Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pyjama Party Sunday

I must have been watching too much Masterchef or Jamie's kitchen or something because I've been a full on Domestic Goddess this weekend.  Before I donned my goddess like apron  I had to go buy new kitchen scales because my old ones  died this week after 22 years of faithful service. Kitchen scales have gone up market and are bloody expensive.  And they've gone high tech too . It's almost impossible to get ones that don't beep , read your fortune and measure your IQ  while you cook.  Naturally the ones I really wanted were 160 bucks. Calm down - I'm not completely insane. For that kind of money I can hire someone to come in and weigh my ingredients for the next 10 years . I bought a set that were much more middle of the road. I'm nothing if not sensible. 

I whipped up these lemon tarts this morning...I love lemon tart. It's my favourite dessert. These are utterly sublime. I can make that call since I've eaten 8 of them since lunchtime. Lemons are a fruit and fruit is good for you. Acid eats fat cells. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Emboldened by the lack of high drama in making the tarts  I made foccacia at great personal cost,  since touching anything sticky makes me want to ralph. And yes - crumbing anything in this house is  a massive production of OCD hand washing activity.  I digress- the foccacia is yum! I'm batting two for two. Tomorrow I may just make a  croquembouche  since I'm apparently a baking genius.

I spent Saturday night transcribing recipes into the recipe book Miss P gave me for Mother's Day. Some of them had been lurking round on scrappy bits of paper since 2006. I'm over calling Patty every time I want the salt and pepper squid recipe because I misplaced it again. Now I'm all organised and feeling virtuous especially since I didn't cop out and paste typed recipes onto the pages.  Yes-I ended up with writers cramp but it was totally worth it.

I hit the motherload of crafting magazines at one of my local Op shops this weekend. I can't argue with the logic of a dollar per magazine. Where else can I buy that much fun and inspiration so cheaply?

And I finally bought some more mint to re-plant since the cats in this house seem to like killing my mint by using it as a porta-potty. I have an ingenious plan to keep this stuff alive and the cats out of the pot.  And that's how sad I am - I've spent hours plotting how I'm going to outwit two cats just so I can make my own mint sauce.

In creative news ....I started and finished a new project . I cant show you the whole thing yet because it's a gift  for a house guest I have coming to stay with me next week.

I was inspired by something I saw in one of my new  crafting magazines and hopped right on it.

And I finished another Tis The Season block. That's 6 down . Halfway there. I wonder if I'll be finished by Christmas....

I made the final 10 Dresden centres and sewed them on . I can hear you all cheering! This quilt is going to be vintage by the time it's finished.

And in the thank you department  this week, Thea sent me this gorgeous card and some of my favourite sewing needles which was incredibly fortuitous because I'd almost run out.  Thank you Thea.

Shell sent me a stitching pattern I had been coveting (after I saw her beautiful version )  as well as some other lovely  goodies. When I'm  done  I'm going to send the pattern back out into the universe thereby ensuring my place in the sisterhood of the travelling pattern club.

It's a long weekend here so I'm not going to bitch and whine tonight about having to go back to work tomorrow. I'm saving that for tomorrow's post. Right about now every one who isn't in Australia is wishing they still had a Queen rule the crud out of them so they could have tomorrow off as a public holiday.  I hope we never become a republic unless they plan to swap the Queen's Birthday for some other equally cool free day off work. 


Kate said...

Wow, your mojo is back with a vengence! Can't wait to see the new project, it looks very bright and fun from the teaser photo. The Dresden blocks look great!

You are definitely on the Domestic Goddess track this weekend with all the baking/crafty stuff going on. Enjoy your holiday tomorrow.

Mistea said...

I couldn't pay that much for scales which might tell me something I didn't want to hear - mine just do the round and round thing.
The lemon tarts look delicious.
Great oppy find those magazines look like a lot of inspiration, good to see you have already used one of the ideas.
Lovely Dresdens.
Happy Monday

Vesuviusmama said...

We got an iPad2 yesterday, so I've been lounging in bed all morning playing with it, but now, after reading your post, I have to get up and eat because my tummy is rumbling and my salivary glands are working overtime - those lemon tarts look YUMMY! So do yor Dresdens, by the way - no need to rush through what is going to be a classic!

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm lemon tarts - scrummy. I like your lemon theory and since I had a good squirt of fresh lemon on my scampi at lunch time I'll adopt it as my own. The squirt of lemon juice negates the calories in the fried scampi :-)

Your Dresden blocks are looking beautiful and people pay way more for antiques/vintage so keep on taking your time.

Love your stitchery blocks - I think it will definitely be finished for Christmas. That's inspired me to get jiggy with my stitcheries again.

Enjoy your extra day off - how lovely!

Kirsten's Cooking said...

your foccacia looks way better than mine - no fair!

love the lemon to share the recipe?

so glad you enjoyed your long weekend - long live the Queen :)

I love that you're writing down your recipes - that will be so meaningful to pass down to your daughter - all my kids will have is an impersonal blog of archived recipes :)

good job on all of your crafty achievements!

Kirsten said...

I cannot believe you actually wrote down all your recipes - you knock me out!!
Love those Dresdens - very pretty.
I am excited to see that new finish.
And you will finish those X-mas blocks....that is an order:-)

Sara said...

Didn't they have a holiday a few weeks ago? and don't they get another one in 3 weeks time? They should stop being so greedy, and leave us to our commonwealth-wide birthday party. We did a solid 6 hours of celebrating tonight (in her honour, of course)

Rachaeldaisy said...

Yummy Lemon tarts!! Op shop magazines are so much fun except when you start being tempted by fabric that isn't available anymore. Nice sneak peak of your house guest quilt. I agree about the long weekend- Long Live the Queen's birthday long weekend!!

Marg said...

Oh wow you have been busy. I do think you should post the recipe for the lemon tarts, they look so delicious. The foccacia looks pretty darn good too.
You have such lovely neat handwriting. I started transcribing recipes into a book too, but it soon turns to chicken scratching after three or four recipes.
Good to see those $1 magazines inspiring you already. Why oh why can't I find bargains like that here.
You have been very productive this weekend, the stitcheries are really coming along and love love love the Dresdens.
Such nice blog friends to send you lovely things.
So pleased we still have the Queen's Birthday long weekend, yay!!!

Unknown said...

Well No Sitting Still for You..Baking.Stitching.Writing.Planting.Quilting....Phew!
And All Looking Sooooo Good!
Have a Tart for Me.

melissa said...

Those tarts look yummy! and so does the foccacia - i make it regularly but cheat and use the bread maker. Try it with salami and feta - YUM!!

Love the sneak peek of your secret house guest project, cant wait to see more!

Happy Queens Birthday !!


Jennifer said...

Yummo - lemon tarts! And all that productive recipe-ing and sewing, you have indeed done well. I reckon the Queen should give you a Damehood for services Whadya reckon?

Baa-Me Kniits said...

I have the perfect solution to your kitty's using the mint as a litter box....CHOPSTICKS!! I know WTF??? Plant your mint and then push a packet of chopsticks into the plant pot so they stick straight up in the air.....your little kitty's will not be able to 'squat' to do what they are trying to do. Works a treat!!

You have been baking,sewing and writing up a storm...I even enlarged your photo as it really does look like you printed the recipies out. How neat is your writing! Mine is like chicken scratchings too :-)

Leanne said...

Exhausted and fatter after reading this post. Did you know that if you live in WA it is not a long weekend they obviously don't cherish the queen as we do.

Jindi's Cottage said...

Whew! You certainly have been cooking/crafting/general domestic godessing up a storm...
Those lemon tarts...OMG....they look utterly delicious...I'll be in your part of the world the first weekend in July, what time should I call around for lemon tart morning tea? *LOL*

Alisa said...

Wow. You have been busy! I love it all, especially the tarts. Oh, and your handwriting is to die for.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Domestic Goddess for sure!! The tarts look devine...does having a beautiful receipe book like yours mean I would actually have to cook anything from it or could I just admire it.Your dresdens are looking great....WOW! you've been so busy. You'll need another public holiday to have a rest from it all. LOL!

circle retreat quilter said...

I always knew you were a kindred spirt. 1 an adelaide girl,2 a quilter and of course who doesnt love quilting in her PJS but now its out a lemon tart goddess too. you have been ubber productive. Stacey

9patchnurse said...

Oh lordy Shay, you're killing me with the lemon tarts. I think I just drooled on my keyboard they look so so so tasty!

AnnieO said...

Domestic goddess indeed! There's a lot going on in this post. Yay for Dresdens, mint, bread, and the Queen's birthday.

Keep Stitchin' said...

Wow!! Everything looks so yummy! Too bad we live so far apart, or I'd be there for a visit! Your projects look like a lot of fun! Hope you enjoy everything!

Marti said...

I LOVE your parties! I want to come, and I promise, no crumbing. The lemon squares look luscious. You are doing great on the Dresden plates. I love the fabrics in it.

Jenny said...

I need your recipe for the lemon tarts. Or you could just send a case of them this way. They look scrumptious!

You always have so much fun...I love the way you embrace your life.

Michelle said...

Shay, you always make me smile. Those Dresdens are beautiful! A Dresden is on my bucket list.

thea said...

How did I miss commenting before? I think I was overwhelmed by the lemon tarts. They look absolutely delicious. I think I gained 5 pounds looking at them.

Hooray for all the craftiness too! What did you end up doing on the Queen's birthday? Is that a day where everything is closed, or is a day for sales and shopping?

Vesuviusmama said...

Gotta tell you that the boys and I made lemon bars on Sunday after reading this post. Yum!

Jenn said...

dang! couldn't find the bottom of these comments!!! I know - I'm late in commenting but I just can't seem to get done with this pile of unread blogs....anywhoooo....I get fat just watching Master Chef and your lemon tarts are making my mouth water as I type...oh and yeah - I love the dresdens!!! :)
P.S. what is 'caster' sugar?

Elizabeth said...

I know I'm terribly behind, but yay for Dresdens! Yay for you for sticking with it.

Love the Christmas stitched block! That is going to be one cute quilt!

And I love lemon tarts too! Maybe I'll use the recipe you posted sometime . . . soonish.

xo -E

Janice said...

You mentioned MasterChef. We have a girl from a small town very near where we live who is on this season of MasterChef. Her name is Christine, and she is a single mom. Look out for her, and I love the look of your Lemon Tarts.