Tuesday, November 03, 2009

30 Days of Frugal Christmas Gifts - Frame Up - Day 1

Here’s a nifty and easy Christmas present that looks more expensive than it is and would be great for someone who has a console table or space to fill.

Buy frames from your local discount store in a colour theme and fill the frames with things that match your colour or subject theme. I used things I had laying around the house. This collection includes scrap-booking paper cut to size, material off cuts from some potholders I made and black and white family wedding photographs.

The entire collection cost me under $15.00 (and half of that was for the silver scrolls middle frame- but I figure it kind of makes the rest of them look more classy) and would look beautiful with the frames individually wrapped in tissue paper and popped in a box with a big ribbon for presentation.

Tip: Be creative with your theme to make sure it matches the décor of the house and the interests of the recipients. My black and white frames were made for a black and white French guest room boudoir.

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Shay said...

OMG! Tim Tams freely available in the USA! I've always bribed my Anerican friends with packs of Tim Tams. Guess that won't work anymore.
Thank you for your lovely comments and for visiting my blog.
Hope the Diva is feeling better each day.