Sunday, November 01, 2009

Simple Savings - The $21 Challenge Book

Fiona Lippey (Self Confessed Miser Extraordinaire) and owner of the Simple Savings website has just co-authored and published a book called "The $21 Challenge".

I first heard about this concept around 2 years ago when I was a subscriber to the site and have practiced it on and off ever since. In her free  Simple Savings newsletter she has just sent the first chapter of the book via email to whet our appetities. You can have a look at it here . Needless to say, I just ordered a copy of the book.

Essentially the premise is simple. It's about finding extra money from your shopping budget by occasionally taking the pledge to only spend $21.00 for the week on shopping. By using what we already have in our pantries and freezers and getting really creative with meal plans, you can save substantial amounts of cash over the course of the year with just a bit of effort. For example we do this one week in four and save around $1700.00 a year from our grocery budget. I love the concept and the savings!

Fiona is offering signed copies of the book for purchase on her website, and for Australians you can  go to selected bookstores, and department stores for a copy if you'd prefer to flick through the book before you purchase. 

Happy Reading!

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