Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pyjama Party Sunday

This post is  brought to you by Little Miss Sunshine and Pyjama Party Sunday. The hottest Sunday linky party. Pyjamas optional!


Our hot water service exploded in the small hours between Friday and Saturday so when I went to jump in the shower early Saturday we had no hot water. Joy! You may recall our thermostat went in October and we spent 5 days without hot water during which I whinged loud and long. Thankyou-it's a talent.

Saturday was spent in a frenzy of trying to get someone to come and tell us that our hot water service was completely stuffed and that it was going to cost several thousand dollars to replace. I completely understand  that we need to do something about carbon emmissions and switching to more ecologically friendly energy for the fate of the planet but when the price of a hot water system goes from 1500 bucks to nearly 4 thousand because of it - Im less concerned about the environment and more concerned about my exceedingly slim purse. To add insult to inury we only replaced the hot water service 6 years ago so I'm not a very happy camper. If it wasnt about 5 degrees here at the moment I'd give cold showers a go but unfortunately that's not an option since I dont want my bits to ice over. Meantime I'm popping over to my in laws to get clean and ensure my hair remains cootie free. It's just like camping and we all know I'm a 5 star resort kind of girl.

My plan for Sunday was to sew like a crazy demon. Pressing seams makes me crazy so that part of my mission was accomplished early Sunday morning. Scarily, my iron kept making cracking and snapping noises. Im going with the idea that the iron  thinks it's really rice bubbles (snap , crackle, ) and will wait for the POP before I really worry.   If I stop blogging unexpectedly  it's not because I've decided you aren't worth the effort- it's because I've been electrocuted.

Lots of pressing, cutting and  sewing later and  the BWR quilt was finally laid out. There's more sewing to do yet ...but I'm making progress.

For one awful moment I thought I'd sewed the cat to the quilt  but he was just being nosy and putting his cat stank on it. Apparently it got the Mordecai stamp of approval.

And voila! The cupcake project is done.

Mid afternoon  I got distracted by the idea of a table lamp for the loungeroom.  Those kind of thoughts usually mean we spend the next fortnight  running round looking for a mythical lamp that only exists inside my head. I guess the universe decided to cut me some slack because I found this at the second store we went to.

And I bought these beautiful sparkly lights too. I now have so many lights in that room that the drug helicopters will pick up abnormal heat patterns on their infa red scanners and we'll probably be raided in the middle of the night by the drug squad.  

Dinner was home made pizza...rosemary with  sea salt and lightly drizzled with olive oil

And proscuitto  , potato, spanish onion and rocket

I'm going to leave you with something I bought with Little P in mind yesterday . Does anyone else see the irony of us making and eating T-Rex cookies or is that just me?

Enjoy what's left of your weekend.


Kirsten said...

Your cupcakes are very cute..I like them...and the BRW Wuilt will eventually be awesome. T-Rex cookies are THE revange.
Sorry to hear about your hot water could come over here and spend some time in the´re always welcome and it is cheaper than redoing your hot water system :-9

Larri said...

Oh, dear! What a pain to have to deal with the hot water heater. Hope it's back up and running for the lowest $$$ very soon.

LOVE the cupcakes! They are quite adorable. And I totally get the T-Rex cookie cutters. I'd have snorted and put them right into my shopping cart. Next time you have tea with Little P, these would make the perfect addition. ☺

Hope you are cootie-free and warm. Happy Sunday night! ☺

Kris said...

Oh. My. Gosh. It must be a long time since we had to buy a hot water system. $4000? Unreal banana peel! Amazing. (I think we last bought one in 2000) Well, there is very little left of my weekend. I had great hopes for sewing at my house, but it turns out they were sadly misplaced hopes. I did discover a new fabric shop, so it wasn't all lost. Goodnight!

Mistea said...

The black white and red number is looking fabulous - hope the Iron was only pretending to be rice bubbles!
Pretty cup cakes.
Your new lamp is gorgeous - maybe should try not burning all the lights at the same time.

Marg said...

Sorry to hear you are hot waterless. That's not good that it only lasted 6 yrs. I'm going to sound like an old fart but they just don't make things like they used to. My hot water heater went about 2 yrs ago, and I had to go solar, but at least the previous one had lasted 20+ years.
The BRW quilt looks fabulous with the black sashing and Mordecai. At least he didn't do what Lulu did to my bag of fabric waiting to be sewn into one of my quilts. She is lucky she is still alive.
The cupcakes look really pretty I love the quilting around the borders.
I do hope you are not electrocuted by your iron, but if you are and before you use it again can you please make sure there's a note on your fabric stash, that it's to come to me.
I'd never guess which pizza is yours and which one is Mr P's!!!!!!!!! Although they do both have green on them.

Marg said...

Hmm my comments are nearly as long as your posts, sorry.

Anonymous said...

There's always the kettle and an ol' tin bath! Crazy the prices to be more environmental - it should be cheaper to encourage everybody. Crikey, I hope your iron doesn't go pop - that happened to me once, pop and a puff of smoke! I can't believe the amount of work that must have gone into BWR (glad you've abbreviated) it looks wonderful. Ahhhh, jeeze, you're putting me to shame with those cupcakes, come on Shell, get your finger pulled out. That's a very strange expression that I now want to find the origin of. Tea, yum, yum and yes, I see the irony in eating dinosaurs - but better that than the other way round :-)

Anonymous said...

Ruddy typical that Marg is laying claim to the fabric stash in the event of your electrocution - and hmmmm, my comments are rather long too, though I make no apology for it hahaha!!!

Michelle said...

Isn't odd that hot water heaters never go out in the summer? What's up with that?

Your BR&W quilt is just stunning. And you know it's passed muster when the quilt inspector gives it the final seal of approval.

Anonymous said...

how sucky about your hot water system playing up again! I hope your find a suitable solution very soon - for the sake of your cootees ;)
Mmmm making me a bit jealous with all that scrummy home cooking!

Marie said...

Love the BRW (BWR) ..... but the dino cookie cutters are the best!!!!

Alisa said...

You are the exact reason I hate when I don't have time for the internet. If you do get electrocuted I hear that Disneyland has a great burn center and you can stay at my house. I will drive you to all your appointments. We'll put that 4K to much better use.

Kirsten's Cooking said...

$4000 for a hot water heater - that's ridiculous. I'm sorry. I just can't get into being green unless it makes fiscal sense. is your industry regulated that your choices are that limited?

love the BWR quilt - and the cupcakes just keep getting more adorable....I recognize that fabric :) love it!

the pizza looks totally yum. nice job!

hope this week isn't too crazy - especially with your having to run back and forth for showers!

Elizabeth said...

Your pizza looks delicious! Love your new lamp and the twinkle lights. The BWR quilt is HUGE! That's a lot of seam pressing! Yikes! Hope your iron holds out.

Sorry about the hot water :(. That is most inconvenient. Our air conditioning has gone out. Also inconvenient and I hope not costly. The repair man can't come until tomorrow.

And I absolutely LOVE your cupcake table runner! That is so cute! And your stitches are absolutely beautiful!

xo -E

AnnieO said...

Hope the camping expeditions end quickly. I try never to mention my appliances' ages in front of them.

Yummy cupcakes, yummy quilt, yummy pizza! Looks like a good weekend for all other activities except showering under hot water.

AnnieO said...

Forgot the yummy lamp!

Laughed at the drug reference. Hmm. I am most definitely a light turner-on-er. Wonder if those infrared sensors have been peeking on me too.

Paulette said...

Dude, you are awesome. Let me count the ways. First, to maintain your sense of humor in the midst of your water-whatever giving out. Next, your fantastic BWR quilt! Wow, it's gorgeous. Cupcakes: Too cute. What else? Oh, the pizza! Damn you, that looks good, although what is the purpose of rocket on a pizza? Does it taste like anything or is it mostly for decoration and/or a foil to make you think pizza is health food--which it may very well be. Sigh...and to think I ate pizza at least twice a week in a former life...

Kate said...

So sorry that you are in camping mode due to the water heater that decided it was time to RIP. OK I get the green part, but what in world more than doubled the price, a complete carbon capture system?

Love the red and black quilt and the cup cakes. You've been busy!

Wow, very cool lamp,love the polka dotted shade!

seabreezequilts said...

We bit the bullet a couple of years 18mths ago and had to buy the one of those things, we had 1500 worth of copper pipe added to the cost as well love the look of your pizza's.

Unknown said...

Perhaps you should consider boiling water on the stove for a bath. You can pretend you are back in 1900. Oh yeah, you can also start doing all of your sewing by hand. I mean really, what else do you have to do?

I love the quilt and the cookie cutters are so cute! I am sure Little P will love all the cookies you make him.

Good luck with the heater situation. Sometimes I think homeownership is over rated!

Kristie said...

That lamp is DA BOMB!! Well done!

Keep warm ;)

thea said...

So sorry about the water heater .. that really sucks. i can't believe how expensive it is to replace. Outrageous. I hope you can get out of camping mode soon.

The BWR quilt is beautiful. how big is it? The cupcake runner is really nice. it looks like you had a fairly crafty weekend.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Sorry about your hot water heater and I agree with however said 'how come it always happens in winter'Your cupcakes look so gorgeous - well done. BWR coming along like a treat and it wouldn't be the same with out some fur on it. If we come to Adelaide can you leave us a Pizza parcel somewhere. Yum!Stay warm there is nothing worse than 'frozen bits'

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Sorry to hear that your hot water system s**t itself, for me that would be torture as I have to have a hot bath everynight. I have my book and chocolate and sometimes a beer in there and it is QUIET time for mum...with no hot water it doesn't happen. Last week our system didn't get the pulse down the line to turn it on during off peak and we had no hot water the next day. I had to have a 'storm in a teacup' that night and i had been horse riding Total Crap!! Can't believe the price of a new one either!!!!!

I love that lamp, must have had your name on it as it matches perfectly :-)

Please don't electrocute yourself but if you do can I have your spinning wheel :-)

Pizza = Yummy and we have those dinosaur cutters as well, nothing like biting a dinosaurs head off!!

Vesuviusmama said...

Terribly sorry to hear about no hot water - sounds miserable!

Jindi's Cottage said...

Good grief! OK, I get the whole environment thing too but seriously, $4,000!!! Hot water surely shouldn't fall into the luxury goods category!
Iron you are not a bowl of rice bubbles...get over it!
The BWR quilt is looking fabulous...and I love your cupcake project...very pretty...who said you don't do stitchery!
Nice lamp...when I am in Adelaide this coming weekend I'll watch out for the helicopters and follow them to your place for pizza...that olive oil/rosemary one looks absolutely delish...

Rachaeldaisy said...

Bummer about the hot water! Trust it to be the middle of winter! Your cupcakes are cute as a cupcake with a cherry on top. Love the rbw quilt!!

Rachaeldaisy said...

And the dinosaur cookie cutters are very cool!!

Brenda said...

That is a totally groovy lamp! I love the cupcake project and the BWR too. We just got a kitten, so my quilts will soon be stamped with cat too! (Sorry about the hot water)