Friday, June 17, 2011

Favourite Things Friday

Friday is the day we roll out some positive thoughts and give thanks for one of  our favourite things. Feel free to join me in this humble little linky party by writing your own post and linking up below.  I love seeing your favourites each week.

Winter is only 17 days old and I've already done my fair share of grumbling about the cold. I'm green with envy reading blog posts about  people having  fun swimming, and picnicking and generally wearing practically no clothes. Last time I saw my own arms was in about April. I'm sorry if I  made fun of you when it was snowing at your place and I was talking about fun in the sun and tank tops and shorts.  It seemed so funny then but payback is a bitch.

In an effort to get through the next few months of cold, rain, and wind, I decided this week to focus on the things about winter that I actually like. If I'm going to have to endure  months of this nonsense I might about well try to enjoy at least some of it. So here are the top 5 Things I Love About Winter.

There's something about winter that encourages comfort food.  Casseroles, stews, crumble , hot fruit  pies, curries, roasts, and  soups. And the smells wafting through the house as you cook these Epicurean delights are amazing.  

Let's face it. I'm a coffee addict. But on a cold frosty morning,and mine start very early usually when it's still very dark outside , there's nothing better than a cup of coffee( or three ) to warm you up. Hot chocolate is good too although I mainly drink that so I can legitimately eat 20 marshmallows with every cup. 

Rugging up on the lounge  when it's stormy outside and listening to the rain belt down while I read a good book. I get to use my quilts and chenille blankets. The danger of falling asleep while thus ensconced is fairly high. In winter people expect you be sluggy. It's all good.

Nothing screams winter like a scarf, hat, jacket and a pair of boots. And I love me some layers. This is my latest winter find. I wonder if I'll be brave enough to wear it in public .  I love the idea of hats but I'm not sure they suit me. Plus I worry about dorky hat hair.

Need I say this? Pyjamas. Getting into a warm bed in warm pyjamas on a cold night is heaven! Slopping around all weekend in your pyjamas is bliss. It should be socially acceptable to wear your Pyjamas in public with fluffy slippers especially in winter. And since my current pyjama collection although large, is fairly manky, I've spared you a visual.

So that's my winter round up. They're my favourite things this week .  What do you love about winter?


thea said...

What do I love about winter? I love making new soups and eating them. Baking bread to go with the soups. The crispness in the air. Seeing your breath. Hot showers (but I like those all the time).

FYI, my daughters don't seem to have any problem going out in their pjs and slippers.

Kristie said...

Love your quilt cabinet! So pretty to see them all like that :-) And I adore the hat. Around here it would be called a touque ;) Definitely put it on, I am sure your hair is dorky regardless, so this will give you an excuse.


Kirsten said...

Hey I am proud of you...trying to find something good about winter will keep you in a good has been hot and humid over here. I sweat doing NOTHING - I wish it would cool down a little (remember - no AC here :-( )
I don´t know if I get to link up tomorrow since it is graduation day!!

Marg said...

Hey that's a great FTF, trying to think of something positive out of the cold grey wet wintery days you have there.
You should come here for winter 21 deg yesterday, 22 deg today, beautiful blue skies, lots of sunshine, yay.
That's 70+deg F. No humidity.....heaven!!!!!!!!!!
I'm not sure whether I will be able to link up today as i will be basking in the sunshine, lunching with friends, in the sunshine, wandering around in the sunshine etc. Not too much time sitting inside today.

I know you are going to give me grief when I start complaining about the heat and humidity come summer.

seabreezequilts said...

It has been cold but it has benefits. You can stay inside and watch dvd's and stitch without too many grumbles from other members of the family. Suppose I had better get moving this morning really, like staying in bed until I absolutely have to get up.

Michelle Ridgway said...

I agree with all of your warm winter choices and I LOVE scarves...I wish I had your hat to take with me up the mountain this weekend. Love, love, LOVE your quilt cupboard. Will check all the other wonderful FTF's Sunday.
Have a great weekend.

Kate said...

Though I still have to get my head around that it's winter somewhere in the world, it was really good to read your post. It's been almost 37 C here with pretty high humidity. A little reminder of the cool was a good.

You must have gone to the same hot chocolate drinking classes as Kiddo. She has a little hot chocolate with the marshmellows.

Baa-Me Kniits said...

I love wearing my boots and jeans in winter and lots of layers....I am not liking my freezing cold toes this morning though!!

Mistea said...

Perfect favourite - Winter really does have some very good points.
Lately we have been surrounded by the most gorgeous sunset colours, cause the sun has been visiting often.
Enjoy the weekend in your PJ's

Sara said...

I have lots and lots of coats. And I tend to buy more at any opportunity. I also have 7 handmade quilts on my bed, as well as an eiderdown. And an electric blanket.

We've had the fire going pretty much constantly for the last couple of weeks, one of the advantages I suppose of my going to bed at 3 and putting some wood on it and dad getting up at 5 and putting some wood on it, so it's been nudging 30C in out kitchen, which is excellent.

Katie said...

I like hoodies in winter however I'm so giddy for summer I cannot think about winter.

AnnieO said...

Those are all good things to love about winter! I don't do hats--my hair is thick so beanies just creep right off my head. I'm forever yanking them down. Sweaters and scarves, check.

I love piling an extra quilt on top of the bedcovers (DH sleeps warm all year so they are only on MY side).

Can't join you on curry or coffee but I do love soup!

Paulette said...

What do I love about winter? When it goes away!

Lord, our winters are long, drawn out, cold and crappy affairs. I wish I could hibernate like a bear through winter...stuff myself silly and lie down for a 5-month nap.

You have hit some high spots, though. The hat is cute! And please tell me what that food item is, I can't figure it out.

Leanne said...

I HATE winter there is nothing you can say that will make me like anything about it.

Kirsten's Cooking said...

this is rather random - but I think I'm just thankful I'm not an emperor penguin. Just watched a documentary about them last night....silly question, why don't they move somewhere warmer?

Anyway - do you have a good recipe for the tikka masala? it looks fabulous!

I think I want to live where Marg does - our climate is the opposite of temperate - extremes, but not as bad as Wisconsin (sorry, P).

I can get through winter if I can stay inside and wear wool socks. I would not miss the seasons, though - I could easily live in Hawaii or somewhere the temperature is constantly beautiful.

Erica said...

The hat is cute! Enjoy the weekend!

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Brenda said...

I too love the soups and I too dither about hat hair...
I love that winter is pretty much "quilting season", not much to do outside, a little space heater by my feet, not feeling guilty about watching too much tv and movies - yep, it's a pretty good time, although by the end I am wishing I could be in the Carribbean, where it's nice and warm and sunny...

Janice said...

I am one of those people whose seasons is directly opposite yours. We have been having fun in the sun, but the 105 degree record breaking heat that we experienced this week was not my favorite thing.

Thanks for sharing the good things about winter. We have a very short winter, but a long hot summer. Some days I look forward to snuggling under quilts and making stews and hot steaming cups of hot chocolate or coffee.

Rachaeldaisy said...

Why am I always a day late... I like slow cooked food, Red wine, vintage coats.. that's about it.

Vesuviusmama said...

Winter, hmmm...let's see if I can remember what that is like...oh yeah! I love sitting in front of a fire (in a fireplace), the look ( but not the feel!) of new fallen snow, soups and stews, and hats. Ni don't worry about corky hat hair - I cut my hair especially short so I won't get hat head.

Michelle said...

Wow! You picked some awesome things about winter. I can go along with all of those.

One coffee addict to another...I'm drinking my coffee iced part of the time. It's HOT here in Texas.

Elizabeth said...

I must have been channeling your winter thoughts, because I put three different kinds of soups/stews/chilis on my menu for this week. As I wrote out the list, I thought "these aren't summer foods!" But they went on the menu anyway. Tomorrow will be minestrone, followed by baked potato soup and then later in the week, chicken chili. Each season has its benefits and even though winter is the worst, there are some good things about it. Good for you for looking on the bright side.

xo -E