Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pyjama Party Sunday

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(and incidentally this post would have been published  a lot earlier if our linky party  hostess wasn't harassing me on Skype because she was bored )

I fell asleep on the lounge again last night so  I wasn't in my pyjamas for Pyjama Party Sunday because I woke fully dressed. Doing that certainly solves the dilemma of getting out of my pyjamas but makes me feel weird all day. It just doesn't feel like Sunday if I'm wearing actual clothes. I feel naked.

It's been a completely non productive  week round here for crafting. I just haven't felt like it this week and consequently ignored my sewing machine  for the entire week but woke up back in the game  today.  It was a good day for it because the weather was absolutely vile so I holed up inside and commented on the weather every 5 minutes to Mr. P.  

I sewed the zig zag quilt top together this morning. I'm pretty pleased with the result since I only had to unpick two rows during the process.  Now it's done  I  wish I'd made this bigger because it's only cot sized and I don't want Miss P trying for a girl just so it can get used.  It's looking for a snappy name so I'm open to suggestions since my quilt naming skills are pretty ordinary.

Then I made a label for Miss P's new quilt and sewed it on. I'm about to out Miss P with this label ...but now you all know I have excellent taste when it comes to naming children.

And I finished sewing on the label for "When Pastels Turn Sad". It's had a 1/4 sewn label flapping around on it for about three months.  Don't judge me.

I haven't had  baking disaster in a while so I decided to thumb my nose at fate and made some vanilla cupcakes from scratch. Fate -0, Mrs P - 1.

I've already eaten 3 and am feeling slightly chucky.

In other news this week:

I got mail from Kirsten in Germany who made me this wonderful top. Yep- I own a Kirsten original. Isn't it fabulous and so very me!

Thanks Kirsten! I love it.  

And finally Little P had surgery on Friday to replace two front teeth he fractured by face planting into a garden pot recently. Nobody told him a general anaesthetic is supposed to make you feel icky so he was running round my house causing havoc a mere two hours after he woke up from the procedure. He was very brave and kept telling me his "teef is ouchies". I think Little P got the family drama/attention seeking gene.  

Pop  on over to Little Miss Sunshine's and see what other people have been up to in their pyjamas today.


Unknown said...

I love the names you have for your quilts! They are so you!

The top is very pretty - it is sort of a crazy quilt pattern. I love the colors in it!

Kirsten said...

I am soooo glad the shirt the Zig Zag quilt..but I already said that :-)

Marg said...

I thought you could multi task!
I'm glad you didn't go with the name that you thought I gave the quilt when we were messaging. That's the problem when you are messaging back and forth, stuff gets all out of context. Chuck/Vomit is definitely not a name I would give this quilt.
I'll have a little brainstorm and see what I can come up with.
Thanks for the invitation to share the cupcakes, still waiting!
Love love love your top, it's gorgeous, Kirsten is so clever.

Larri said...

The gorgeous zig-zag quilt reminds me of the zaggy stripe on Charlie Brown's top, so I'm suggesting Rainbow Charlie for the name. I know. I'm a goob. ;o)

Hope Little P is feeling better today and his ouchie teefs are not so sore today. Makes me hurt just thinking about it. Thank goodness they weren't his permanent teeth!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, the Kirsten Original! It looks gorgeous on you!

Happy Sunday night, sweet friend! :o)

Helen McNaught @ AuntyHennys said...

That top is gorgeous!!

.. and the zig zag quilt is so pretty. How about a play on words... "Pinked" by Mrs P. As I look at the photo of the quilt, I think of pinking shears!

Marg said...

Oops forgot to add, hope Little P is feeling ok and his teef are feeling a lot better.

Sarcastic Quilter said...

First, the top is way cool and it does fit you. I mean personality-wise. lol

Glad Little P is feeling well and you got your sewing mojo back.

As for the top, I am going to have the worse name but I have to get it out... to me, it screams to have a black rollerskate appliqued to the top part (opposite the other black) and the name should be Roller derby. It just makes me think of those roller derby colors. Told you it was bad.

I'll have to think of something else but having a bad quilt naming day. I can't name my PP quilt from the QAL and I really wanted to have a name for it today.

Jennifer said...

What a scrumptious lucky are you!

Kate said...

Glad Little P is recovering for surgery. He must have really bonked that planter.

The Zig Zag quilt turned out really well. I'm not so hot with names, but maybe just "Ziggy" or "Easter Egg", the zig zags remind me of how Kid's draw easter egg's. Pretty lame, but I'll leave them in anyway.

Glad you got some quilting done. There is next week (especially since we are all still here this morning).

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous top! And ZigZag quilt. I would be useless at coming up with names as funny as yours... when pastels turn sad (love it).

Poor little P - it's a lesson that you should only be face planting in plant pots because you've had one too many and are about to chuck but the toilet is inside whilst you are still outside fumbling for your keys. Maybe he's a bit young for such a lesson but it's a valuable one non-the-less. Hope his teef are not so ouchie today.

Cakes look yummy but not too many or you will be feeling both chucky and chunky and looking for the nearest plant pot and we all know how much you LOVE the dentist lol.

Terri said...

Zig Zag or Rick Rack should be in the name somewhere... don't you think so? Rack is a word here in the States that means bed... as in "I'm going to hit the rack".
Your c. cakes look yummy.

Jenn said...

I love what Larri came up with "Rainbow Charlie"!! I, too, thought it reminded of me charlie brown and rainbow or palette needs to be worked in....

Paulette said...

I love the zigzag quilt! The colors are so happy. How about "A Few Ups and Downs."

That shirt is gorgeous. It really flatters your hourglass figure.

Kris said...

Very lovely stuff in this post! My Modbury North dwelling kid said it was so windy yesterday his house was whistling. I am so impressed by yoiur quilt labels!

Vesuviusmama said...

I woke at 7:30, let the dog out and fed him, then got back into bed and slept until 9:30 when the kids finally woke up. I took them to the drive-in movie last night, and it always works like a charm, getting them to sleep in! Ate breakfast, brushed my teeth, and then read a book (OK, napped) until nearly 1 PM. Woke up, ate lunch and then watched a movie with the kids. Now I'm online. How lazy can one person be? I need to motivate!

AnnieO said...

Great labels! Love the zig zag quilt. My mind is a blank. Hey, how about THAT for a name?

That is one heck of a shirt, lucky woman you.

Hope more crafting keeps you out of the kitchen and indulging in sugar binges.

Little P's metabolism is about 20 times yours, that's why he failed to follow your idea about anesthesia :) Hope his teefs feel all better soon.

Kristie said...

I am pretty sure I would just call it "zig zag quilt", I am creative like that, so I am thinking your skills in this department are better than mine!

Nice labels, do you just use transfer paper or....??

Glad Little P is not as big of a dental baby as his grandmother ;)

thea said...

You know how creative I am with the quilt naming, so I would probably go with "Zig Zag Quilt" -- the only other thing I thought of was broken rainbows.

Glad little P is recovering .. hope his teef stop hurting.

The top from Kirsten is lovely and looks wonderful on you!

seabreezequilts said...

The quilt looks like ric rac to me but zig zag is ok too. Wasn't the weather attrocious can't say it is much better today and squid is off on camp for 3 days. Hope she survives the bus trip but I haven't got a phone call yet so she must be still alive. She was doing her best to tell me about all her aches and pains this morning (I think because she wouldn't be able to tell anyone for 3 days).

Baa-Me Kniits said...

I know I am supposed to be commenting on your blog post but I just had to have a laugh at Amanda's comment above....I have one of those children as well :-)

Poor Little P and his teeth, that sounds really nasty and anaesthetics are never nice for the mum, how did Miss P deal with it all??

Lovely quilts and I think the zig-zag looks like pinking shears as well :-)

Mistea said...

I'm thinking Rainbow Zzzz's for the quilt.
Lovely top you received - perfect for you looks great with the denim.

Hope you are having a colourful week.

Sara said...

I have 4 and mine are the big zigag quilt, the mini zigzag quilt, the pink, orange and brown zigzag quilt and the blue, green and brown zigzag quilt so clearly, I'm not one for quilt names.

I'm pretty sure it's better to be good at naming your children than naming quilts. That seems like a more important talent to have, albeit one that you need less frequently.

Brenda said...

Love the zig-zag quilt, love the new top! We've been having a very rainy spring here in Utah, but it's so busy with the 3 grandchildren underfoot, I've yet to complete anything stitchy myself. We are having a good time, though...

Kirsten's Cooking said...

So glad to hear Little P's procedure went well. I'm even happier to hear that he was up and running around right away! Both of my girls were completely inconsolable for hours after general anesthesia.

Love the quilt progress - with snowballs in hell as a precedent, it's going to be hard to find a name that tops that one!

those cupcakes look yum and the perfect treat for a crappy day!

Love the new shirt! Kirsten is really talented! couldn't we see your face, though - to see your excitement as well as your pretty face!!!

Lisa said...

I really need to start making quilt labels, I just don't do it. Usually by the time I get a quilt done, I'm excited it's usefull, and don't want to look at it anymore- so the label gets ignored. My family & friends may wish I did someday, tho, good job.
And I don't think I'd have eaten less than 5 or 6 of those delicious-looking cupcakes within a day. Especially if it was a rainy day! =)
Love the zig-zag quilt, by the way, I need to do another!

Janice said...

I try to remember labels, but I don't always name my quilts. But what about "Ric Rac Rainbow"? Lame but the only only that comes to mind.

At least Little P is not a whiner.

Elizabeth said...

Love the zig-zag quilt. I don't have a name for it -- sorry. I'm not very creative with the naming.

Your quilt labels are awesome, your cupcakes look delicious and I love your new top! It is adorable.

Sorry about Little P and his teef. I love kid quotes, and mine are too big to say cute stuff like that anymore so thanks for sharing.

xo -E