lorraine said...

Love what you have done so far!!...don't forget the "before" pics of the kitchen.......we are on hold with renos at the moment...but hope to get something done with the bathroom later this year....Sounds like you have enjoyed your holidays....I went back to work last week....would rather be home but I don't get paid to stay it's off to work.........!

Shay said...

Hi Lorraine,

Thanks for visitng and taking the time to leave me a comment.

I have a double blue and grey kitchen with brown floor tiles. Rest assured I'll be posting before and after pics of the kitchen reno.

I bet you're looking forward to having your bathroom done!