Sunday, May 08, 2011

Pyjama Party Sunday -Mother's Day

I've been present in Blogland this week but not really "here". If my comments have seemed a bit distracted or short I apologise. On my agenda in the last week has been falling asleep on the lounge most nights at 9.30pm. I'm not sure what's going on there . It's very un-Shay like. On the up side I'm getting a ton more  sleep than usual.

Ironically the one day of the year when I should feel cool about staying in my Pyjamas all day  was one of the few Sundays when I didn't. We headed off to my Mother In Laws for lunch and so I was out of my dag clothes by midday. It was quite a shock.

I took some hand sewing along and finished the binding for the Paper Pieced Chocolate Star baby quilt. quiltlet (sorry Becks )   Ta Da! Another finish.

I  started cutting fabric for my next quilt, which will be for one of my nephews. (Shhhhh -it's  a secret ) I'm actually quite excited about doing this one probably because it's a challenge to do a masculine quilt occasionally and not run off on a girly tangent.

Miss P  did a sleepover last night  and I woke to some very thoughtful Mother's Day goodies today . Thanks Miss P - you're my favourite child.

The rest of the day was lovely too. Pictured here are me, my sister in law , Miss P and my mother in law.

I got clearance from the medical fraternity yesterday to resume sewing and regular activities. Watch out! This week has been slow but I'm planning on making up for it this week. In other news , I have decided to do a time and motion study this week to see exactly what I do. I'm looking to squeeze some extra time out of my days. Stay tuned for the results!

To all the Mums/Moms -you rock . Tell your families I said so. Hope your day is  as special as each of you are. Check out what other Sunday Pyjama-ettes have been up to here. Little Miss Sunshine would love to see you there.


Leanne said...

Hoping you had a wonderful day the weather was perfect. I will be interested in the time and motion study. I love the baby quilt.

Marie said...

Happy Mother's Day Shay!! Love the baby quilt....

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Squeeze some more time out of your day, you already make me look like I spend my life asleep!! :-) Happy Mothers Day to you too.

Sara said...

My mum has pissed off on a cruise ship and didn't even invite me, so she's not getting anything :)

Good to see you're gunna use the Mingle fabric I "made" you buy. I'm finishing up a quilt tonight in the purple, green and brown colourway.

Tracy said...

Ahhh, that explains but don't push yourself and feel crummy again.
I've been experiencing crud as well and look forward to a day of rest and recooperation from my boys :)

Marg said...

It's old age Shay, lol!
The Paper Pieced Chocolate Star baby quilt (you are going to have to come up with a shorter name, that's a mouth full) is gorgeous. You must be very pleased with it.
OOOh I love the fabrics for your new quilt, it's going to be fabulous.
How lovely to be able to spend the day with the family. I bet you had a great time.

melissa said...

Happy Mothers Day! i hope you got spoilt rotten!
i love your paper pieced star quilt and the fabrics in your boys quilt - great choices! Girly quilts are a no brainer its the boy ones that are a challenge i reckon!

Glad to hear the pinky is back in action! Ive just noticed youve broken your fabric vows! OH NO!!!! Thats ok ive got plenty to share.....!

Pokey said...

Rest is good, too, don't knock it! Looks like a sweet chocolate wrapped quilt, too. I'll be looking for the red and black one to come, are you gonna do one of those speedy jelly roll quilts?...

Michelle said...

Sometimes people just need to catch up on their rest. One day I hope to!

The baby quilt came out great! Good job. :-)

Jennifer said...

Best wishes for Mother's's slightly late, but then mothers sometimes are. It's all that multitasking that throws them for a loop........

Kris said...

Nice finish! Looks like you had a great day!

Sarcastic Quilter said...

Alright, I'm going to try to reduce our inbox exchange this week to 1 email so are you ready?

1) I love you Chocolate PP quiltlet. And why didn't you call it a quiltlet? So much for using that freaking phrase.

2) Love that Miss P is your favorite. that's wise considering... love that Miss P got you goodies but especially a goodie with Figs on the front. Oh yum! Feel free to send her for a visit if this is what she brings with her overnight stays!

3) Great female family photo. Us women just never do enough of these, we are always behind the camera or recording the scene for everyone else!

4) Thinking nephew is going to love whatever you have in mind.

And finally,
5) I thought you were productive to get so much handiwork complete while being an invalid I can't hope to compete with you while you work so many hours and can actually use your rotary cutter and machine full throttle again. Yikes!

I love you missy and I hope you have a wonderful week, despite not being able to start it in your PJs for the entirety of Sunday. :D

Kate said...

Daughers are such fun on Mum's day. Looks like Miss P did good! Hope your day was fabulous even though you had to shed the PJ's.

Love the new baby quilt, great job. Great fabric for the nephew's quilt. Can't wait to see what you whip up there.

I'd like to see your time and motion study, not that I have any chance of keeping up with you!

Mistea said...

Well you just couldn't let a week pass without a finish Huh? Even when you were invalided. Hope the finger stays out of the way of future Turnips.

Love the colours for the new quilt, look forward to some progress shots.

Have a wonderful week.

AnnieO said...

Glad you've been given the OK to stitch away. Maybe you've been so tired because you were growing a new fingertip?

Lovely mini quilt!

Happy Mother's Day :)

thea said...

Sounds like a wonderful mother's day! like the goodies from Miss P. Nice to have a favorite. I have five of them. Looking forward to seeing you new quilt.

Unknown said...

Happy mothers day to you too!

Anonymous said...

Chocolate star is just wonderful - totally love it. Enjoy easing back into the crafting seat, don't want to overdo that pinky. Belated happy mothers day :0)

Paulette said...

Ha, I laughed about your "favorite child." I need to remember that one!

Yay, you got your PP project done, and it looks delish! Really, it does make me want chocolate...stars, bars, it doesn't matter to me. Great job!

Love the family photo! You really are a fine looking bunch.

I'm liking the fabric plans for nephew's quilt. Very nice indeed.

And I am so happy you have been returned to active duty with pinkie on the mend (or maybe mended already?). Great to hear.

Elizabeth said...

I'm behind on commenting. You Pyjama girls are a bunch of hotties! Glad you had a nice Mother's Day and I LOVE all your projects. You constantly amaze me!

xo -E