Sunday, June 05, 2011

Pyjama Party Sunday

Little Miss Sunshine is incapacitated  so she's asked me to take over hosting Pyjama Party Sunday for her this week. 

Incapacitated could mean so many things couldn't it? She could be in re-hab , or having a wild weekend with George Clooney  or in jail or on a secret mission for ASIO. When she wanders back to Blogland  she'll probably let you know what she's been up to  but in the meantime I'm kind of having fun making up stories about what might be going on. Feel free to spread scurrilous rumours of your own until she re-surfaces. You can also feel free to link up to this post so that fabulous people can visit to see what you spent your Sunday doing regardless of whether you stayed in your pyjamas or piked and actually got dressed.

Sunday at Maison Pyjamas was slow and lazy. I love Sundays like that.

Google Earth called and congratulated me on having a toilet paper stash that could be seen on satellite from deep space. Today I came to the realisation that when the stack is taller than you are and there are only two bums in the house you know you have a hoarding problem . You should see my toothpaste stash.

I made some more labels for quilts ...I wish I could remember my last name. I'm getting tired of leaving those spaces blank. Amnesia is no laughing matter.

I finally sewed 15 circles down to the centre of the Dresden Blocks  and I used the sewing machine to do it because I'm lazy like that. I like the way they look and I'm amazed I haven't managed to screw this project up yet.  I just keep loving it more and more.  However , it's starting to feel like I've been making this quilt since Adam was a nipper.

Suzan from  The Reluctant Quilter sent me a chocolate cake recipe this morning. Naturally I had to try it out because it had chocolate in the title. She described it as "so good you want to slap your grandma. "

She was right ....I swear I ate half a pound of frosting straight from the bowl. I couldn't eat dinner because I had totally pigged out on cake. Now I feel like throwing up.

And for all my "It's all about the process " talk recently  , I finished three quilts this week... I've been binding like a crazy lady.

First up is my Fairy Garden Quilt which I'm donating to a local women's shelter.

40 x 32 inches.

Rainbow Charlie is finished. Thanks to Ms. Seams Inspired for the name for this one.  I love this quilt. By the way I've decided that Blogland can name all my quilts from here on in and I'll give the person who comes up with the best name credit on the label , thereby immortalising you forever (or as long as the quilt lasts)

This one measures 44 inches by 58 inches

And my favourite quilt is this one...

From "A to Z for Little P" is finally finished and I adore it.

 52 inches by 68 inches : the perfect size for Little P  

I sent From A to Z  off to my magical quilting goddess  to be quilted and Sharon at Patchwork on Parade did a fantastic  job. This quilt looks ultra special and exactly like I imagined it would  (And Sharon , it was finished at 9 pm last night)

Add some fabric and op shopping to round out my week .

These dishes struck me as perfect for an afternoon tea party. More on that later this week.

I've totally blown the 100 yards thing ...just like we all knew I would. My name is Shay and I'm a fabric addict.

After 8 months of unemployment (aside from about 30 days of casual work ) Mr. P got an offer for a permanent job on Friday and starts tomorrow. To say I'm deliriously happy would be an understatement. It hadn't been a good week and this news changed everything. Thank you to all my  wonderful blog friends who have supported us with kind words , thoughts and even prayers through the last 8 months. This blogging community is an amazing place, and I'm deeply grateful to be a part of it and for the friendships I've made here.  

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and may the craft be with you. I'm off to shave my legs . I bet I lose three pounds.


Jennifer said...

You and me both.....I haven't shaved my legs since it got cold. Your quilts are great!

Kirsten said...

Oh I love your quilts...and I wonder if she´s in jail cause she bailed you out??? I mean after all you did while she was visiting??
*word varification:doggybin - who the hell comes up with those words?*

Cindy said...

It always nice to hear someone else is a fabric addict like me. I'm glad to hear your husband is now permanently employed! I very much understand what you've been through. We've been right there too. If I feel the land shaking here in the USA, I'll know you've made it through the 3 hour trip shaving the forest! :o)

Larri said...

Wow - 3 quilts in one week. I feel like such a slacker. Think I'll go eat some chocolate cake to make myself feel better. :o)

Thanks for sending me into quilt history on the label! It might be the only time my name is on a quilt, as I'll probably never get those strips all together. E's Punctuation is an inspiration though! :o)

Love those plates...just gorgeous. I'm off to the attic to dig out my Silver Tea Set. :o)

And heart congratulations to Mr. P and his job! Hope his first day is fabulous. :o) Happy Sunday night!

Unknown said...

first of all wahoo to Mr P. I'm so happy for you all. Eight months is a long time for searching. But the good thing is he learned to do some major cooking projects for you.. what a guy.
Love all your quilts. Must have taken some time to download too.
We are at the cottage and with the storms here, the satellite was down yesterday so I not only was late posting the removal of the spike from the foot, but couldn't write to the wonderful FTF people. I'm doing that my pjas too as I must stay off my feet for another few days.
Chocolate cake is to be looked forward to from this low carb dieter.
Actually cut out flour products which is amazing to me that I could do it for even one week. Have a piece for me please...put icing on it and serve it on one of the lovely plates, with a completed quilt on your nicely shaved legs. Just did mine! Lots of bleeding~

Bonnie said...

Your quilts are fabulous. I love the fabric in the quilt for "Little P".
Hide the toilet paper in the bottom of the closet like I do so the satelite can't see it.
It's spring here so have to keep up with the shaving.
Love the tea plates and congrats to Mr.P on the new job.

Kris said...

A job! I love it. Congrats to you both :)

What an amazing weekend. I love that you gave a shout out to Sharon about your binding speed! She will be so proud. (I love Sharon!) I love all your finishes. I love all your WIPs.

I love that you are encouraging us to gossip about Little Miss Sunshine. (I don't know about incapacitated. Had a big binge drinking session? An amputation or two? They would surely rank as incapacitated.)

In fact Miss Shay, I love you! (Oh. But not the leg hair joke. Ewwwww!)

Helsie said...

It is so nice to be back reading my favourite blogs again.
You certainly are churning the quilts out, Clever One, and they all look great.
Great news about Mr P. He must feel good. It's a demoralizing process so i'm glad you've come through it.
I'm not talking about chocolate cakes - too many cream teas !!
And as for shaving your legs - the only good thing about needing to wear glasses is not being able to see ANY hairs on your legs without them !! I always get a shock when I happen to catch sight of them on the odd occasion I actually SEE my hairy legs !! Thank God for winter and covered up legs !

Pokey said...

I'm glad to read Mr. P is working again, oh this economy has been so very painful to so many of us. My house included.
On the other side, honestly, Shay! You should write a book. You remind me of Erma Bombeck, an American writer who could take any every day occurrence and poke fun into every frayed edge. You are always worth reading twice; I'm gonna go wake someone up here so I can share your funnies! I hope your day is a great one....
love and giggles from pokey

Kirsten's Cooking said...

I, too, love Little P's alphabet quilt. It's so beautiful I bet he'll use it forever. And maybe even keep it for his children.

I laughed out loud when you said you felt like you could throw up after eating all that cake :) It looks so nice and moist!

Can't wait to see what you've got cooked up for those darling little plates!

Super duper congrats to Mr. P!!! I hope you'll go out to a fancy dinner to celebrate in a couple of weeks - and take some pics of you two all dolled up! :)

Sara said...

Quilton kicks Cottonelle's bum!

I have bound one quilt this weekend, and that felt like enough for me.

I used to leave my legs hairy from March till October but now that I have a social life I have to wax occasionally. I wish I had no social life again, and could just sit home with my hairy legs and sew all weekend. Pub time is cutting into sewing time, and I'm not sure how okay I am with it.

Brenda said...

So impressed with all of your quilty-ness over there. Maybe it only SEEMS like you get so much more done than me because you are a day ahead over there? Nah...
I made a chocolate cheesecake last night for spa night over here - very tasty, but I too am on chocolate overload. Sooooo happy that Mr. P got a permanent job!!

AnnieO said...

I vote for George! (and seriously hope it isn't Rehab for Fabric Addicts--you'd be next to report in)

Wonderful quilts AND labels! So glad some navel-gazing led to a bunch of finishes. Very satisfying, no?

Cheers for Mr. P and his new employment. That will definitely let some sun shine into a dreary winter!

Anonymous said...

Huge congratulations to Mr P!!! Does this mean you can become a more leisurely lady? Can't wait to see what Marg has been up to (trouble no doubt).

Love your quilt labels - how do you make them? So cool that the quilt namee is to be honoured in the quilt labelling ceremony.

Still loving zig-zag! Goodness knows what google earth make of toilet paper tower - you could stick a satellite dish on that and pick up signals from outer space! No more loo roll - 2 bums, no matter how busy, do not need any more (and seeing how you will both be working (and using other toilets) it will last you all the longer)!

Anyway, enough toilet talk! Have a great week.
Shell x

Anonymous said...

Ps I've linked but I'm not sure if it's showing up.

Paulette said...

I love all your quilty pics today! Beautiful quilting on Little P's. And what a great quilt name, Rainbow Charlie! Very cool labels. They're as pretty as the quilts themselves.

But damn you for showing that chocolate cake!

Rachaeldaisy said...

I usually try to link up for Pyjama Sunday but I didn't sew a stitch all weekend :( . ROTFLMAO at the saying about slapping your grandma. Love all your quilts, Rainbow Charlie makes me want to make a zigzag! Congrats to Mr P for getting a new job!!

seabreezequilts said...

That round up made me tired. Had a productive day yesterday myself. FInished Glam Bag for my mate Sue who's birthday we are celebrating Wed night started Xmas in July stuff, finished stitchery for POM, and nearly finished quilting applique table runner. So I am ahead of schedule and feeling breezy. All this was done without pj's as we have to get up early on SUnday and take squid to swimming.

melissa said...

If you have an outbreak of gastro at your place youll be right!

Little P's quilt is just gorgeous and i love Rainbow Charlie too, youve been very busy this week.
Congratulations to Mr P on his new job, what fantastic news!


Anonymous said...

You are amazing. I can't believe all the things you do and do well. These quilts? They are beautiful. If I ordered some of that marmite stuff, special delivery, do you think it would help? Oh, I have a question. Do Australians still say "gone walkabout"? Did they ever say that? Is that some urban aborigine rumor? Missed you.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and P.S. I don't know what kind of story Ms Pyjamas is telling you, but I heard she was shacked up with George Clooney. Wait, that's my fantasy. I'll be back with something more plausible for someone half my age.

Leanne said...

You posts exhaust me. We would never have a hoard of T paper I have a fear of buying them Tony has a formula for the cost of them and I have to do so much maths when I am at the super market that I just can't bring myself to buy them. I love the a-z quilt and Sharon iss very clever. That chocolate cake does look very yummy I am a bit of a lover of chocolate cakes.

Kate said...

Congrats to Mr P.! Very cool! Hope that means you can become a woman of leisure agian(well maybe that should be enjoy more leisure again).

Wow, three finishes! All of them are very cool, but I think I like Little P's alphabit quilt the best. Very cool labels. Little P's is very cute and I really like the rainbow of fabrics for the Rainbow Charile quilt.

Anonymous said...

Hardy congratulations to Mr. P on starting a new job. Although it is difficult to stay positive in life, good things happen ........
As always, your quilts are visual feasts. What a girl! Keep storing essentials - the last satellite pass missed your stack of TP.
Helen (Nanci's PT)
P.S. Love the labels

Maria McCabe said...

Congrats to your hubby! I just ran across your blog and I LOVE IT! You are hysterical and talented! I'll be back!

Kristie said...

Google Earth....hee hee! Three pounds of leg hair...ho ho!

And 3 cheers for employment! That explains the 27 yards of fabric you mentioned....

Kay said...

Hello Shay, first time commenting and I'd really like to know how you create your quilt labels. Do you think you could do a tutorial??? Or please point me to a link if you have already done so.

Apart from that, love your blog.

Lisa said...

wow, you've been busy! Especially liked the green/pink quilt, and the one for Ethan. I need to start making labels....

Sharon said...

I seriously don't know how you do all you do, you are amazing, lovely work! I've been thinking of you lately as we've visited Assagio twice in the past 6 days - what a great place. Still haven't had the chicken soup. Hugs, Sharon

Vesuviusmama said...

Yay to Mr. P for getting a job offer - how is it going? And yay to you for shaving your legs - I refrain during the cold months because I like the extra layer of insulation. Rainbow Charlie is a wonderful name for that quilt, and all your finishes look so lovely! How you can bind 3 in a week is beyond me - I despise making binding, and that delays that process for me quite a bit.

Elizabeth said...

First off, a very belated congrats to Mr. P for getting a permanent job! That is wonderful. I know the feeling.

Second, I L♥VE Rainbow Charlie! L♥ve, l♥ve, l♥ve it!

And Little P's quilt is really wonderful too!

The Fairy Garden Quilt is really pretty and so kind of you to donate!

The dresden quilt is coming along and you are amazing!

xo -E