Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pyjama Party Sunday

I'm linking up to Little Miss Sunshine for Pyjama Party Sunday again this week ..and unlike the past few weekends, I did indeed spend the whole day in my pyjamas today.  I got jiggy with Elmo.And when I did have a shower at 4.00pm I got straight back into my pyjamas again...

I spent a couple of hours begging Blogger to be nice this morning. I think I'm caught up on commenting ...sorry if I missed anyones fabulous posts. I'm still having trouble with some blogs.

I'm showing you this messy desk because there are those among you who may be labouring under the delusion that it's always organised and tidy around here...

I made up some binding for the Zig Zag quilt

And later I sewed it to the front of the quilt

Mr. P cooked a bang up brunch.
I had the anaemic brunch special

 I managed to get  sidetracked by Dresden circles. I got  15 of these done today. Well, I made the circles and heat bonded them down.They still need sewing.

In other exciting news it was my annual  wash your ironing board cover weekend. Ours was so putrid we just went and bought another one. I'm all about taking the easy road.

And I found a little quilt from last year that I'd been avoiding finishing the binding on so I got to work on that as well this afternoon.

Unfortunately it's almost Monday again . Why do weekends go so fast?
After my FTF post this week several people said they'd love to drink tea so I'm thinking about doing a virtual tea party . Who's in? We can all swap recipes and take photos of our luxurious high tea party food.


Larri said...

Ooh! You did a lot this weekend! I cannot wait to see those Dresden plates. I'm fascinated by the process.

I'm totally in for the Virtual Tea Party. LittleGirl and I love to have us some tea. Just let me know when to break out the hats, gloves, and boas. ;o) Happy almost Monday!

Kris said...

It's two minutes to Monday here. So impressed with your all day pajamaness. I never manage it on Sundays. Too worried about what everyone will think of my pajamas at church I guess! Have a great week!

Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

OK.....just for the record....that desk is not messy..!!LOL I can show you messy!
Love the dresden plates, I too am fascinated, but I have never tried to make one. On my to do list!

Anonymous said...

Oh my good god Shay - you and Marg are killing me with these polka dot bindings of late. I am having serious polka dot binding envy with yours. Fabric line??? Where can I purchase some??? Absolutely gorgeous and will work so well with zig-zag quilt.

Your Elmo pj's are funky and your desk is not too messy, just creatively busy :-)

Off to drool over your binding again!

Three Birds Inspired said...

First - wish I could spend the day in my pajamas but it is a holiday weekend here in the States and I MUST SHOP!

Second - high tea at my house consists of a pot of Earl Grey and a handful of Vienna Finger cookies. Classy? You betcha!

Sara said...

I love the idea of an annual wash your ironing board cover day, except I just use some old flat sheets on the bench... or a bathtowel, or some old batting, or even just the nearest piece of fabric. Sometimes I go to the big lounge and pretend that the wool carpeting is an allover ironing board.

Can I have high milo at your party? You'd be amazed at how high my milo to milk ratio is - sometimes it's so high it won't even fit in the one cup so I eat the milo from the tin and just have a glass of milk.

Kristie said...

You were a machine! Are those Elmo pj's superpowered or something??

Unknown said...

Yes I Joined You Yesterday..stayed in my PJ's all day too..stitched & Ate & Drank Tea all day...
Oh & the Odd Choccie..
You got so much done..well done!
Have a Good Week.

word verification: phead..hmmm

Paulette said...

What in the world is milo?

I would come to your virtual tea party. I have no clue what kind of food a tea party involves. I'm Midwestern, so tea means tea, but I'm willing to learn about these luxurious and exotic things of which you speak.

Jenn said...

i tried my first dresden block didn't turn out so good. it would probably help if i would spring for a proper template instead of being cheap and trying to make my own.

Marg said...

I definitely wouldn't call your desk messy, that looks neat by my standards.
Love love love your binding, I'm a sucker for spotty dotty binding.
I really like the backing fabric on the quilt in the last pic, very nice and cheerful.
Your brunch reminds me of a friends son who they joke will only eat food that is white, as in chicken, noodles, white bread, rice, the only thing that he eats that is not white is chocolate. He's 20 yrs old!!!!!
Would you believe the word verification is UNDIE, bwah ha ha.

thea said...

Virtual tea party sounds fun -- you just have to tell me what I'm supposed to do.

I love polka dot bindings and elmo pjs. and also the brunch special ..