Wednesday, November 04, 2009

30 Days of Frugal Christmas Gifts- Skullduggery Jam


Crafty deception or trickery or an instance of it.

I first became acquainted with Skullduggery Jam many years ago through a book I was reading. I can’t recall what the book was now but it was hilarious.

Skullduggery Jam is right up my alley. Fast, cheap and cute.

Go buy as many jars from the thrift store as you plan to make jars of jam. If you’ve been collecting jars all year then so much the better (and cheaper) Unusual shapes or decorative jars are good, but plain will do if that’s all you can find because you’re going to gussy them up a bit later. Wash and dry the jars so they sparkle.

Go to the store and buy the same number of jars of cheap but edible jam as you have empty jars to fill. You can spring for the good stuff but basically most people won’t know the difference. (or at least nobody I know does )

Come home and spoon the jam into the jars you bought at the thrift store and screw the lids back on.

Cut a circle of material from your fabric stash that is about 1-2 inches bigger in diameter than the jar lid. Place this on the top of the jar and wrap a ribbon round the jar to make it look pretty.

Create a label saying “Skullduggery Jam “. For a touch of authenticity you can add the date you packed the jam, which will lend credence to the idea you actually made it yourself. I stress here you’re not saying you made the jam and you aren’t responsible for others making that assumption.

Voila you’re done! I made my two jars for less than $3.00. (But  I didn’t make those scones. I can’t make scones to save myself. My sister makes excellent scones and she won't share her recipe)

If you're worried about people thinking you're a cheapskate and /or a fibber  I suppose you could bake some scones to go with the skullduggery jam as part of the gift....personally I think we all worry too much about what others think.

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