Thursday, November 05, 2009

30 Days of Frugal Christmas Gifts - Tea Party

In the olden days when people were civilized they used to stop and have high tea in the mid to late afternoon.

You can pick up beautiful old china at thrift stores and garage sales for a few dollars a set. Ideal for people who collect old china  or want to revive the civilised custom of afternoon tea.

Fill them with exotic or flavoured tea sachets and wrap each cup individually in cellophane finishing off with a big bow. For bigger impact you can pop a couple of individually packaged biscuits on the plate next to the tea cup before you wrap it up. You can give them individually or in pairs. I did a set of six different trios for my sister a few Christmases ago and went to the trouble of dating each vintage trio and writing a history for each set which I popped in the box I wrapped them in.

These two cups filled with sachets of teas worked out at $11.50. If you’re really keen to go with a tea party theme the teapot was $3.00 and the cookie jar was $2.00 from thrift stores.  I know they don’t match but isn’t that part of the beauty?

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