Sunday, November 08, 2009

30 Days of Frugal Christmas Gifts- Savvy Shopping

You know how you sometimes see something in the shops in June and think "That would be PERFECT for Aunt Gladys / Mum /The Neighbours / The Cat for Christmas"  

Naturally when December rolls around you find:
a) You can't remember what your brilliant idea in June was
b) They don't make them/stock them anymore
c) They stock them alright but they cost three times the price they did in June

Now you can go down the socks, chocs and jocks road, or you can get savvy and Christmas shop all year. Sounds simple doesn't it?  But how many of us actually do it?

I've managed to snag some really crazy bargains by shopping for Christmas through the year and stashing those gifts away. Some of those gifts are unusual , some were too good a price to pass up and some were perfect for the recipient. As an added bonus in December I can sit home feeling smug and virtuous as everyone else battles the Christmas shopping crowds (if they can find a car park. )

Here are some of the things I've purchased through this year waiting to be wrapped and tagged.

Baby Toys - brand name -  a few dollars each

Recycled Paper notebook / Cute Journal $8.00 for the pair

Purses. Purchased at last year's Christmas sale. Retail $60.00. I paid $19.95 for both.

Fun jewellery. Great stocking fillers! $5.00 each.

I also scored ( but am too lazy today to photograph )
Vintage Bunnykins Trio from late 1960's. Mint condition never used still in original box - purchased from a second hand store that was closing down. It was tagged $110.00 . They said make us an offer. $20.00 later I walked out of the shop with it.

A Vintage Staffordshire Tiered Cake Plate -for 8 dollars. Will look great with fairy cakes on it as a gift.

Happy Shopping!

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